Lukes love

Maya is a tall,light brown haired girl with green eyes and loves bands. she moved from Australia to California when she was 10. Her new step dad got a job opportunity and things don't turn out the way they were supposed to be planned...

*some mature content including, violence, sexual content, illegal drug use. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!


8. the day


today is Saturday the day I want to ask maya out. I really like her and I hope she feels the same about me because I really do want her to be mine.

I walked out of my room and went to the couch in the living room. my mum and dad aren't going to be home today because they are working. I turned on the tv and I turned on how I met your mother. Then my phone buzzed, I opened my phone hoping it was maya but it was only Calum.

Calum: hey are u doing anything today ???

me: no

Calum: do you want to hang with me and maya?

I instantly replied hoping I can get closer to maya. Now that I am becoming really good friends with her.

me: sure I'll be there in ten

Calum: alright we will be in the living room playing Fifa, the doors unlocked so u know.

me: alright see you soon



me and Calum are on the couch playing Fifa while waiting for Luke. he just called 5 minutes ago and Calum said ," Luke will be here in ten minutes hopefully" " what do u mean hopefully ?" I said "oh Luke takes forever and he will probably be here in an hour. sometimes I wonder why it takes him so long considering we are inside doing nothing all day" Calum said laughing. "ok then" I said


I knocked on calms door slightly adjusting my hair in my reflection in the window. "HI LUCAS !!!!!!!!!" I was greeted by maya once the door opened. we both smiled then she hugged me which was kinda suprising. I thankfully returned the tight hug and I walked inside and saw Calum in the kitchen eating an apple. "hey mate" Calum said "hey" I said as I walked into the living room to play Fifa. "Luke can I play too" maya asked with a smile "uhh sure I said nervous that I was going to beat her.



"HA HA LUCAS YOU LOST" I said cheerfully as I ran around the house doing my happy dance. I beat him again and boy did it feel good. "NO FAIR MAYA YOU CHEATED, I DECLARE A RE-MATCH" Luke said whilst chasing me around the house. He was right behind me when I stopped to take a break to breathe, he just kept on running "Luke stop-" I said but it was too late he fell on top of me. "I tried to tell you to stop running before-" he cut me off by pressing him hips onto mine. I was surprised but I kissed back anyway. he kissed me with so much passion. it felt so right. Butterflies were dancing around in my stomach. I felt the passion in the kiss. He pulled away and smiled I could feel his breath on my face "maya will you go out with me ????"


Holy fuck 2k reads !!!! what do you think will happen with maya and Luke ??? also I would like to thank everyone who is reading this I appreciate it so much. Do you think maya should except Luke for asking her out ??? keep reading to find out


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