Titanium (Assassin H.S) book 1 Of Red Flag

Allyson was one of the girls you didn't want to mess with she was an Assassin well training to be one. She never got hurt or anything she just wanted to be see

Harry leader of 'Red Flag' one of the most powerful Assassins group in the world, he needs a new girl in his team.

He picks Allyson
Allyson gets what she has always wanted

But it was going to be easy


3. Two

Allyson had just woken up the next day pain still coming from her right eye but she knew that couldn't stop her, Allyson could hear Harry shout and she wondered why he was shouting so she stood up and walked out of the room and past the training room to see everyone training but her, Allyson frowned and cleared her throat which made Harry turn.

"Allyson you are supposed to resting" Harry said to her.

"What's the point Harry?" Allyson said which made Harry frown.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"I mean that I shouldn't be resting just because I am hurt doesn't mean I should rest, you know Assassins give their life to protect everyone else" Allyson said.

"Look I know you want to help but you almost died and we need you to get your strength back" Harry said.

"Harry I can still fight with one eye" Allyson said, she wanted to keep training because she knew these Mafia men will get harder and harder to beat.

"Fine than fight Niall with both eyes closed" Harry said as he pushed me forward before placing a blindfold over my eyes, like Allyson would cheat anyway.

Harry helped Allyson into the ring and she couldn't help but smile she could finally use something she had learnt and helped her during Karate sometimes, as Harry yelled fight Allyson listened and waited for Niall to make the first move and of course he did, Allyson smiled and grabbed Niall's hand swinging him over her shoulder smashing him into the mat a groan leaving his mouth, Allyson kept waiting for Niall to move before she would strike and knew when he had enough, Allyson took off her blindfold to see everyone but Harry clap and cheer. Allyson walked out of the ring and made her way to Harry.

"That is what you all need to learn" Allyson said.

"I do what I fuckin light, and its your fault you got hurt!" Harry snapped.

"Well fine than Harry if you think its my fault then why did you save me huh? You fuckin dick" Allyson yelled and walked off before Harry had the chance to apologise for what he said, he didn't mean to say that.

Tamara got mad at Harry's comment and walked out of the gym to find Allyson who was in her room looking at her scar and trying so hard not to cry as the memories came back, she didn't see Jasna before it was too late and she had tried her best to fight him but she wasn't strong enough, Tamara knocked on Allyson's door which Allyson opened with a come in hoping it wasn't Harry.

"Sweetie are you okay?" Tamara asked.

Allyson faced Tamara and shook her head, Tamara was quick and wrapped her arms around Allyson's shoulders letting Allyson cry in her chest as she sat on her bed rubbing her back and telling her it was okay.

"Does everyone think it was my fault?" Allyson asked.

"No sweetie" Tamara said but how could Allyson believe her when the leader the person she has idolized told her it was her fault she got hurt.

"I fought the best I could Tamara, I did but he was stronger and-" "Shh... Allyson no one blames you okay I mean it could have happened to anyone" Tamara said cutting Allyson off, Allyson nodded and sat up apologizing for soaking Tamara's top and she didn't seem to mind.

Harry and Niall where talking to each other, Harry felt so bad for yelling at Allyson it was never Allyson's fault it was more his for not realizing Mafia crew would be there and making Allyson go through the roof, Niall rubbed Harry's back as he confessed his feelings about sometimes being a leader.

"Harry you are a good leader and we all say things we regret, but you saved us even Allyson you don't see it but everyone of us was saved by you" Niall said.

"I know I should tell Allyson the truth about my family" Harry said.

"Yes you should, you used the same one for all of us but its time to let Allyson know why you snap and care for her so much, we know you like her we can see it in your eyes" Niall said.

Harry smiled before walking off to Allyson and Bella's room knocking on the door lightly to see Tamara leave and give me a glare before walking back up to Niall.

"Come in Harry" Allyson said which Harry did closing the door behind him.

"I am sorry Allyson" Harry said before sitting down next to Allyson, "You were right how Assassins never give up, I guess I was scared of seeing you hurt again" Harry continued.

"Harry you look out for all your team mates and that makes you a good leader; we all make mistakes but are willing to try again until we get it right.  What happened to me wasn't your fault anyone could have gotten hurt and I thank you for being there with me" Allyson said.

Harry hugged Allyson tight and could feel Allyson hug back, Harry couldn't help but place his head on her shoulder taking a massive and deep breath making Allyson squeeze his shoulders telling him it was okay and she forgave him.

"I know its hard Harry" Allyson said.

"I know and I have to tell you something" Harry said pulling away.

"What is it?" Allyson asked.

"I lied to you about my parents" Harry said closing his eyes for a second making Allyson frown.

"What do you mean?" Allyson asked.

"My parents weren't Assassins, I wasn't an Assassin until I was 10 because my father was an abuser and I was just like you training everyday to become fit and strong, one day I snapped after he had hit my sisters so I hit him as hard as I could, I kept hitting until he was unconscious but my mother didn't like the idea that I had knocked out my father. She called me a monster and threw me out of the house and that is when I met Red Flag they took me in and raised me to become a stronger and a leader, everyone in my team was saved by mean or the original leaders of Red Flag" Harry said to Allyson finally letting her know of the truth.

"Technically Harry you didn't lie, you still grew up with Assassins and I'm sorry your mother did that to you after protecting her and stuff from the monster of a father, if I was her I would have been proud because you saved her and your sisters" Allyson said and Harry couldn't help but smile kissing her cheek softly.

"Come on its time to set up your training area" Harry said as he stood up, Allyson smiled and followed walking into the gym where she set everything up for her course.

The course was to only use your senses while you are blindfolded but Allyson was going to show everyone before they did everything, it was so if they were on a mission that you couldn't see you could use your other senses. Once everyone walked into the gym after Allyson called them she told them what was going to happen as well as showing them, Allyson took a massive breath before listening and waiting before moving with swifts moves, everyone was amazed by Allyson and her technique. 

Harry couldn't help but smile at every move she did it made Harry fall for her even more. Once Allyson finished showing everyone they all did what Allyson did trying their hardest but it will take time for them go get it.

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