Origins of Hunter

Hunter Leemonex... Few werewolves in Endasia have a strange past. Most werewolves grow up in their pack, survive with their pack, and die in their pack. There are also werewolves such as Hunter, who only wish they had such a simple life. Hunter Leemonex is reminded of this past every day. What event could occur that would cause such distress in his life?

This is the story of Hunter Leemonex.
The story of the werewolf that was a part of the 'event' that seemingly killed his whole family.


5. Hermit Pierre

My eyes shoot open. The suns are just starting to rise. I lay there for a minute, thinking about my flashback. It makes my head hurt.

I get out of my very comfortable hammock, and I decide what I want to spend the day doing. Hunt again, perhaps? For some reason, even hunting doesn't sound good. That doesn't happen often, hunting has always been something I can look forward too. Target practice? There really isn't a purpose, the targets are rather easy.

I look over to my door frame. Here, I keep my to-do list, carved into the frame of the door. There are even some leaves hammered into the wall next to my entrance, leaves decorated with a painting or a card or something. This particular spot in my room holds my most fond memories.

There, on the top of the door frame, sits my mutant boar tusk. It was the first animal I killed when I came to the pack, very similar to initiation.

To the right of that sits the last arrowhead I used to get a perfect 45/45 at the archery range, which has never been done before. Now, however, I still hit 45/45, but I do it without anyone watching, with more challenges.

These challenges, such as a father shot or a log in the way, often ruins my perfect score, but I hardly care. I need the increased difficulty. I now shoot in secret, though, because I'm not fond of the praise I get from shooting. I guess that's because I tend to keep to myself.

On the wall next to my door sits a get well card from Koba, a friend of mine from the pack. A "seasons greetings" card for Tom, which he wrote as a joke. Supposedly humans write cards like this, which I will never understand. Seasons greetings? What, are the seasons sharing a meal with us?

Hammered to the door frame on the left hangs a card. I don't know why it catches my eye, it is a dull card in a poorly lit room. But I look at it, I don't remember where it's from.

It's a picture of a rock. Just a rock, lying on a hill. Frankly, this couldn't have been a more meaningless picture. On the back writes-

Twenty minutes South of your immediate location

(As the crow flies, of course)

Hermit Pierre

Fortune teller

Under this reads a quote he stole from the humans: "Come one, come all, to see the legendary fortune teller, Pierre!" He goes on writing about how great he is, and I stop reading. I have never liked someone that's big-headed. I've heard he is known all across Endasia.

I might as well go see a crazy hermit. I don't have anything better to do.

I grab my bow, quiver, and bag, as I do every day, and run to Koba to let him know where I'm going. If I go missing or black out, he needs to know where I went. I always do this, he is one of the only people I trust in the camp.

I avoid eye contact with the other werewolves, and they avoid eye contact with me. Everyone is on their way somewhere, everyone is focused. I don't disturb them.

I'm at Koba's shack in no time, since his shack is three houses down from mine. It's a little larger than the others, which makes sense because he is the leader. Koba's is the only room that can have two magic torches on it, instead of one like everyone else.

Magic torches are incredible, they emit this bright blue light only at night, and are completely harmless. They don't catch fire to the wood, which we find extremely useful, since our houses are completely made out of wood.

I open the door to find Koba with his head in a weapons cache. It contains bows and arrows, he must be taking inventory or something. If he is, he won't want to be disturbed. I'll make this brief.

"Hey Koba. Just so you know, I'm going to see Hermit Pierre. I'll be back tonight."

"Pierre?" Koba responds, taking his head out of the box. "He's quite a character. Alright, have fun." He examines an arrow. I start to leave, and he adds, "you know, I think Helen and Cassie were on the way there too. They left just an hour ago, maybe you could try to catch up."

"Sounds good," I smile. I don't know Cassie too well, but Helen I know well enough that her company will be enjoyed. Adventures like this are way more enjoyable with a friend to travel with. It is for me, at least.

Facing south, I turn into my wolf form and hold a fast face through the unmarked trail.

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