Titanium (Assassin H.S) book 1 Of Red Flag

Allyson was one of the girls you didn't want to mess with she was an Assassin well training to be one. She never got hurt or anything she just wanted to be see

Harry leader of 'Red Flag' one of the most powerful Assassins group in the world, he needs a new girl in his team.

He picks Allyson
Allyson gets what she has always wanted

But it was going to be easy


2. One

The next few days were hard for everyone, they were training as hard as they could for the mission they were going on. That's right they were going to defeat another Mafia lord and they are going to do anything in their power to make it happen, Allyson was in the gym training her butt off smiling every-time she went faster on the treadmill, Harry was leaning against the door and watching her train since she was the only one doing it everyone was just sitting around.

Once Allyson had finished the treadmill she looked at Harry and than the ring which made Harry nod taking his top off, Allyson couldn't help but stare at his abs, she shook her head and walked into the ring Harry following behind her. Once they were settled they smirked at each other before circling one another before he knew it Harry was on the ground in 2 seconds flat groaning in pain, Allyson smiled to herself but helped Harry up and heard claps from the door which made them turn

"Wow you are good" Tamara said.

"Thank you" Allyson said

"You are very strong" Harry said cracking his shoulder.

"Always have been" Allyson replied

When training finished Tamara and the girls hung out with Allyson and they seemed to get along great. It was nice for Allyson to have someone to talk to in the team, Allyson has always been alone and never knew what it was like to have friends now she has 10 of them which makes her happy. Allyson could hear Harry talking as she went into the kitchen to fetch her and the girls some drinks, Harry was talking about the mission and said he wanted me, Louis, Niall and himself to go into different parts of the house while everyone made sure it was okay before entering. Allyson mad her way upstairs and handed the girls the drinks before sitting back down.

"So Allyson why did you want to be like us?" Arianna asked.

"I always have been ever since I was a little girl I've always wanted to be one and I trained my but off every day. My adoptive parents were always out so I had the house to myself and I taught myself how to shoot and fight, than I joined the gym and Karate class to get fit and better at everything" Allyson said

They smiled softly and hugged her which of course Allyson gave back smiling like crazy.  She knows that these girls will be there for her until the end and Allyson loved that, she wanted friends who will stand by her and help her when she needs it and she would to the same to them. The boys and Harry were going over our plan for the mafia in the study downstairs there was two studies that they used.

"Alright boys this is what we got Louis, Allyson and I will enter the house at different angles, one on roof,  one front door and one back. Then there would be heavy people guarding the doors we must kill before ending up here the main office where Jasna is and we finish him off with everyone’s help. I also want Bella to hid in the vent until we signal her to come down with Hanna and we will leave the rest to them. We go in quietly and leave loudly so every Mafia knows that someone is out to get them" Harry said using the big table and used whatever he could get or use be us.

The boys nodded and marked their positions, so Allyson was going through the roof Harry just hopes she doesn't freeze everyone did on their first mission. Harry stood up and went to get the girls when he heard them giggling and laughing coming from the Tamara's room, Harry was happy that they were treating Allyson like any other person. Harry knocked on the door and everything died down before Hanna answered.

"Yes Harry" She said.

"We have a plan and we need to go it over you as well" Harry said.

The girls nodded and stood up walking out, Allyson coming out last. Harry walked behind the girls and we walked into the massive study where the boys were sitting and the girls soon followed and Harry told them what they were going to do and what their roles were. Everyone seemed to be fine but looks can be devising on everyone. Harry took a massive breath as he knew this was going to be a hard one but he knew deep down that they would pull it off together like they always did, after the meeting everyone had disappeared into rooms. Harry walked into the weaponry to see Arianna and Allyson shooting targets on the way, Allyson was using every weapon they had and Harry couldn't believe how good she was

"You need to learn to be stealth as you go through the roof" Harry said which made Arianna and Allyson jump.

"I know, Tamara is going to see if there is alarms" Allyson said.

Harry nodded and told them to go back to training which they did and of course he watched again, he wanted to know how good Allyson really was and hoping he made the right choice, Arianna had put the weaponry into a simulation for Allyson and Harry couldn't believe how good she was, she dodged and killed every man that showed up with red eyes and guns. Allyson stabbed or shot anyone that came in her way as she ran dodging the fake bullets, Harry knows that Allyson will be a great Assassin one day and he wants to be there when she is. He wants to love Allyson and hopes Allyson will feel the same way.




Red Flag had just arrived at Jansa's house, Jansna was the mafia lord they were after and he was one of the dangerous and hard ones, they were hiding in the bush as Liam and Tamara scanned for mafia crew there were some but they were far away but to get close without being recognized was easy they will have to jump from tree to tree which they did, Allyson was kind of scared since she had never done this king of thing before but she did it and kept up with everyone. Tamara and Liam were behind the bush giving us details about the house via their ear pieces, Tamara and Liam were techs and hackers which basically meant they can hack into any network to find the Mafia houses and the plans, they can also hack security cameras so if they are seen they can just wipe it off without being chased. Allyson watched in the tree as Harry killed the Mafia crew at the front before hand signaling it was okay for her to go, Allyson nodded and took a deep breath taking a big jump and landing on the roof almost falling off but caught her balance running to the glass window where she carefully cut a perfectly sized hole placing her harness on. 

She slowly and carefully went down into the house hoping not to make a sound when she reached the bottom she unclipped her harness which Bella grabbed as she also was on the roof, nodding to be before taking the harness back up. Allyson smiled to herself and ran down the corridor where some mafia crew members ran towards her, she did the best she could until she saw him Jasna. He smiled at her before they fought but unfortunately Allyson got her eye cut by Jasna, Allyson couldn't help but scream in pain, I watched as Harry ran up.

"Harry" Allyson whimpered as her legs gave way, Harry grabbed Allyson quickly and placed a cloth to her eye.

"Your going to be okay" Harry said softly, Allyson nodded whimpering slightly and her eyes began to close, "Stay with me Allyson, don't close you eyes come on" Harry whispered but Allyson fell into darkness.

Harry watched as Allyson closed her eyes and he called for back up which was Hanna and Bella, they ran past Harry and Allyson in a matter of seconds, Harry carefully and gently picked Allyson up walking outside to see Savannah waiting for us since Harry had also called Savannah and told her to be ready, Harry held Allyson's hand as Savannah checked her over, Harry didn't want to leave Allyson but he knew he had to get back to the mission.

"It's not deep but it will leave a scar" Savannah said

Harry nodded and kissed Allyson's forehead whispering an I'm sorry before looking back at Savannah.

"She is going to be alright and she is safe with me, go back to the mission Harry they need you" Savannah said.

"Harry go back in, Allyson is safe with me" Savannah said and I did

Harry nodded and ran back inside and this fired Harry up and when Harry is mad no one wants to be near him, he shot every Mafia member that came into his way not caring if they had families he wanted revenge on them for hurting Ally, he made it to the last door and opening it to reveal Jansa who was laughing the playing with the knife that had Allyson's blood on it, Jasna had looked up at Harry.

"Allyson fought pretty hard but I was faster and stronger" Jasna said standing up as Louis, Niall, Bella and Hanna came in and stood next to Harry.

Harry and Jasna both raised their guns, Jasna tried to shoot them but they dodged every bullet which made them smile as Jasna ran out, Hanna, Niall, Louis, and Harry fired at the same one in the heart and the other shoulder. Jasna dropped to the ground and they just watched before leaving the house and saw Savannah was cleaning up Allyson’s wound.

"She won't be able to see for a few days but other than that she is fine and an amazing fighter" Savannah said.

Harry nodded and picked Allyson up carrying her back to the car where he placed her in the front buckling her in, Harry got in the driver’s seat speeding down the road with the others following behind. Every second Harry would look over to see if Allyson was still breathing yes she was passed about but she had lost a lot of blood which made Harry fume inside because he knew this was his fault. When Red Flag got back to their house, everyone parked their cars and watched as Harry ran inside with Allyson in his arms, he didn't care he wanted to make sure she was going to be okay.

"Harry is she going to be alright?" Tamara asked her eyes shining with tears.

"Yeah she will" Harry said easing Tamara's worry.

Allyson was a beautiful girl, long wavy dyed blonde hair, beautiful sea blue eyes and a flawless skin. Harry ran his fingers over her scar as he laid her on the bed and felt so bad for her, if he had know there would be Mafia members near the roof he would have never let her gone down there in the first place.

"Harry" Bella said.

Harry turned around to see Bella standing in the door way, "What’s up?" he asked.

"We just go word that Jasna was wearing a bullet proof vest. It was fake blood and he has told every Mafia to raise their Mafia members so it's going to be even more difficult" Bella said.

"We have to as well then, we have to be stronger and faster than ever before tell everyone training tomorrow 6 am start. Allyson is staying out of training for a few days. I have new tactics for us that might help" Harry told Bella who nodded and walked out to tell the others.

I placed the white sheets over Allyson's sleeping body kissing her forehead again before walking out and leaving her to rest. Allyson opened her eyes to feel pain coming from her right eye but she couldn't work out why, Allyson stood up and looked around and didn't understand why she couldn't see out of her right but she could by her left, she tried walking out of her room only to bang into the door which made her groan in pain and heard Harry's voice.

"Ally you’re up" Harry said.

"You called me Ally" Allyson smiled and Harry nodded smiling a little

"You have to rest" Harry said

"Why can't I see out of my right eye?" Allyson asked as she freaked out.

"Hey shh calm down when Jasna cut your eye you were bleeding heavily but Savannah said you can see in a couple of days" Harry said taking Allyson back to her bed.

Allyson sighed as she sat down and heard him sit next to her, Harry couldn't let her know the Jasna was still alive otherwise Allyson will be even more freaked and Harry couldn't have that.

"Don't worry we killed Jasna and his men so you don't need to worry" Harry said .

 Later that night Harry kept a close eye on Allyson, he don't want anything else to happen to her. Harry smiled and sighed as he watched her sleep Harry couldn't help but yawn since he was tired but she wasn't going to stop looking after Allyson.

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