Titanium (Assassin H.S) book 1 Of Red Flag

Allyson was one of the girls you didn't want to mess with she was an Assassin well training to be one. She never got hurt or anything she just wanted to be see

Harry leader of 'Red Flag' one of the most powerful Assassins group in the world, he needs a new girl in his team.

He picks Allyson
Allyson gets what she has always wanted

But it was going to be easy


1. Prologue



                                                                  Red Flag was the most powerful Assassin team of all time and it was Allyson's dream to be one of them, Allyson has always wanted to be come an Assassin ever since she was a little girl, her parents gave her up at the age of 1 because they couldn't take care of her anymore or they didn't want to so they gave her to a family that were never home which made Allyson wonder why. But Allyson was now 19 years of age and lives on her own, everyday she trains her heart out hoping she would be the next to join Red Flag, people laughed at her and told her she would never be able to join Red Flag because she wasn't as strong as them. Allyson was the type of girl who could do everything and anything, she was also one of those girls to push herself as hard as she could and try to reach her goals if she didn't, she would try again.

Allyson sighed to herself as she boxed with her person trainer Mike, Mike has been Allyson's person trainer for about 5 years and is always impressed by the way Allyson learns and her moves, Mike was holding up punching pads and she would hit and kick as hard as she could until her body told her no more, Allyson never gave in she was always gunning and always wanting to do more but sometimes that could be dangerous and Allyson knew that she just wanted to prove to everyone she could be who she wanted and not sit behind a couch and wondered what she could have done to make her dream come true. After her personal training lesson she arrived at her Karate practice where she saw Harry Styles the leader of Red Flag standing by the door and talking to her sensai, why was he here? How did he even know this place existed? 

Allyson took a deep breath as she got into the front row standing where she always did letting all the guys know she was in the house and ready to fight and show Harry what she is made of, Allyson might not look like the part but she can sure fight her way out of one and everyone was surprised at what she could do but Allyson was also her own person and never let anyone degrade her because she was a girl.

"Hello everyone, today we have Harry Styles the leader from Red Flag, he is here today to recruit one of you to his team, he wants someone with passion and knows how to fight, someone who will listen and be good in a team now lets all show him what we are made of" Jaime said.

Jaime was the sensi of the karate class they were all black belts but Allyson was the highest and everyone could beat her in a fight so this made all the boys scared and knowing they might lose the chance to become a member of Red Flag. Jaime had paired everyone so Allyson was fighting James, she knew what she needed to do, she needed to prove to Harry she was the one that he should pick, once Jaime had said Fight, everyone began to fight. Harry smiled as he watched Allyson as he took James down in 2 seconds without even touching his body or hurting him, he smiled because she knew what to do and when to do it. They all did rounds of everyone in the glass and Harry knew that Allyson was the one, he knew she was perfect for the team, as they stood back in line Harry clapped before smiling.

"I am impressed by all of you, everyone one of you are truly amazing but I can only pick one and that would be Allyson. Now boys don't get made, Allyson is the person I need to be in my team and you never know I may need more people to join my team but Allyson you are apart of Red Flag" Harry said while the boys grumbled until their breaths.

Allyson couldn't believe it her dream was coming true, she was now in Red Flag her long time goal has been achieved, Jaime clapped as he walked up to her bowing and she did the same thanking him for everything. Harry walked up to Allyson and put his hand out which Allyson grabbed shaking it softly but firmly smiling at Harry, he smiled again before letting go and heading outside to which Allyson followed hearing Harry talk on his phone telling a person of his team they had another member.

"You are coming with me" Harry said to Allyson as they stopped by a Land Rover.

"I have a car" Allyson said.

"It's alright I will get Louis one of my team mates to pick it up" Harry said as he got into the land-rover, Allyson nodded taking a deep breath before opening the door and sitting in the front passenger seat.

"You were really good Allyson, I have never seen anyone like you before well apart from myself but you are truly amazing, the way you took down those boys in 2 seconds wow" Harry said.

"Are you fan-girling over me?" Allyson asked.

"What? No I was just saying" He said has he handed her some files.

"What are these?" Allyson asked as she opened them.

"Your team mates, we have been watching you for a while Allyson I know it sounds crazy but Tamara one of the girls on our team saw you at the gym once and knew you were something special she we all watched you" Harry said to her as she looked at the files reading the names of everyone in the team.


Niall James Horan



Second In Charge



Louis William Tomlinson






Zayn Javaad Malik



Drawer for missions (not blueprint)

Bow and Arrows


Liam James Payne



Hacker and Computer science



Tamara Jayde Torres



Scout/computer technician



Bella Leah Summers



Deadly Assassin

Any she can find


Hanna Savannah Smyth



scout/ doctor



Savannah Louise Smyth (twin with Hanna)




None that she can use


Arianna Anna Grande



Personal trainer



Allyson and Harry had just arrived back at Red Flags house, it was a massive house 3 story with 24 aches of land, Allyson looked at the floor plan that was in one of the files, it had an infirmary and everything Assassins needed to train, get their weapons and become the best they could, Allyson smiled to herself again before Harry's voice cut her out of her thoughts.

"You Ready to meet you team mates?" Harry asked.

"Yeah I am Harry" Allyson said which made Harry smile as he walked up to the front door and unlocking it, Allyson followed him as he stepped into the house.

Allyson bit her lip as she looked at everything feeling her heartbreak as she saw pictures on the wall dedicated to all the deceased Assassins who gave their live to protect us from the Mafia Lords, the Mafia lords were one massive group of bag people you don't want to get involved with. They weren't what you thought drug dealers and stuff they were bad planning attacks on the government and trying to kill everyone in their sight, Red Flag was made to defeat these Mafia Lords to protect the innocent people that had nothing to do with the Mafia. The mafia were big and they mean big there are like 500 houses in England that are filled with Mafia gang members and the lords themselves and it was up to Red Flag to stop them.

"Everyone can you come down here" Harry called and a few minutes later 9 people appeared from up the stairs and faced Allyson. "Everyone this is Allyson she is the new member of Red Flag, I want you to make her feel welcome into the team" Harry said his voice was stern and eyebrows knotted.

Niall stepped forward sticking his hand out which Allyson shook, "Nice to meet you Allyson and welcome to Red Flag" Niall said in his thick Irish Accent, Allyson smiled and nodded as she pulled her hand away from Niall's.

"I am going to give Allyson a tour and then we will talk about the Mafia's we are killing" Harry said after everyone had introduced themselves to her.

Allyson followed Harry around the house, "How long have you been in Red Flag Harry?" Allyson asked.

"Basically all my life, my parents were members of the Assassin group and I guess I followed in their footsteps I remember wanting to be like them saving the world and here I am" Harry said, which made Allyson smile and stop in front of a room.

"This is your room you a sharing with Bella, she is such a sweetheart Bella is, she may be ferice but she is a sweetie we lost a member 3 months ago she gave up her life to save us" Harry said blinking away the tears that shined in this eyes.

"Thank you Harry for everything, picking me and making me feel welcome here" Allyson said.

"Hey we are all family once you join the Assassin team there is no getting out" Harry said which made Allyson smile and chuckle a little before saying goodnight and walking into the room.

 Allyson looked around the room taking everything in as she took deep breaths and turned around looking at everything and heard the door open to hear Bella's voice.

"Hi Allyson we brought you some things they are in the closet next to your bed" Bella said and Allyson turned smiling to her.

"Thank you" Allyson said and Bella smiled before walking into the bathroom with her pajyams.

Once Allyson was ready for bed, she slid into the blankets and drifting off to sleep smiling to herself as she knew than she was apart of Red Flag and will be for the rest of her life.

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