Origins of Hunter

Hunter Leemonex... Few werewolves in Endasia have a strange past. Most werewolves grow up in their pack, survive with their pack, and die in their pack. There are also werewolves such as Hunter, who only wish they had such a simple life. Hunter Leemonex is reminded of this past every day. What event could occur that would cause such distress in his life?

This is the story of Hunter Leemonex.
The story of the werewolf that was a part of the 'event' that seemingly killed his whole family.


2. Memorable Memories

"Come on, Hunter!" Isabelle calls to me. "We have to get back before people get worried!" I take my eyes away from the suns and chase after her.

The woods are getting thicker, so thick that it's nearly a jungle. There are big trees to dodge every couple of steps, and most of the plants came up past my waist. There is so much green everywhere, it is quite a beautiful sight.

I'm still running. Somehow, I manage a very impressive speed as I plow my way through the plants. It's only a few more seconds before I'm out and into a small clearing, where I stop and wait for Isabelle.

"You're almost there, Iz!" I yell back into the woods.

"Don't call me that!" She calls back. I misinterpreted how far her voice is, I believe she is still twenty some feet away. I was mistaken, because she then jumps from the woods and runs into me. As embarrassing as it is, I do fall. Now I imagine all of the things I could have done instead; surprise her as she explodes from the forest, catch her mid-flight, or playfully bump her to the ground.

But at the time I fall right into a big puddle, about a foot deep. When my head reemerges, Izzy is laughing. "I'm so sorry!" She says as she laughs. I love her laugh."Me too," I say smiling as I grab her extended hand and pull her in.

We both laugh and get out of the water, soaked and muddy.

"Who put that puddle there?" I say smiling as I try to use my hands to dry myself off. I meant it as a joke, but isabelle responds, "Oh, my dad is making another well for the Lesser. This spring acted weird and he had flood it." I nod. Her Dad is the Elder of our village. He is always doing stuff for the Lesser, the name for the people that live in the village that are less than one half of a creature. For example, in some cases, some are less than one half Werewolf. Most Lessers are Werewolves, because we are in Wolfsbane. I am one of the Lessers, along with my parents.

"Awesome," I respond.

"Are we still going to the pond tonight?" She asks. She makes no effort to dry herself off.

"As long as you want to," I respond. "Do you think we can bring Pete this time? I've been wanting to show him..."

She hesitates.

"I guess..."

"You don't want him to come?" I study her eyes. I have learned tricks about people telling the truth. It's all in the eyes.

"Well," she responds avoiding my eyes until the end of the sentence, "it's just that... I thought it was going to be something only we knew about, I don't know."

"Which is why," I conclude, "I'm going to show you this cave I found hunting. It has this big tree on it overlooking the Kraken Gorge. I found it hunting yesterday. I think you'll like it more than the pond, and it could be the spot only we know about."

"Okay okay," she says. "Pete can come. As long as he doesn't slow us down or anything." she smiles. "You gotta come too, alright? That's my only condition."

"Sure, sure," I smile back. "Of course I'll be there. I swear by the twin Suns." I wink at her, and she jumps into a hug. "See ya later, Hunter." She lets go and runs towards the village, still soaked and dirty. I smile again as she runs off.

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