Lukes love

Maya is a tall,light brown haired girl with green eyes and loves bands. she moved from Australia to California when she was 10. Her new step dad got a job opportunity and things don't turn out the way they were supposed to be planned...

*some mature content including, violence, sexual content, illegal drug use. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. intro


My name is maya I'm from Sydney, Australia when I was 10 I moved from Sydney to California.I left my friends and most of my family. I have been lonely since then, I only have 2 friends now Abby and jack.

I have a brother Cameron and my mums name is Marie. We lived alone in California for 4 yrs. my dad died when I was 6 and I barely remember him. He got in a bad car accident with his best friend. His friend survived but my dad was killed all I remember was crying for 2 months and going to his funeral. But then we moved to California when I was ten. My mom found a guy 4 yrs later it turns out he was Australian and was on a business trip. My mom was happy. he moved here because he liked my mum so much. He's a really nice guy but I don't really like him because he is not my real dad. But know one could be my real dad after what had happened to him. My new step dad got married to my mum and now he was my new dad. I really wasn't happy about it , but whatever made my mum happy was fine with me, I guess. I finally had friends and was really starting to be happy and loved it here. I still miss Sydney though but that's in my past now I just need to look at my future now. But every thing was going to change and there was nothing I could do about it...


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