Nothing Short of Fate

Marauder's Era; Lily Evans is starting school at Hogwarts with her best friend Severus Snape. Then James Potter and his Marauder gang come into the picture, and they just might change a few things. Follow Lily through the ups and downs of Hogwarts, friends and love...


1. Hogwarts Letter

"Lily! Breakfast!"

I sat up in bed as the smell of my mum's famous strawberry pancakes reached my nose. I flew down the stairs, and was in a chair before the cat could meow a hello to me.

"Look whose up Daisy,"My mum said, talking to the cat like always.

"You know she can't understand you, right?" I licked my lips as my mum set down a heaping plate of pancakes in front of me. I I started shoveling them into my mouth.

"No one is going to take the plate away from you, Lily," I slowed my fork and chewed the food in my mouth slowly. Just then, I heard the familiar click of the mail slot.

"I'll get it!" I practically yelled, sliding the last bits of pancakes down my throat. I walked to the front door and picked up the mail. Bill, bill, magazine, bill, coupons and a letter for me. The green ink shined in the sunlight. My address, was very specifically written:

Ms. L Evans

The First Bedroom on the Right

12 Cokesworth


"Mum!" I yelled as I walked back into the kitchen.

"Yes dear?" My mum looked up from where she was cutting apples.

"Look at this letter that came in the mail," I handed the thick cream-colored envelope across the counter. My mim read the address.

"That's pretty specific," my mum handed the envelope back to me. I ripped open the flap and pulled out the parchment. The first few lines read:

Dear Ms. Evans,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You will find the supplies list on the enclosed document. Term starts September 1st. We await your owl no later than July 31st.


Minerva McGonagall

"No way!!!" I shouted.

"What?" My mum grabbed the letter from where I had dropped it on the island and read the page.

"Is this real?" I asked, looking to my mom for answers.

"I er- I don't know," my mom rubbed her forehead, handing the letter back to me.

"I bet Severus got one too. Let me run over to his house."

"Okay sweetie," my mom sat down in a chair, the information hitting her hard, "Don't stay to long."

I ran across the street to my best friend Severus Snape's house. We are such good friends I don't even half to knock anymore. I just walked right into his house, said hello to Mrs. Snape then trotted upstairs. Severus was sitting on his bed staring at a letter that was the exact replica of mine.

"You got one too?" He said, looking up.

"Yeah," We reread them together, soaking in every word.

"That explains everything, the levitations, the good luck, the odd occurrences. I'm a witch."

"Lil, this could be a joke," Severus said.

"But what if it's not, Sev, I mean for all we know, this could be real."

"There is only one way to find out," Severus walked out of the room with no explanation. I follwed him down the stairs and into his backyard. We walked across the garden and into their small tool shed. I looked up to see a family of owls.

"Be careful, Sev, they could bite,"

"Don't worry, Lil, these birds have been here since we moved in. I 'adopted' them and there pretty much family," he stroked the head of the largest owl. The owl, (barn I think), jumped onto his arm. I wrote that Severus and I would be attending Hogwarts on the back of our envelopes and kept the original letters and supply list. After rolling up the enveloped and tying them to the leg of the owl, Severus fed the bird a small pellet from his pocket.

"Do you know where to take this?" Sev asked the owl (apparently people talk to animals a lot). It hooted in reply and then flew out the open shed door.

"Now we wait," Sev said.

"Now we wait," I repeated, as we walked back into his house, watching the owl disappear into the countryside sky.

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