Lukes love

Maya is a tall,light brown haired girl with green eyes and loves bands. she moved from Australia to California when she was 10. Her new step dad got a job opportunity and things don't turn out the way they were supposed to be planned...

*some mature content including, violence, sexual content, illegal drug use. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!


4. the sleepover

Maya :

It has been two weeks since me and Abby went to the beach , unfortunately I move in a week. And in my house all there is , is boxes of stuff everywhere. I still can't believe I'm moving soon I'm definitely going to miss it here. Lucky for me school ends 2 days before I leave. So I actually get to finish the school year and not have to go to a new school in the middle of the school year. You would think I would have graduated already but in 4th grade , me, Calum, Luke and my friend Alyssa all pulled a big Prank on our teacher and we had to stay back for it. When I was little I actually got in trouble with the teacher a lot so that's also another reason she made us stay back. It was a prank for all of us to remember since I was going to move 2 months later during summer. We taped all our teachers pencils to the the wall, put a cup of water on top of the door so it would spill on her, unscrewed her chair so she would fall, and also put a rotten egg in every desk dror she had and she had 3 desks so it was pretty bad. We almost got expelled but my mum was to the rescue and she made my teacher change her mind and just make us stay back. After that prank I got out of trouble and started to act quiet and I was a good girl because I really didn't want to stay back again it was torture !!! Seriously !!!


Maya :

Luckily it was Friday so I could get all the stress out and watch the fault in our stars tonight with Abby at her house. I would at my house but there is way to many boxes.

I was in reading class and we were talking about what we were doing for summer vacation and my teacher called on me,“maya why don't u tell us what u are doing for summer vacation”. He said. “Umm I'm moving to Australia next week so probably hang out with all my old friends from when I was little”. I said nervously. “Oh ok” he said then he called a on a few other people then the bell rang and I was finally done for the day !!!

After class me and Abby went to our lockers and grabbed our stuff. “I can't believe mr. Saunders gave us homework on a Friday.” I said “me either” Abby said then we left and got into my car and headed to her house.

In the middle of the movie when Ansel elegort dies instead of hazel I just broke down crying. I held my penguin stuffed animal and cried with it in my arms. My penguin always helps me.i didn't realize but Abby was recording me for the whole movie.i was pissed but I just pretty much ignored it.exept the times when I made funny faces at the camera. I was going to get her back , literally !!!!!!

After the movie was done she fell asleep and stopped recording me. I took her phone and got her boyfriends number on my phone and said, “ hey it's Cassie I just wanted to say when u cheated on me it wasn't funny, I cried for days, I guess what I'm trying to say is we are through !!!” I said ,“that will teach her a lesson ” I said. He then texted back and said “what I don't even know a Cassie and we were never dating I'm so confused” I cracked up so hard I almost woke up Abby !!! I texted back and said,“ U DONT EVEN KNOW, WE DATED FOR 6 MONTHS ” I said I started dying laughing !!! “I'm sorry Cassie but I'm over u !!!” He said I then sent a crying emoji and he said, “no no don't cry I am so sorry !!!” “U just got pranked by maya bro calm down !!!!!!! Lol u r so gullible!!!!!!” I said he was so mad at me but it was so worth it !! After that prank I went to the bathroom and took her phone with me and set an alarm 10 mins from now and changed her time to 6:45 she was always up at that time I then put on my clothes for tomorrow and put my phone on her window and put the flashlight on and by the time I did that the alarm went off I went into the bathroom and pretended like I was getting ready for the mall that's what we were doing tomorrow she then woke up and got dressed and was yelling at me to get out of the bathroom and take a shower !!! I almost started laughing but I held it in luckily !!! That whole time I was recording her she will get mad at me after that but oh well !!

I stopped her before turning the water on “Abby” I said “what” she said “don't get in the shower” I said.“why ???” She asked “because it's not morning ” I said. “what how my alarm clock went off and your dressed and it's sunny out” she said “it's sunny because I put a flashlight into the window and got dressed and set an alarm for 5 mins ago. And I pranked u so good !!!!” I said. she was so mad that she made me sleep in the guest bedroom. I mean I don't blame her because I'm an asswhole at times. But she doesn't get mad very easily so I must have really pissed her off !!! “I'm sorry I just wanted a memory of pranking u on one of our last sleep overs !!!” I said. “Wow u just really like pissing people off don't u”. She said “well I only piss people off that are important to me!!!” I said “well sure u do !!!”she said.

After that I put my pjs back on and took my phone out of the window, and went into the guest room. I looked at the time and it said 12:30. “Well I better get to bed !!!” I said to myself and fell asleep and thinking about a friend that I never told anybody about in Australia my very very good friend Hayden.


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