Nothing Short of Fate

Marauder's Era; Lily Evans is starting school at Hogwarts with her best friend Severus Snape. Then James Potter and his Marauder gang come into the picture, and they just might change a few things. Follow Lily through the ups and downs of Hogwarts, friends and love...


6. James Potter

I leaped from my seat and yanked the compartment door open. A cloud of purple smoke billowed into my compartment as I walked into the center of the train. A brilliantly violent lavender fog filled the hallway, making it hard to see. I stuck my hands in front of me to try and get a sense of direction. That didn't help. A giant mass barreled into me, knocking me to the ground.

I wasn't hurt and no bones seemed to be broken, but despite that, I still couldn't get up. The thing that had knocked me down was sprawled on top of me.

I waved the smoke out of the way to see a boy with a hot mess of black hair and rectangular glasses, still laying on top of me. As I struggled to get up, the boy's eyes fluttered open and he looked at me.

I opened my mouth to yell at him to get off of me, but he covered my mouth with his hand and whispered, "Shhhhhh!!" The he picked himself off the ground, pulled me off the ground, grabbed my hand and dragged me back into my compartment, which was now mostly fog-free.

He let go of my hand and leaned against the door, listening for something. The boy was average height, maybe 1 inch taller than me and wearing basic muggle clothes - A t-shirt from some video game, jeans and red high tops. His black hair was still a catastrophe and his glasses were crooked, but his cocky smile shined with triumph. My thoughts of the boy were cast away as I hear the patter of footsteps, and voices coming from the hallway.

"He ran this way," said one voice.

"No, I thought I saw him go the other way," Said another.

"That was probably Mr. Black," said the first voice.

"Let's keep going," replied the second.

The voices ran off farther down the train, until we heard the putter of footsteps no longer. The boy visibly relaxed and turned toward me.

Before I could begin to rant at him, the boy said, "I'm James, James Potter." He tried to shake my hand but I quickly pulled it out of his grasp.

"What was that?!" I asked, still slightly ruffled form the surprise tackle.

"My latest prank," James eyes glittered with amusement as he kept talking, "it keeps the teachers busy for hours and they never catch us."

"Us?" I said.

"Yeah, me and my bud Sirius Black," he replied, as if it should be common knowledge that his best friend is Sirius Black.

I opened the door into the hallway but he quickly shut it, "Where are you going?" James asked, pushing me lightly back into the compartment.

"To turn you in." I replied.

"You really shouldn't do that,"

"Yes I really should," I go for the door again, but this time it opened of its own accord. A boy, looking exactly like James stepped into the compartment. The only difference between James and this boy is that the new boy had long tangled black hair that goes to his shoulders and a look about his face that suggested he was up to something mischievous.

"James, the teachers are by the prefect compartment. We can head back now." the boy said.

"Thanks Sirius," he turned back to me, "Thanks for the hiding spot."

I stood there, speechless. Sirius started dragging James out the door. They got halfway down the hallway before James shouted,

"What's you name?"

I ran back to the door, pulled it open and shouted, "Lily! Lily Evans."

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