Lukes love

Maya is a tall,light brown haired girl with green eyes and loves bands. she moved from Australia to California when she was 10. Her new step dad got a job opportunity and things don't turn out the way they were supposed to be planned...

*some mature content including, violence, sexual content, illegal drug use. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. 1 the news

Maya :

One day my mum and step dad called me and cam down stairs after my homework was done they told us they had a surprise and I wasn't very happy because I new something was up they have been acting weird for the past 2 weeks. I knew something was definitely up. I walked downstairs then Cameron ran down I almost fell. “Great now I'm even more mad at u cam”. I said he chuckled, sometimes I just really hate him !!! I went into the kitchen and my mum said that Henry (my step dad) got a job opportunity in Sydney,Australia. She said that we were moving in a month and we were going to live in the same house I was living in before we moved to California. I was really exited but sad because my life will be different but I still will miss my friends here. But I could see the rest of my family and my old friends I was really exited !!! After they told us I started to pack a little bit then I told my friends the news they were upset but I told then I still have a month on till I move so we could've do all the

stuff I wanted to do with them in a few months. It was stuff that wasn't really important but still really fun. Since it was only 7pm I asked if I could go over Abby's house since she wasn't doing anything they said be home by 11. I nodded and went up stairs to my room and put on a green day shirt , black jeans that had holes in the knees and black converse. I grabbed my wallet and my phone and drove to Abby's house I was happy she wasn't busy because I needed to talk to her. I screamed in the car because green day was on and I loved them. Her hose was only 15 minutes away but since it was late I wanted to drive plus I could listen to green day !!! When I got to her house I talked to her about my friends back in Sydney and I told her about Luke and Calum she freaked out because all my friends in Australia were guys. She asked if I liked one of them “ew no!!!” I lied I liked luke,I loved his blue eyes and blond hair and how his smile is just so perfect. I was thinking about my friends in Sydney a lot.


Abby :

We both giggled and I said “your lying I can tell” I said. she blushed and said “ fine I'm lying I like Luke . I like the way his eyes sparkle and how they are just so deep blue , I love his eyes , I also love his smile and how it's so perfect. I love his sense of humor and cares about me and Calum. He's just perfect.” Maya said. “he sounds amazing” I said. “He is amazing” she said my mom called us down to eat and we went downstairs and we sat down and ate dinner. After dinner maya said, “thank you mrs.harper for dinner it was delicious!!!”. My mom said,“no problem”. Then we went upstairs and watched like 2 movies and then it was getting late so maya had to go home I hugged her and said,“ see u at school tomorrow”.


Maya :

When I was driving home all I could think about was Luke I knew he didn't like me how I liked him. When I got home everyone was in bed so I tried to be quiet trying now to wake anyone up. When I got upstairs in my room I washed my face and brushed my teeth and got my pj's on and went to sleep I was thinking about earlier I'm glad I got to hang out with Abby and tell her about Luke and Calum. When I eventually fell asleep all I could think of was Luke.


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