Nothing Short of Fate

Marauder's Era; Lily Evans is starting school at Hogwarts with her best friend Severus Snape. Then James Potter and his Marauder gang come into the picture, and they just might change a few things. Follow Lily through the ups and downs of Hogwarts, friends and love...


3. Lumos Maxima!

The bricks settled into place and beyond the archway was the most wonderful place I've ever seen! Everywhere I looked, something interesting was happening. Colorful shops towered over the alleyway and people of every kind were bustling from one store to next. And at the end of the street was a great, white marble building. There were signs everywhere that said things like:

'Unicorn Horns 2 galleons a piece!'

We headed down the street with Hagrid at the head. I passed by a shop called 'Madam Milkin's Robes for All Occasions' and an amazingly, sweet smell was wafting from an ice cream store a ways down on the left.

"You'll want tu go tu Ollivander's firs'. The bes' wand makers in England." Hagrid pointed to a shop the held one lone wand on a dusty pedestal in the window. The sign above the door said:


Makers of Fine wands Since 382 B.C.'

When we entered, the door creaked and a bell jingled from somewhere over head. I ventured deeper into the shop, Sev coming up behind me and gently placing his hand in mine. He knew I was nervous. He knows me better than anyone.

There was a single desk in the middle of the room that held a dusty quill and a lamp that looked ancient. The walls were covered in thousands of faded boxes with different symbols on the end. There was a staircase to my left that I am guessing led to another level of the shop with more of the thin boxes that already crowded most of the floor too.

"Welcome." said a throaty voice from behind me.

I jumped backward, sending a tall stack of the boxes tumbling to the floor. Sev caught me before I hit the ground. Pulling me to my feet, he kept a hold on my hand, as if I might drift away when he lets go. I turned to the man who had made me jump. He look similar to the bar tender Tom, with wrinkles around his eyes and a small smile on his lips. Although he was quite tall and had the faintest trace of hair on his scalp.

He ignored the strayed boxes on the floor and started to circle us. I held Sev's hand harder as the man got up into my face. He then backed away and scurried up the stairs. My mum had taken a seat in a rickety old desk chair in the corner of the room. Hagrid was sitting next her, taking up two chairs. They were talking quietly. Mum seemed to have accepted all of the wizard world whole-heartedly and was listening to Hagrid describe Hogwarts, which I later learned is the wizarding academy. The man came back from the stairs with 2 boxes, each a different color with a different symbol.

He walked behind the counter and laid the boxes on the desktop. "Well do come over." He motioned to the front of the desk. My mum and Hagrid went silent as I cautiously creeped to the man, holding Sev's hand the whole way.

"Who are you, exactly?" Sev asked.

"Oh, where are my manners..." the old man gasped "Expert wand maker, Mr. Ollivander."

"I'm Severus Snape and this is Lily Evans." Sev gestured to me.

"Well now hat we are introduced and all, let's get started. Ladies first of course." Mr. Ollivander looked at me expectantly.

I hesitated before letting go of Sev' hand and approached the desk quietly. Mr. Ollivander opened the first box which held a wonderfully carved wand.

"10 and 3/4 inches, willow, unicorn hair, swishy and good for charms." Mr. Ollivander recited as he handed me the wand. I gazed at the long beautiful stick, waiting for something to happen. "You have to wave it, Ms. Evans." Mr. Ollivander said, "Try creating a ball of light, it's always dark in here. Say 'lumos maxima' while pointing the wand at the ceiling."

Though creating a ball of light from nothing sounded like a daunting task, I pointed my wand to the ceiling and said rather forcefully, "Lumos Maxima!"

A great glowing sphere erupted from the tip of my wand and zoomed to the ceiling. It hung there, suspended by nothing. My first piece of magic shined brighter than the sun. Literally. Hagrid stepped outside so he didn't have to look at the light. That's how bright it was. Snape was stock still. From awe or fear, I didn't know.

Mr. Ollivander was the first to break the brilliant silence, "In all my years, I have never had a first year muggleborn produce a spell that well. You have found your wand Ms. Evans, and on the first try too! It usually takes first years after tries to find the perfect fit. Mrs. Holly," Mr. Ollivander looked at my mum who was still sitting comfortably in the corner chair, "you may have an expert witch on your hands."

My chest filled with pride as my light started to fade. I looked at Snape who was grinning from ear to ear. I could tell he was proud of me, proud of his Lily.

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