Origins of Hunter

Hunter Leemonex... Few werewolves in Endasia have a strange past. Most werewolves grow up in their pack, survive with their pack, and die in their pack. There are also werewolves such as Hunter, who only wish they had such a simple life. Hunter Leemonex is reminded of this past every day. What event could occur that would cause such distress in his life?

This is the story of Hunter Leemonex.
The story of the werewolf that was a part of the 'event' that seemingly killed his whole family.


4. My Biggest Mistake

I already hear the chants and laughing of the townspeople from my house. The party must be starting soon. I place the arrow I'm crafting down as l peer out my second-story window. There is a line of people going into the Big House. Most of the time, the Big House is a courtroom, similar inside to a coliseum. It's where all decisions for the village are made.

Today, however, it is where a celebration is being held. It’s an Elder’s birthday or something, I really don't know. I don't need to know, I'm not going. My evening plans are to go to my pond with Isabelle, and hopefully, Peter.

I grab my bow and quiver. Whenever I go anywhere for any reason, these two things have always been a necessity. I jump down the stairs carelessly, but I land at the bottom without hurting myself.

I hurry to the door, and just as I open it, I find my mom is on the other side on her way in. Poor timing.

“Where are you off to, Luke?” She smiles, and I can see many of her more pointed teeth. She is wearing casual attire; jeans, plain t-shirt. She probably just got back from working in the fields.

"Pete and I are going in the woods," I say. Well, I didn't lie. The last thing I need right now is her calling my plans off. When her eyes fall on my bow, I think she presumes we're going hunting.

"Alright..." she says reluctantly. "You're going to miss the party?"

"Yeah. I am." If she gave me any room, I would squeeze my way beside her and run off, showing my eagerness to hang out with Peter. Or she would just think I'm late. But she doesn't give me room, so I wait until she is done questioning me.

"Fine, fine," she says. She pulls me into a hug I wasn't entirely expecting or willing to give. Even at fifteen i can't get away without a hug.

Either way, in a moment I'm off, and I feel her eyes on my back as I run along the Jungle line. The Jungle Line is the the invisible line that separates the village from the forest. It's an odd sight, the jungle is like a wall... that must be because it's where the townspeople stopped clearing land.

It isn't long before I reach the meeting spot, mostly because it's only a stone's throw away from the Jungle Line. Isabelle is already there, she smiles when she sees me.

"Did you bring Pete?" She asks.

"No, but he should be here soon," I say. I told Peter earlier in the day to meet here. Hopefully he understood, I never really clarified to make sure he knew what I was talking about.

"Alright," she says. She notices the sun just as I do. "We are going to want to leave soon if we want to get there a little before dark."

"Yeah." I look at the village. "I'm going to try to find him really quick. Stay here," I playfully punch her shoulder, "and don't leave without me." She smirks and punches me back, not so playfully. I smile back.

"You really should hurry."

"Yeah, yeah." I run back into the village. Just as I reach the Jungle Line, Pete is already running towards me. That saves me from finding him, saving precious time.

"Pete!" I shout as he runs toward me. "Hurry up, you're gonna make us late!"

He scoffs. "I was washing dishes, alright. But I'm here now." I notice his smile as he gets closer. I look back to see if I can see Isabelle. She is looking, and from her crossed arms and stern look I would bet she is somewhat annoyed.

"Let's go, quick," I say to Peter, leading him towards the meeting area. I run towards Isabelle for the second time, although this time I need to run much slower for Pete, he isn't the athletic type. When he isn't fast and I am, the difference between our speed increases. My speed obviously comes from the werewolf part of me.

We reach Isabelle, and she doesn't seem very happy. She arms are still folded, and she glares at us. Maybe inviting Peter and then him make us late could be angering.

"Hey," I say go Isabelle, arriving at the meeting place. "We'll be fine, look, the suns have a little time before they set." A little time being maybe twenty minutes, but I don't want to tell Isabelle that. We are cutting it pretty close.

"Guys," Peter comes up from behind us. "Where are we going? Why do we have to get there so fast?"

"Before the Suns set, dimwit," Isabelle scolds, rolling her eyes. I find the insult amusing, coming from her. She isn't one to get angry or mad. It's like there's something about Peter she can't stand.

"Let's just go, you'll see soon enough," I'm backing away from the meeting spot as I say it. "Lead the way, Iz." She jumps into the jungle, being our guide, even though I know the path better than her. Before she gets to far, I toss Peter a long vine I pick up from the ground.

"Hold onto this," I say, giving him one end. "Don't let go. Try not to delay us anymore." I wink at him, hopefully he catches I'm messing with his head. I jump into the jungle before he says anything.

Our meeting spot is simply a small clearing maybe ten feet across. Exiting it is similar to the Jungle Line, it's a wall.

Once breaking the 'wall' of taller grass, you reach the heart of the jungle. I love this area, which so happens to make up most of the jungle, but some places can have thicker overgrowth than others. But generally, the grass is at least hip deep, there are many dark trees, some various plants under the grass make it difficult to predict what your about to step on.

I love the green in the jungle. Most of the jungle is such a clear, distinct color of green... I've learned to love it. You have to be careful though, because some of the dangerous breeds of Endasia love this area because of the camouflage opportunities. I haven't seen many dangerous predators out here, but I know they are here. It's probably best us villagers see these creatures rarely, they can be vicious at times.

We make good progress through the jungle, but I can tell it's getting dark. If one of the suns begin to set, it gets much darker in the jungle than at the village. This is simply because most of the light in the jungle comes through the filtered leaves above, so when there is less light to filter, it gets really dark, really fast.

We should get there soon. I already see a partially fallen tree held up by thick vines just ahead, it is our indication point that we are on the right path. We aren't far.

I already hear Peter huffing behind me. The ten foot vine is always tensing and relaxing, because Peter is constantly slowing down and trying to speed up. I want to tell him we are almost there, but I feel like I should keep as quiet as possible. I don't want him to start talking, we'd slow down even further.

It's getting dark, but there is enough light to see, barely. I can see fine though, I have what most people call 'night vision.' Another perk to being a werewolf, I guess.

Werewolfs have many cool survival skills like that. Enhanced speed, enhanced reactionary time, enhanced strength, a lot of 'enhanced' perks. Nothing like 'super strength' though. Only enhanced, since our features aren't super, simply enhanced.

At this point, I am practically dragging Peter through the brush overgrowth. This is why I brought him the rope, so he doesn't fall behind and has no idea where he's going.

Then we reach our destination. I barely see Isabelle jump through another 'wall' of grass through the tall plants, and I pull Peter with me as I jump after her. Now, we are here. The pond.

"What is this?" Peter asks, out of breath. If I didn't know him better, I would say he was on the verge of throwing up. But I do, and I know he can't run very long and runs out of breath quickly; as far as I know, he has only ever thrown up on some bad bread he baked.

We are standing about forty feet above the actual pond, which is the perfect spot to see everything around it. The pond itself has three sides surrounded with stone, one side allows the exit point where we climb out. That spot has become a little overgrown, but we can still climb out. Isabelle and I have tried to upkeep it a long time ago, but it was way too much work, so it's been growing freely for a long time now.

The stone wall to our left is slightly lower than the other sides, which is why it's Isabelle and I's favorite spot. Somehow, it's the only spot where the sky can be seen clearly. This spot provides a perfect view of the pond and the open sky above, which once dark, all the stars can be seen, like an amazing light show.

The pond itself isn't very clean either, but that is one of our favorite parts of the pond. When the moon shines on it, the algae at the surface interacts with the moon's light, and the algae glows.

"This is our pond," I say to Peter. I look to Isabelle, and I already know what she wants to do. She makes a hand motion behind Pete pointing at his back, indicating her plan. I nod, and she counts the countdown with her fingers. Three, two, one... at the same time we push Peter in.

A person's initial scared reaction is best the first time, because it's the only time you have no idea what's going on. Every time after the first you have some idea what to expect, but not the first time. If Peter went a second time, he would know he was safe, but he doesn't know that now as he plunges headfirst to the pond.

He screams until he is fully submerged, even then I can still see bubbles float to the water's surface. When he comes back up he is still in shock.

Isabelle and I are cracking up this whole time. Suddenly, she tries to push me in. I'm kinda expecting it though, and manage to stop at the cliff's edge. She extends her arms and continues to try to push me in. My reflexes help me to side step her push.

It doesn't work so well, when I try to push her in, she grabbed my hand and pulled me in with her Usually, falling like we did would be somewhat dangerous, but I really don't care. It's too much fun.

I let go of Isabelle's hand right before I hit the water so I can try to do a cannonball. I come up laughing, and so is everyone else.

"This is awesome!" Peter says, looking back at the ridge we jumped from.

"Look at this," Isabelle says smiling. She gets out of the pond and runs into the jungle side of the pond, and when she reemerges, she is swinging from a vine. She lets go and performs a successful flip before landing in the water. I really don't know how she does it, I can't do it, even with all of my werewolf traits. She lands right behind us, and before she comes back up, Peter is already trying to find the vine so he can try.

"I think he likes it," I say in a lower voice to Isabelle. She smiles in response. It takes a minute for Peter to find the vine, but he does. He emerges from the jungle with a huge smile. He free-falls into the water. Now it's my turn.

I run to the end of the pond and extend my arms forward to make way through the jungle for the rest of my body. I reach the other side, and immediately find the vine. It hangs about four feet above the ground, tied to a branch closer to the top of one of the trees. I take it and jump on a high rock like I do often do, and jump.

The vine carries me down, through the brush of the jungle and back to the pond. I feel the thrill of coming up after swinging, and let go of the vine, falling into the pond, back first.

The pond can be deceiving, it looks small and should probably be somewhat shallow. But somehow the water is higher than my head when I'm standing in it, so all least five and a half feet, which makes it perfect for all kinds of games.

We could have played for hours, there was so much to do in our little pond. There was even a little slide we could have tried. But the best part of the evening was coming, and we had to prepare. Isabelle and I took Peter to the ridge where we could overlook the water as the sky overlooking us.

The sky was a magnificent glow of orange. A few weeks ago, I cleared some branches so the sunset could be seen perfectly from this spot, the world was so worth it.

We all stared at it in silence, and I noticed Izzy was sitting extra close to me. Maybe she wasn't, but I like to imagine she was. Usually, I try to just grab her hand when she isn't paying attention.

Today, I don't even have to try. She sneaks her hand into mine.

"That is pretty cool," Peter says. If he turns and sees Isabelle and I, I don't know what I'd do. He doesn't really know Isabelle and I are so close, and I don't really want him to. Relationships between Lessers and whole beings are considered strange and often made fun of.

Not that Peter can't keep a secret, but I just don't want him knowing just in case.

"Wait until the sun goes down," Isabelle says, her voice soft. I can tell she is looking at the setting sun.

Peter doesn't say anything, and nobody does until the sun actually sets.

It's mostly dark, but you can finally see the pond. It glows brightly in the night, especially when there is large moon, and tonight I think it's a full one. When both suns' light shine on the moon, the light that comes off of the moon back to earth brings a mild chemical that is completely harmless. But here, we believe it makes the algae react. It glows blue, and tonight it is bright as ever.

"Oh my gosh..." Peter says. He sits up and tries to get a better view. I don't let go of Isabelle's hand, I just hope Peter can't see. I grip her hand a little tighter, I hope she doesn't mind.

"That's incredible," he continues. "I've never seen anything like it..." He sits back, eyes glued to the pond. I guess I've seen it often enough that it isn't such a supeise, but it still is an incredible sight.

We stare in silence at the pond, and what happens next shocks me even to this day. No, shocks is the wrong word. Angered, infuriates. That's the word.

Isabelle, the girl who rarely shows emotion or any sort of care, moves much closer to me, and gives me a side hug. I move my arms and hug her too, and we didn't really let go. It is my best memory from all my my childhood, even though what happens next is the biggest mistake I've ever made.

We just rested there, with Peter still trying to remember the sunset so he could sketch it the next day in his notebook. He always does that. But I honestly don't care. I couldn't think of anything besides Isabelle; Maybe an hour passes, and once I think Pete is asleep, Isabelle asks me a question.

"Do you have any secrets, Hunter?" Her voice is so soft. I'm feel like I'm in a dream, a perfect dream where everything is perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Nothing could be better. I can only think of one thing; this girl is perfect. Why wouldn't I tell the truth?

"I do," I say. I don't move.

"Would you share it with me?" She says, she doesn't move either.

I hesitate. "Yes." Of course I would. Why wouldn't I?

"What is it?"

I take a breath. There is one significant secret I have never told Isabelle, I didn't see any harm in telling her, it didn't affect her, or so I though. She had the right to know... right? Being such good friends? Peter knew, why shouldn't she? Little did I know, telling her would be the mistake.

After a pause, I say, "I'm not a Lesser, Izzy."

"You're not?" She sits up to look at me, making me strangely empty.

"No, I'm not." I rearrange my hands so they are on my stomach, I'm reclined as I look at the sky. Although really, I'm remembering my past more than stargazing.

"What... What are you then?" Her words hurt. She makes it sound like I'm not human. Which, I really am not, but it makes me feel so far away from her and everything and everybody I grew up with.

I really shouldn't tell her. The only good that can come out of her knowing my secret is simply Isabelle knowing that she knows all of my secrets. Everything else about telling her about it can and probably will go wrong. What if she tells someone? What if she never talks to me again?

What if she is happy that she knows everything about me, doesn't leave, but stays, even though she knows my secret?

"I'm a full breed, Izzy." I shut my eyes. I don't want to see her reaction, I know it won't be a good one. Shock? Surprise? ...horror? Whatever it is, I don't want to see it.

"Full breed... werewolf?" Her voice cracks once she says full breed. I'm afraid she really is scared. I'm afraid now. I know I made a bad decision.

"Yes. Both of my parents are full breeds too. Our pack got attacked by something when I was a baby, I never knew what attacked us. My parents got away with me. Even though we are werewolfs, my dad was badly injured from fighting, as was my mom. We couldn't supply food.

"Then, we come across your little village. It seemed perfect, and it was. But we learned very quickly full breeds weren't allowed, so to survive, we pretended we were only half breeds." I open my eyes to look at the sky. "We didn't want to get banished, Izzy. I would have died, my parents would have died. When the rules for being a full breed became more strict, we decided we couldn't tell anyone about us."

I pause for a second. "I don't want to go, Izzy." I stop for longer, hoping she understands everything, including our motives. Then I add one more thing:

"My parents asked me if we should run off a month ago, you know. We recovered, we could hunt, we could survive, we would be okay. We could find a pack to join. Want to know what I said? No. No, I don't want to leave. I love the village, and I'd have to..." I stop again. "I'd have to leave you, izzy. I don't know why, but the thought haunts me. I don't know how..."

She stops me from talking with a second hug, very tight. I hug her back, weaker this time.

"I don't know what I'd do without you either, Hunter." I think she is teary eyed. Those words lifted me so much, I was so simply happy. She wasn't mad, shocked, surprised. She was happy. Whether it was because I told her my biggest secret, or because I didn't want to leave her, she was happy. It really didn't matter. Nothing else did.

She has an occasional soft sob, and we rest there. We should probably be back by now, but I really couldn't care less.

"So you could like, turn into wolf and stuff?"


"What about those superhuman abilities, like super speed and night vision?"

"They seem natural to me now, but yes."

"Can you howl so loud that all of the wild animals within ten miles come running?"

"No," I say smiling. "That is just a myth."

We talk for awhile, I'm surprised at her interest, I'm happy she is. We don't move until morning, just talking the whole time. I couldn't be happier. When Pete woke up, we both had to move, but he didn't ask questions, or why we didn't go home the previous night. Together, we talked for awhile, then go back to camp. Nobody was even aware we were gone, I guess a lot of the kids went somewhere overnight.

But it was only me who made a mistake

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