Lukes love

Maya is a tall,light brown haired girl with green eyes and loves bands. she moved from Australia to California when she was 10. Her new step dad got a job opportunity and things don't turn out the way they were supposed to be planned...

*some mature content including, violence, sexual content, illegal drug use. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!


3. 1 "great day" I guess

Maya :

beep beep beep” my alarm clock went off I had to get up for school. I threw my pillow at the alarm clock. “I guess I have to get up now” I said I got up and looked through my closet and looked for something to wear. I decided on a grey shirt that says “I'm not a morning person”, black jeans, and white converse. I went Into my bathroom and straightened my hair, put on some mascara and some bright pink lipstick. I grabbed my backpack and my phone. Then went downstairs into the kitchen and smelled something good my mom was cooking breakfast “ hi mom , good morning” I said. “Good morning honey, how did u sleep??” My mum said. “Good” i said. I grabbed some breakfast ,sat down, and then said good bye. I went outside, I got in my car, then I drove to school. On my way to school green day was playing !!! “I love this shit !!!” I said excitedly. After what seemed like forever I finally got to school and saw Abby and jake In front of our lockers ( yes are lockers are next to each other ). I said hi and hugged then both. I opened my locker and heard my phone ding it was luke. I totally forgot I had his number. Oops... He said hi so I said hi back . It was really awkward because I haven't talked to him in like 7yrs. Anyways I told him I had school and he said bye I told him talk to u later. After that jake went to class early and me and Abby were still at our lockers. “So was that your boyfriend Luke” Abby said. I blushed she knows I like him. “Ya but he's not my boyfriend yet !!!” I said. “ u wish, keep dreaming maya ” Abby said. “Shut up Abby” I said. We both chuckled and then headed to class.


Maya :

I had science class then social studies. Now I had to go to math.“uggggghhhhh” I said. “I hate math” said to Abby. “At Least we have lunch after math” Abby said. “You have a point you knows lunch is my favorite part of the school day because it's not really a class , unless mr. Saunders gives us a lecture about cleaning up our messes for the whole lunch period, you would think he talks enough in English class ” I said. Then we both started laughing before walking into class. “Very true” she said while we were walking to our seats. Math was so boring, I mean I like math but there is a substitute because mrs.parker was out sick.she never made us do any work. Now I have to deal with this crap what else ???


Maya :

Finally after what seemed like forever math class was finally over I'm glad it was over because the substitute was so boring. After math class I went to my locker grabbed my money for my lunch , my gym clothes , my science books and reading binder. I then headed to lunch with Abby and we sat Down at our usual table with jake and a few of his friends that play soccer with him. I'm not really friends with them, but I'm still nice to them and they are nice to me. I was talking and laughing and the usual. then I saw my crush Alex staring at me and blushing. I quickly looked away because I didn't want him to notice but somehow he did. He walked over to me and he asked if I would go out with him on Saturday. I quickly said ,“sorry but no, I kinda have a boyfriend.” I lied I just didn't want to get in a relationship when I'm moving in like 3 weeks and I don't like doing long distance relationships because I tried it with my ex and it didn't work out so good. He just frowned and walked back to his table. Abby and everyone else at my table sat there shocked !!! “What ???” I said “umm u just kinda blew off your crush like it was no big deal u have liked him since 5th grade”Abby said. “ well I wasn't going to say yes I'm moving soon and I don't want to deal with that when I am gone, long distance is not ok ” I said. Then I quickly finished my food and with that the bell rang and I headed to gym class


Alex :

All I could think of was maya saying no to me when I tried to ask her out. I thought she liked me. “Well I just made a complete fool of my self in the cafeteria, I can't believe she said no !!!” I said to my friend Dillon. “I don't know Alex I thought she likes u.” Dillon said. well that was awkward I kept saying to myself. Luckily I have gym after science so I can get that off my back after science class. I then headed to science class and on my way there I bumped into someone I then said ,“watch were u r going jerk !!!” I said. Then when I looked up it was maya then she started crying.


Maya :

After Alex bumped into me and called me a jerk I quickly picked up my books trying to hold back the tears that were flowing out , and I ran to gym. I can't believe Alex called me a jerk now I definitely don't want anything to do with him !!! I hate him now. When I got into gym class I ran into the locker room got changed and started crying in the bathroom,“ I can't believe him he is a complete...” I said Then I heard someone walk into the locker room I suddenly stopped talking and heard someone walk up to my bathroom stall. “Maya are you in there.” Abby said luckily it was just the person I wanted to see. “Maya mr.Olsen is getting worried u didn't show up.” Abby said. Then I opened the door and hugged her. “What's the matter and what happened to your mascara”Abby said then I looked in the mirror and my mascara was all runny I quickly removed it then put some more on. We then walked into the gym and sat down and I explained what happened. “I can't believe that jerk he has no write to call u that especially when he just tried to ask u out.” Abby said. Then we just sat down for the rest of gym class because I really didn't feel like playing baseball right now I just wanted to talk to Abby. After a half hour of gym we went into the locker rooms to get changed.finnaly gym was over. Then me and Abby both went to reading class. Then mr. Saunders called on me to share my essay about what my dream vacation would be. Honestly besides all his blabbing about random stuff and yelling at the kids that get in trouble with him, his class was pretty fun because he gave us pretty easy work to do.

After reading class I went to science I actually really liked science considering they were talking about music, and sound waves each cord makes. So I was pretty exited about it because we get to do a presentation with a partner, mine was Abby(obviously) and we have been working on it she was going to play bass and I was going to play guitar and we actually got an a+ we were kind of surprised because mrs.goldwell really liked our performance. Everyone clapped and we went to our lockers and put our instruments away then headed back to class. We both now loved science class. Luckily we are working on this on till I leave for Australia because I would not be able to stand molecules and skin cells for the rest of the month until I leave. That is just really boring because we always get pared up with a person that we hate and cannot work with because mrs. Goldwell loves to "solve problems with others" ya solve problems my ass she just makes the problem worse than it was before.after when we were done with putting our instruments into our lockers the bell rang so we went back to class to grab our stuff , then we went to our lockers and got my bag and guitar. Then we headed out , since she had nothing to do I asked my mum if she could come over, she said yes and we headed to my house and listened to green day on the way there.


Maya :

We got to my house and we went into my room she helped me pack a little because she was being a good friend. I'm going to miss her so much. After that we talked about random stupid stuff then we decided to go to the beach for a walk. The beach was only 10 minutes from my house but I still liked to drive there since we don't know how long we r going to be there for.we got there in like 5 min. Surprisingly there was no traffic.

When we got there we just sat in the sand then we took a long walk and talked about Luke and Calum and all my friends in Australia ,“so did u ever date Luke ???” Abby asked “NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I said “I was only 10” I said. so she said “so what I had a boyfriend when I was 7”. “What??? U r crazy”I said “well I just really liked him !!!” Abby said. We both chuckled. And then we went and walked on the sand and all of a sudden she pushed me.“oops I'm sorry” Abby said sarcastically “ohhh ur going to get it !!!” I said then started chasing her to the water on till she fell in. Then she chased me yelling “wait hold on let's take a break”. We then sat in the sand and luckily it was hot out so she could dry off fast. Then all of a sudden she hugged me I got so mad !!! She was still soaked from falling into the water. I then got up and tackled her on till she said,“ok ok fine stop I surrender!!!”. I chucked.she was mad at me but hey she started it so she should of expected that !!!! Seriously!!!

Since she was soaked we went back to my car and grabbed a towel. Then we decided to go since it started to get dark out. By the time we got to her house she was dry since her house was 45mins away from the beach. When we got to her house she said, “thanks”. “No problem and u r welcome” I then smiled said good bye and drove out the driveway and headed home.


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