Origins of Hunter

Hunter Leemonex... Few werewolves in Endasia have a strange past. Most werewolves grow up in their pack, survive with their pack, and die in their pack. There are also werewolves such as Hunter, who only wish they had such a simple life. Hunter Leemonex is reminded of this past every day. What event could occur that would cause such distress in his life?

This is the story of Hunter Leemonex.
The story of the werewolf that was a part of the 'event' that seemingly killed his whole family.


15. Attempted Abscond (part-2)

I search for yet another place for my weight to stay for a moment. It does seem like we made the right choice leaving. Not to rub it in anyone's face or anything, but it is truly a relief that we decided to leave.

I take another step down. Peter and I are still two stories up. If I make a few more big steps, I will be willing to freefall to the ground. I have had experience rolling my falls so I don't break my ankles or do something weird with my knees, so a one story fall shouldn't kill me. Just a few more steps…

I become level with Peter, then I take two massive steps down onto bricks that stick out from Delta. I am near my jumping point. Moving my hand along the scratchy wall, I find a ledge that will hold my weight and I put more weight on it.

I hear a loud, grinding, creaking noise. I think it's the ledge, so I immediately take my hand off of it like it's a poisonous animal. I then realize it's not me, the sound is next to me. The sound is coming from whatever Peter is standing on.

Whatever Peter’s foot was on slips out from the building, and Peter begins freefalling. He only gasps. I regrab my ledge and extend my arm, frantically searching for anything I could to catch Peter. Anything of Peter, I can't let him fall…

I get a handful of his shirt. The momentum he has built from falling just a few feet is shocking, my muscles begin straining as my joints feel like they will come out of socket as I struggle to keep him from falling. I don't know if I can hold on.

“Grab someth…” My exasperated order gets cut off. It turns out Peter and I not falling was not a matter of me holding on to the ledge, our safety was dependent on if the ledge held onto the building. The ledge gives way, and a shower of dirt and stone and brick is rained on my face. This time, Peter and I both fall.

Peter and I are both completely silent, surprisingly aware that if we yell or scream we will certainly be caught. It's unfortunate, but I get dust in my eyes; I won't be able to roll. I really can't see at all. Actually, that is the most scary thing about falling blind; I don't know when I'm going to land.

I land like a sack of potatoes. I land on my right arm, and I instantly recognize it is broken. For whatever reason, even my ears start to ring. Bones all over my body begin to burn; I may have even trusted my ankle. Everything hurts.

I remain silent, aside from the moan I made just moments ago upon my landing. I use my left hand to wipe the dust from my eyes. Surely, the vampires know something is here…

I search for Peter. Where is he? Am I blind?

“Peter!” I whisper sharply. “Peter!” I hear groans. That must be a good sign… I think. I mean, at least he is alive.

I continue whispering his name. He continues groaning, so I just need to find him. I search until something stops me… A hole.

A hole the side of a body, about two feet deep. After this two feet, there is simply blackness… it's probably some kind of cavern or something.

“Peter?” I whisper into the hole, careful not to get too close. He groans in response. “Stay with me buddy…”

“Hunter…” He says, almost wheezing. “I think I broke some ribs, and I can't move…”

“It's going to be okay,” I assure him. “How deep are you? I can't see you…”

“I dunno…” He says, still wheezing. “Forty feet? I'm in a… I'm in one of the vampire tunnels. That or, or..” He swallows. “Or our underground escape route.”

“Alright, alright…” I press my temples. I look for anything I can drop down for him, but if I drop like a rope down then I would need to be down there to bring him back up, or tie him to the rope, which is an impossibility with my arm. But what else can I do? Whatever I do, I would have to go down there to get him. It is just a matter of finding a faster way?

“Hunter?” Peter calls.

“Yeah?” I respond, half paying attention.

“Please don't leave...” I stop and stare. Nobody has ever told me that. Now he isn't just breathing funny, he’s obviously choking back sobs. .

“Of course I won't. I'm not going anywhere.” I pause. I think I know what I have to do. But first I need to see exactly what I’m getting myself into. “Cover your eyes, I'm going to make this hole bigger.” I take daring steps onto the sides of the whole, causing dirt to fall into the hole, making it bigger.

It takes an entire minute, but the hole is much bigger, big enough I can see inside. I don't know where the vampires are, but I am going to take advantage of every moment I am given. I don't even waste time searching the sky for them, I am entirely focused on getting Peter out.

I see him, sprawled out on his back about thirty feet underneath the surface. It looks like this is a mine, since there are huge, thick support beams connecting the ground of the cave to the ceiling to prevent a cave in. If I had to guess, I would say since the place has been abandoned, the ceiling hasn't been reinforced in a long time, which is why it was so easy to break through.

Unfortunately, this better view only confirms my suspicions. I look for a vine or a rope, it seems like I’ll have to find a way with that… This seems so frustrating, is there any other way? Because I certainly can't think of any other way to make this work. Wait, wait, wait…

“Peter,” I say, suddenly energetic. “Can we take this tunnel to the exit?” Silence follows.

“Uh, it's a possibility…”

I don't bother looking for a vine or rope. I jump down. Tucking and rolling on my left shoulder instead do my right, I roll myself to my feet. Thirty feet is farther than it looks, it actually really hurt my ankles. But I can walk, so I am fine. I didn't even hurt my right arm.

I run to Peter. “Where are the vampires?” I ask begin helping him up.

“You think I… Ow, careful.. Ow! You think I know? We just… Agh..” Peter continues to collapse in my arms.

“Come on, Peter. Stay with me.”

He laughs pathetically, and it quickly turns into ‘ows’ and other sounds of pain. “Pains too great for me to black out… way too real..”

He collapses again, this time not even giving an effort to stand. I help him to the ground. I search his chest, then his ankles, knees, legs, arm, and neck.

I am no Doctor, but I can usually tell if something’s broken. I won't tell Peter this, but it seems like he broke two ribs, tore his quad, broke his ankle, and popped his knee out of joint… Not to mention anything else I haven't noticed. If he had only one of these it could be manageable… But he won't be doing any walking soon.

I am mostly afraid of his broken ribs. It sounds like they are collapsing on his lung, which is obviously life threatening. So what do I do? I can't drag him…

“Everything hurts…” Peter mutters. He coughs.

“Think..” I say to myself. “Think, think, think…” I pound my forehead with my fist as if that will help. I feel Peter’s eyes on me.

“I changed my… mind,” he says. “Go. There’s no point in dying here too.”

“Who said anything about dying?” I say, trying to sound him cheerful. Pretending to sound like I have a sliver of hope. I even believe it myself, I won't let Peter die. But deep inside, I am scared. Not for me, but for Peter.

“Well, I don't think I’m going anywhere,” he says, determined. He coughs again. He sounds exhausted.

“In that case, neither am I.”

“Take this,” he gives me a book. “No explanation… no explanation needed. Now run.” I take the book not to accept his order but to relieve his muscle of holding up the book.

“I'm not going anywhere, Peter. You helped me, now I help you.”

“Look at… look at me…” He pants. “I'm bleeding. I am not… going… anywhere.” I see where he is talking about. There is a small pool of blood behind his neck. I am afraid it is from his head, but I don't know for sure, and I can't move him to check.

“I'll find a way.” A screeching sound is head deeper inside of the tunnel… Despite my sharp eyes, I see nothing. No movement whatsoever. I want to ask them what took the vamps so long only to insult them, but in reality I am glad for all this bonus time. Just a little bit more time could do the job...

Do I drag him? No, that could kill him… do I leave him? That's a ridiculous thought… Stay here in the middle of the cave and fight back? No, no, no…

“I am going to help you on my back. It's gonna hurt, but you gotta bear with the pain.”

I crouch down and pull his arms around my neck. His lifeless body is heavy, but I will manage. I reposition his body so I can hold him up and run. I try to take careful, deliberate steps so he does not feel every step I take, but it is difficult while running. Thankfully, my ankle seems fine. My arm can barely hold Peter’s weight, but barely is good enough.

The screeching isn't that far behind me. It just gets louder and louder…

I am running in darkness now. I can't see five feet in front me. The screeching gets ever closer. I can't outrun them... I will have to hide against a wall, hoping they will pass.

I find a wall and set Peter down. He groans, which I see as a good sign. He isn't dead yet. I lean against the wall, trying to become part of the wall myself. I even scrape the wall so dirt falls on us, hopefully to give us some extra camouflage.

It is silent. I mean, aside from the screeching of the vampires. Suddenly, the screeching ceases. I don't dare breathe. I hear footsteps; a lot of them in rapid succession. I press my face against the dirt wall.

I count in my head as the I hear the footsteps approach. Worrying will only make it worse, counting at least will give me something to think about.








Something grabs me. I get pulled to my feet, and the something screeches in my ear.

They found us.

The screeching is deafening. All vampires begin screaming unison as if each one was on my shoulder. The tunnel itself is shaking, so much dirt is falling on top of us. I get bit in the shoulder. The pain is horrendous, but somehow no more painful than my arm or any other part of my body.

I hear Peter scream as I swat at the vampire, successfully getting it off my shoulder. I give it a good kick to the stomach and knock it to the floor. I hold my bitten and broken right shoulder with my left hand. The ceiling begins to cave in, but it really only gives me light to see what's going on.

Peter is still screaming, but not as loudly. It sounds like he is in a dream, like a half hearted scream. I know why. Peter lays on his back, two vampires lay hunched over him.

“Hunter…” He mouths, then his head goes limp.

Peter is dead.

Rage builds inside me. An indescribable rage, I have not the understanding nor the proper explanation to describe it.

I go into a frenzy. My injuries are not even inconveniences, they are unnoticeable. I kill the two vampires crouched over Peter. I don't get a good look at the body, I only see blood on his neck. Tens of vampires come at me at the same time. I slash and stab and dodge with legendary skill I never knew I had. I don't even know where I got the knife.

I kill, and kill, and kill. Four vampires jump at me, and I dodge all of them with incredible agility and kill two of them with a slash in the heart. More vampires run at me. I throw the knife at one, the knife completely going through the horrible creature. I hurdle a vampire as I sense something lunge at me from behind, so I kick it, connecting with the jaw of another vampire. More come. I slide between a vamps legs and jump up grabbing a vampire as a shield. I turn just in time for the vampire I'm holding to receive several knives to the chest. More lunge at me and I pull out my bow, firing as many arrows as I possibly can, never missing. I run out of arrows, but it doesn't faze me. I begin to use my fists, punching the vampire's chest, then kicking their knee, probably breaking it, then their uppercut their head. Nearly every uppercut I sent the vampire flying. More vamps lunge at me. I elbow one, use my right arm to hold a vampire's knife at bay, and flip over another lunging vampire, and complete a roundhouse kick to the side of the head to yet another vampire. I break the armed vampire’s elbow, pull the knife out of his hand, and stab him. More lunge. I elbow eyes, I break noses, I play brutal. Just like vampires do.

I fight my way towards wherever the vampires are coming from. As they come at me, I am the unstoppable force they meet. I kill everything. Hundreds of vampires are dead, and hundreds more come at me. Do I care? I couldn't care less. I could fight an entire vampire army right now and come out victorious. Nothing can stop me.

The screeching stops. The silence is such an odd noise.... No more vampires come at me, there are no more vampires left to kill. I stand motionless for a minute, finally accounting for everything that just happened.

Overcome with emotions, I fall to my knees and cry.

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