Origins of Hunter

Hunter Leemonex... Few werewolves in Endasia have a strange past. Most werewolves grow up in their pack, survive with their pack, and die in their pack. There are also werewolves such as Hunter, who only wish they had such a simple life. Hunter Leemonex is reminded of this past every day. What event could occur that would cause such distress in his life?

This is the story of Hunter Leemonex.
The story of the werewolf that was a part of the 'event' that seemingly killed his whole family.


11. Invasion

Opening the door to my room, it seems as if my whole world has changed. Familiar werewolves run frantically, taking not a second to acknowledge my existence. Usually someone would at least wave or tell me hello, or in this situation explain what the heck is going on. But everyone is only expressing one emotion: fear.

“What is going on?” I yell to no one in particular. It seems as if all of the werewolves in our pack are running somewhere, scared for their lives. Why could that be?

Then it hits me. The Suns just went down. Which creature in Endasia has a habit of attacking civilizations under the cloak of darkness?


Looking up, I see them, swooping down onto our houses and toppling them over. They are so silent, I would never have guessed they were even flying if I hadn't looked skyward.

Werewolves can usually kill vampires in a 1v1 situation, but the vampires always have the element of surprise, which often gives them the edge in a battle. . And because werewolves are becoming more advanced, we become dependent on the use of weapons. Most of the time, these werewolves do not have their weapons always on them like I do, so they are unprepared for a battle like this.

Looking south, and I see a swarm of bats coming our way. I am sure these aren't normal bats. Vampires can change forms just like we werewolves can. However, vampires are much harder to kill. They have a regeneration ability, so the only way to kill them is to stab them or shoot an arrow through their heart.

Vampires became wary of this over time, and they started wearing armor that covers their chest and midsection. As of why they go on attacking civilizations, nobody but the vampires know. They are ruthless, ugly, and smelly (yeah, I'm serious) creatures. They even look human, asides their sharp teeth.

Something runs into me from behind, knocking me out of my trance. It's a vampire that got pushed into me by another werewolf. I don't have a close range weapon, I'm in so much trouble…

The vampire lunges at my neck, and I do all I can to keep him at bay with no more than my hands. I trip over something and get knocked over, landing flat on my back. The vampire jumps on me. I hear it hissing in my ear as I try to keep it from my neck.

Snap. Snap. Snap.

“Hey!” I scream to any werewolf within hearing distance. “Help!” However my voice is drowned out by the sound of the other multitude of screaming and shouting werewolfs.

Then I remember; what am I afraid of? I'm a werewolf, I am embarrassing myself by letting the vampire attack me like this.

I thrust out my legs and kick the vampire over me. It lands flat on its back just beyond my head. I jump to my feet, and before I can do anything, a werewolf stabs the vampire in the heart as the vampire lays on its back. The vampire’s hissing softens until it is barely audible, and then its head goes limp.

Despite all the frenzy, I can't help but notice the werewolf was Jacob. I consider giving myself a talking to about judging people too early, but this obviously isn't the time.

I see a house fall down a stone’s throw away. Instantly, it begins to burn. Two more houses fall with the same fate. Honestly, I couldn't hate vampires any more than I do right now.

At this point, it's war. The werewolves have gathered their weapons and are fighting back. However, the vampires have the disadvantage of being so disorganized. Us werewolves back each other up, and as a werewolf, I need to do my part in the pack as helping werewolves that need help, as Jacob did to me.

I see a female werewolf and three of her children fending off two vampires trying to enter their house. Without hesitating, I sprint over. Using my bow as a club, I wack one of the vampires upside the head, knocking it down. The other vampire senses my presence and turns just in time for a kick to the side of the head.

Yes, it is true my bow is my primary weapon. But in camp many years ago, I learned many different styles of fighting. There, the camp thought: “what happens if you lose the one weapon you have been training with for the past five years? Then your helpless. No, we train you to be ready in all situations. This way, no creature a member of the Elite Trinity is ever, and I mean ever, completely helpless.

The vampires are stunned. I don't proceed to kill them, I don't have the weapons necessary to kill them right now. My glare turns to the woman and children.

“Thank you!” She says. I don't feel like a hero, however. Perhaps that is because werewolves are heroes, so I'm not a hero, I'm simply a werewolf.

“Anytime,” I wink at her. “You are gonna want to get out of here until dawn. You know the drill. Hurry!” I turn and run to find another vampire I can attack.

“Wait!” yells the mother to my back. I turn nervously, because I'm in the middle of a battle ground now, and I am exposing my back to my enemy.

“Yes?” I yell impatiently over the noises of the battle.

“Koba needs help! He’s in his tent! The vamps got ‘em!” That's odd. I wonder what they did to catch Koba off guard. Of all people, he would be the last person I would assume to be caught. Then again, vampires are smart enough to not kill the leader of the pack because they know he has value. Either way, I’ll see what I can do to help Koba.

At this point, the suns have gone down. It's only our faint moon that illuminates what we can see. That said, it's not that hard to see a flashing blue light dancing across my feet as I run. It takes a second to find the light’s origin, but I find it strapped inside of my knife holster.

I know I should be in a hurry, but I can't help but marvel at the knife emitting the glow. To think I thought the blue-white lightning was cool… It's glowing blue!

Yet another vampire jumps on my back. I curse silently, I can't keep getting distracted. I bring down my elbow on the vampire’s stomach, and even though he had his armor on, I still managed to make the vampire hunch over. I bring a knee to his head, and thrust the knife into where his heart should be.

I hear a hiss behind me, and I barely I have time to turn before another vampire tackles me in the midsection, bringing me to the ground. The vampire then runs off. I jump up and begin chasing after this particular vampire, but it falls, clutching its shoulder.

My sprint comes to a stop beside the choking vampire. How is it injured? Vampires don't get injured… And why is it bleeding? I vampires don't bleed..

My knife, which I still hold in my hand, pulses with a spiking energy. Taking a closer look at the knife, I realize it has blood on it. I'm puzzled. Vampires don't bleed, even if you cut off a limb or stab them, they don't bleed…

Maybe this knife is enchanted somehow, or maybe it is a special material that weakens vampires… Either way, it kills the vamps, even from a mild shoulder wound. I bet I can kill them by no more than a cut using this knife.

I make my way to Koba’s hut. I confront a confident vampire, who is very sure his body armor will protect him. I'm in a ready position, ready to slash at whatever he throws at me first. Naturally, it is his head as he lunges for my neck. To avoid stabbing his face, I stab just under his neck instead. Still gruesome, I know, but this is only the reality of the situation.

I finally come to the entrance of Koba’s hut. It is obvious to enter from the front door, so I sneak around back, careful not to let anyone see or hear me. The battle seems to have died down for the most part.

I come to the back window of Koba’s hit. I almost peak my head in, but I hear voices.

“-easier if you simply told us what he looked like,” a raspy voice says. Obviously a vampire.

Another voice laughs. It's Koba. “I have no doubt my werewolves have already finished off most of your pathetic vampires.”

The raspy voice laughs in response. “You think this is all the vampires we have come with? We are only the scouts, werewolf. Thousands more will arrive in a timely manner.”

I gulp. Thousands? How are the vampires that already attacked only scouts? For one, scouts only survey the attacking region, very rarely do they take action in the battle. Plus, scouts are generally in two pairs of three, so 6 total creatures usually account for the scouts in a pack, or flock, or whatever. The vampire that just attacked came in the hundreds. This must be a massive army…

“To look for this one guy, you need all that firepower?” Koba asks. “How do you even know he is a werewolf?”

“He was identified in the past, but that is irrelevant. All we need to do is find him and we will leave your pack alone. Vampire oath.”

“Seriously?” Koba spits. “A vampire oath? You just guaranteed that you will kill my pack after your done.”

There is a pause, and I imagine the vampire shrugs. “Your call, werewolf.” A sound of metal against metal shrieks from the inside. Koba groans loudly; he doesn't scream or yell.

It's obvious they hurt him. I have waited long enough. I search for my enchanted arrows. Soon after I find them, there are more noises in the room, but I can't identify them. I string three arrows in case there are three vamps in the room, and stand up quickly.

There are four in the room. Koba is tied against a chair, hunched over his midsection. One vampire, more than likely the one that was interrogating Koba, stands a few feet from the bound vampire. Two more stand at the entrance, and one vampire is peering through a small window that surveys the rest of the camp. Almost instantly I realign my arrows and shoot them through the glassless window.

I hit the first intended vampire. And the second. And the third. They all fall, gripping the spot they got hit. They all fall dead. The last vampire hisses loudly, and a knife appears in his hand. I hardly have time to react before he throws it at me.

I jump to my left. I don't know where the knife landed, but fortunately it didn't land on me. I run to the other side of my house, wielding my knife since I am out of arrows. I consider bursting through the entrance, but that and the window is to be expected. What's not expected? Coming through the very wall.

I sneak around until I think I see the vampire. Because the hut is more of a wooden fort, there is often a slit that is not covered. That is simply how the huts were built. Using these slits to my advantage and trying my best to not let the last vampire use it to his advantage, I find a moving object in the room. It has to be the vampire.

I tackle the wall like I would in Endasia Ball, splintering many of the wooden supports. It stops my momentum almost completely so I need to give another push before the wall gives in. A surprised vampire waits on the other side, and before I give him a chance to think, I stab the enchanted knife into his gut and kick his knife out of his reach.

A successful rescue mission.

“Very impressive Hunter,” groans Koba. Untie me, will you?” I silently cut his bonds, and he stands, clutching his fingers.

Only eight fingers.

Koba notices my stare. “It's how interrogation works,” he shrugs. He acts like it is no big deal. I have been questioned and physically attacked at the same time, but I have never lost body parts. That's cruel.

“Two of your fingers, Koba?” I ask. “Tell me that's not how interrogate usually works…”

“You never know with vampires,” Koba sighs. “Give me that cloth, would you?” I turn and grab the table cloth. I look in mirror on the wall, looking back at myself and Koba. Koba is fiercely grimacing, staring at his throbbing fingers. Koba is smart that way- he never show weakness to opponents or the people that follow him. Like a good leader.

I turn and hand him the cloth, which he wraps his hand in. I notice that he isn't grimacing anymore.

“Two things,” Koba says. “One, you have a knife in your shoulder.” Looking to my shoulder I see I do indeed have a knife there… Probably the one the vampire threw. So either I got awfully lucky and it only pierced the cloth, or my cloak is weapon resistant. I pull the knife out and throw it to my side.

“They were looking for you, Hunter,” Koba said.

“Me?” It is hardly a surprise…

“Yeah,” Koba said. “You're wanted by them. Supposedly, you killed a whole vampire pack single handedly. Does that ring a bell?”

“Not really,” I lie. In reality, I do remember. I remember when it happened, why it happened, and the person that died that caused my frenzy. I remember it all too well…

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