Origins of Hunter

Hunter Leemonex... Few werewolves in Endasia have a strange past. Most werewolves grow up in their pack, survive with their pack, and die in their pack. There are also werewolves such as Hunter, who only wish they had such a simple life. Hunter Leemonex is reminded of this past every day. What event could occur that would cause such distress in his life?

This is the story of Hunter Leemonex.
The story of the werewolf that was a part of the 'event' that seemingly killed his whole family.


14. Attempted Abscond (part-1)

Peter shakes me awake. I jerk upwards, and try to take in my dark surroundings. Without a doubt it’s night, there is only a small light coming from the windows, surely the moon. I readjust my focus to Peter.

“We need a new plan,” Peter whispers, nervously checking the windows.

“Why?” I ask. “Are the vampires here?”

“Well… yes. Actually, they live here.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I don't know how to explain it… But this is their home. They have a ground nest, at this camp. I don't think they will be too fond of us being here.”

I swing my legs out of bed and walk to the window. Peter is right behind me.

“They are down on the surface right now. I don't think they know we are here yet… But I don't know how long that will last. I'm afraid they will smell us and begin searching.” I peer out the window. It looks as though there is just normal villager activities going on; nobody looks threatening, everyone seems to be going somewhere. I try to count the number of vamps, but I lose track at 30. There are at least fifty vampires here, and I have a strong feeling there is many more submerged underground.

“What do we do?” I ask.

“Help me out with that…” He responds, applying force to his temples. “My reasoning is we could stay here, but I am sure they will either search this building eventually, or they will catch our scent… One way or another, we would be found right?”

“I don't know enough about vampires to answer that question…” I respond, never removing my eyes from the walking vampires at the ground. No no, they mine as well be statues. Expressionless, faceless, emotionless walking statues. I hate them already.

“I want to say, if they haven't found us yet, what are the chances they won't find us all night?” I ask, still in a low tone. “Then we could peace out in the morning.”

“But what if it just takes time for our scent to reach their noses or something stupid?” He says, obviously exasperated. “I don't know! How can we know? I feel like our lives are completely dependent on the fate of a coin flip. Because you know what they will do if they catch us?”

I stare blankly as a response.

“To put it simply, they will take their time killing us.” He takes a few steps away from the window. “Bite us, and they have a thing for blood, so they will take their time with that. Vamps usually do not complete clean, efficient kills.” That's great.

I give up trying to figure out the route the vampires walk. It doesn't seem like there is one. I turn, looking to see if there is anything in this room we can use to help us. We already searched all the cupboards though, and there is nothing lying around. We already searched the room, there's nothing here except for this enchanted arrow and a few personal belongings to Peter.

“Can we get on the roof?” I ask. “Maybe we can get somewhere from a higher vantage point or something.”

“Yeah, I guess… There is a secret entrance to the roof over there,” he gestures to the darkest corner of the room, “but it wouldn't do us any good. If anything it would get us caught quicker, since vamps are flying all over the place.”

I shake my head. Now I feel exasperated.

“We can stay, but we are sitting ducks, doing nothing but hope that we’ll make it till morning.” Peter says, eyes adrift, staring blankly into a wall.

“We could try to run our way out,” I add, “but there is a much greater chance they will catch us. I see your frustration.”

“Right. It's only a few hours after dusk, so we still have many few hours until sunrise. What is your vote?”

I purse my lips. Both options have a strong reason to go against it. But I have a feeling we will get caught eventually, one way or another, if we sit here.

“I vote we try to run for it,” I say, suddenly having some idea of what we have to do.

“You sure?”

“No. But doesn't it seem like the better of our two limited options?”

“I don't know…”

“I think we’re thinking about it too hard. Let's find a way down and get out of here.” Peter is silent for a moment.

“Fine. If that's the plan, then we obviously can't take the stairs down, so we’ll need to find another way down that doesn't lead to the center of the camp.”

“Some kind of back exit, maybe? Do you have one?”

“Well… I have no doubt we can't take our underground escape route, I'm sure it leads to even more vampires. Plus we would need to get to the bottom floor, and that's not happening without getting noticed. We can use the secret entrance to get to the roof, and then we can use the ladder out there to climb down the backside of Delta… How about that?”

“Lead the way,” I say, opening my hand like an usher showing someone to their seat. Peter walks to the dark corner of the room. He spends time searching for some switch or button or something, but to no avail. He gives up and sticks a knife in the wall, carving a far from perfect circle. Pulling it out, Peter then removes the whole wall, exposing a ladder to the other roof, safely surrounded on all sides with walls. Peter places his hand on the first rung of the ladder, pauses, and turns.

“Not that an explanation is necessary,” he says, “but we build this ladder so we can get to the roof by other means than of the stairs.”

“Interesting,” I say. He grabs onto a pole, pauses, then turns, obviously doubtful.

“Have your stuff?” He asks, trying to sound as casual as possible.

“Your nervous, aren't you?”

He scoffs. “Only within reason.”

“Then up the ladder, Nervous Nellie.”

“Don't call me that…” he mutters as he climbs up. I follow him. Even though I haven't made it all the way up the latter yet, I still see an occasional bat dance across the sky.

Peter disappears once he climbs onto the roof. I peek my head out from the ledge and search for him before I make any irrational decisions. I see him quickly, he is crouched against the wall farthest from the center of the town. This “roof” at one time must have been just another floor, because I can still see the remains of walls, wallpaper, and even some ceiling on one side.

He makes a hand motion to come over, so I make sure the sky is clear and sneak over to where he is. He peeks over the edge again as he speaks.

“The back ladder is gone. We will have to mountain climb it.”

“Got it.”

“No turning back.”

“I know. Let's go.”

“Hasty, are we?”

“More like the sooner we do this the less we have to think about what happens if we get caught.”

“Good point,” he says, taking yet another peek at the back wall.

“So let's quit procrastinating and do something, okay?” I say, partially kidding.

“You're the one supposed to be recovering from your trauma, not me…” he mutters under his breath, stepping on the other side of the wall.

I stare blankly for a moment. Peter’s parents were killed by vampires, it must be terrifying, and incredibly rage inducing, to know vampires are in his presence again. I have a feeling it is more scary than rage inducing for Peter, however.

I scan the sky. Nothing. I hop to the other side of the wall, gripping the ledge with my hands and begin to search blindly for something I can put my feet on. I find something I can't identify with my right foot and carefully put all my weight on it. It holds my weight. Peeking down, I see Peter is making his descent; he hasn't gotten far, and he looks terrified.

Honestly, I still don't get him. Back in Sormore he was the normal kid who simply was so normal; he wasn't adventurous or fit. Then he runs all night with me, barely losing his breath, and he seems to become the fearless warrior, using the simple kid as a cover for who he really was. But then there are times he is back to normal; scared, cautious… just, Peter, I guess.

Slowly, I make my way down to him. We are making incredibly slow progress, we are currently one fourth of the way to the bottom. His head is at the same level as my feet when I whisper to him:

“We’re gettin there, Pete,” I say. I know he's having a hard time with this, and I feel bad for teasing him about procrastinating and being nervous. “It won't be…” I get interrupted with voices inside the building.

“Someone was here,” someone hisses from inside the building we are against. Obviously a vampire.

“Who?” Someone responds. One of them takes a deep wiff of the air around them.

“Werewolves…” The vampires are in the room we just left. I don't listen any more. They continue talking, but I can't wait around and let them catch us. We need to get leave, we are running out of time.

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