Lukes love

Maya is a tall,light brown haired girl with green eyes and loves bands. she moved from Australia to California when she was 10. Her new step dad got a job opportunity and things don't turn out the way they were supposed to be planned...

*some mature content including, violence, sexual content, illegal drug use. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!


7. unbelievable

Sorry people I'm very busy and if I don't update then I'm probably busy with school or something. Wow guys thanks soooo much for almost 200 reads. U have no idea how much this means to me.

~ xxx maya

P.s: can we get to 200 reads ???

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I was walking into gym when I saw luke and Calum. I went to change into my gym clothes and I bumped into luke. "Um sorry I wasn't watching were I was going , r u ok"he said "um ya im okay and it's fine" I said "no really I'm sorry" he said. After that I walked away I didn't want to see him apologize to me again. I walked into the girls locker room and overheard girls talking about Luke and I heard them say,"OMG Luke is gorgeous I just want him to"... at that point I already new what they would say because they are just those kind of girls. they have one night stands with guys then never talk to them again. I just ignored the rest of what they said. I got changed and sat down and the gym coach said we were playing football (soccer) and we would split up into teams and we would have a specific partner person to pass it to. "oh no" I said as Luke came over to me. "what r u afraid of losing with me ???" he said "I uh just really don't like football that much" I said he just kinda stared at me like I just killed him "Uh ok" I said. After that we played and I was actually very surprised Luke was really good because he is not that athletic besides his huge muscles. On the other hand I'm not athletic at all , I just play guitar and sing. It's really not anything amazing though.


Luke :

In gym class I was trying to impress maya, I think I have a crush on her already. The way she looks at me is just adorable. With her green eyes and long brown hair she's perfect in my eyes.

When we were done with football we went to the locker rooms. "Hey mate" Calum said "ya" I said "why we're u so good today like your never are that good , u were even better than me and I'm great" Calum said "I don't know really" I said. I wanted to lie to him because if I told him he would probably tell the whole school. "C'mon mate you know you can tell me, oooohhhh wait u like maya!!!" Calum said excitedly. Oh great now he nows I like maya. I just blushed , put my head down and continued getting dressed. Thank god the day was over I Wales out of the locker room as quick as I could , I wanted to walk out with maya. Since she just moved here I should get to know her a little better. Luckily when I walked out of the locker room maya was walking out of the girls locker room too."Maya" I called to her , "ya" she said turning around. "I was wondering if you wanted to walk out with me ???" I said shyly "yes of course like I would love to walk out with you" she said and giggled a little."okay" I said. When we were walking out my arm was wrapped around her waist and her head was on my shoulder. I think I want to ask her out.



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