Power Of The Princess (H.S)

Angel was the Princess of the Moroi Clan but hasn't discovered anything about hsr powers
Harry was a prince from Baeva Clan and will do what ever it takes to keep his family and friends safe
When Angel is sent to the Beava realm Harry must protect her at all costs
Can Harry do it?
Or will everything crumble?
Read more to find out

Story Of Lust, Love, Passion and Death


1. One


                                                                  I was sitting against the window of my room looking out to the town with a book in my lap,  I loved to read it was one of the many things I could do. I am the vampire Princess and my life is harder than what people think, I have to make choices that are hard and I was only 16. I sighed to myself as I watched the leaves move against the unseen wind. I heard a soft knock on my door which I answered with a come in, I turned to see my parents walking in and they didn't look happy.

"What's wrong?" I asked them as I faced them

"The Gangrel clan has started to plan a war with us, Angel we are taking you to another realm where the Daeva clan lives and you must stay there until the war is over. You are the only person who can lead if we die, so we must protect you at all costs" Mother said gripping my dads arm.

I couldn't understand why but I had to do what my parents tell me to do, and besides maybe seeing other vampire clans may help me in the future. I packed a few things and headed out with my parents, we got to this gate I didn't know what it was until I saw on the other side a castle made of gold and all the villagers living in small huts, I couldn't help but smile.

"Prince Harry knows you are coming when you reach the castle knock three times and tell the guards who you are. They will know by your symbol" My father said kissing my left cheek before stepped backwards while my mother hugged me.

"Go now our darling we love you" Mother said before pulling away, I nodded and waved a gentle goodbye before walking through the gate.

It made my way through the village and people stared at me wondering who the hell I was, as I reached the doors of the castle I knocked three times to see man in silver armour open it.

"What can I do for you?" The man asked.

"I am here to see Prince Harry" I said and the man looked at me before stepping aside. 

"Right this way, Lord Harry is in his quarters I will take you there" the guard said closing the door before walking down the long corridor filled with paintings and their family tree.

We stood in front of a door the guardsman knocking.

"My lord there is a girl here to see you" The guardsman said through the door, I could hear Harry's feet shuffle against the ground before opening the door.

Harry looked at me and instantly knew who I was like my parents said, "Princess Angel you made it. Thank you Eric" Harry said to the guardsman named Eric.

Eric smiled and left the corridor, Harry stepped aside allowing me into his room. I took a deep breath and stepped in hearing the door close behind me.

"Welcome Princess Angel to the Daeva clan, your mother and father did a great thing sending you here, you are a member of my clan until you can return back to your home. I am the leader of this clan since my mother and father had past away, but to I go by Prince Harry or my lord. You Angel do not have to call me that, you will be treated with respect and be treated like on of us. You are allowed to command people below us like Warriors,  guardsman and helpers. Everything you do outaise the castle must go through me and your room is just across from me so if you need anything give me a shout" Harry said.

"Thank you Harry for letting me stay here on such short notice too" I said.

"No problem Angel" Harry said and walked out my room signaling me to follow so I did, Harry gave me a quick tour of the castle. "Also Angel dinner is at 7 every night we eating in the big dining hall" Harry said showing me the dining room. 

I nodded and kept my pace up with Harry, man he was a fast walker. Our last stop was the council room where they have meetings or want to discuss something in private. We entered the large study where everyone was waiting for Harry to introduce me... Why must I be introduced? Why is it only my clan that is fighting? I asked myself questions before Harry's voice dragged me out of it.

"Angel these are my warriors Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Yoshitaka Blake and Louis Tomlinson. Our guards Isaiah Wolff, Rosetta Drake, Serena Nicoletti, Vladimir Solomon,  Chris Blake and Archer Williams. My warriors and guards meet Princess Angel from the Moroi Clan" Harry said.

All at once I heard 'hi's' it was kind of weird to have all eyes on me, I didn't even know what to say so I stayed quiet and looked down a bit before hearing a little knock at the door.

"Come in" Harry said and a little girl walked in "Lux where is your mum?" Harry contuined on picking the little girl up.

"Mummy went to the village to get something for daddy, he no doing to well" Lux said.

Everyone left the room, did that mean me too even if I didn't I followed everyone out walking towards my room where I opened the door and closed it as I walked in and laid out the clothes I packed along with my book. I hated the fact I couldn't be there with my parents, I wanted to help them fight but I could see in my eyes they thought I wasn't ready but I am. I want to prove to my parents that I can fight and be the best queen ever.




I was in my room with Lux as she talked about what happened with her dad, it seems he was bitten by a Gangrel which means his body will change into what they are and nothing can save them. I fear the worst for Louise (Lou for short) and Lux, I couldn't bare it if they got killed, I wanted them to be safe called for Yoshitaka he was one of the best warriors there was and always wanted to help.  

A few minutes later I heard his knock on my bedroom down, I told him to come in.

"Yes Prince Harry" Yoshitaka said.

"Take Lux to the village to get her mother I want them brought back here and find them a spare room" I said.

"Yes of course Prince" Yoshitaka said and picked Lux up from my bed and walked out, I am the godfather of Lux, I love seeing Lux smile it makes me so happy.

I sighed and sat up on my bed and looked out of my bedroom window to see the sun setting in the west, I could tell all the animals were going to sleep and so were the little girls and boys who lived in the village bellow. I watched as the silver leaves on the trees began to glisten as the setting sun hit them. The green grass turning to a version of red and I couldn't help but smile, I never noticed how beautiful it was until a few days ago. I was hoping Yoshitaka, Lou and Lux were alright, I heard Lux's footsteps along with Lou's.

"Hazza!" Lux squealed outside my door, I stood up and opened it letting Lou and Lux in, "Thanks Yoshitaka,  you may go to your room" I continued

Yoshitaka nodded before he smiled and walked off, I closed the door behind me and hugged Lou. All she did was cry in my chest and I held her close,  kissing her forehead before pulling away.

"You can stay here in the castle, tonight you two sleep in here. Take the bed I'll sleep on the couch" I said

"Thank you Harry that means a lot" Lou said.

"Your like family to me, and I will do anything and everything for them" I said.

Lou smiled and laid down on the bed, Lux following after. I smiled at them kissing their foreheads before changing into my boxes and falling asleep on the couch. 


The next day I was sitting in the dining hall thinking about why the Gangrel started a war with the Moroi clan. Gangrel know Moroi are powerful and know they can't win so why did they declare a war with the Moroi's.

"Prince Harry there is a letter from Carly Fletcher" Vladimir said.

A letter from Angels mother, okay this is getting weirder by the second but I grabbed the note and told Vladimir to go which he did. I opened the note reading every word.

'Dear Prince Harry of Daeva,


I need you to look after my baby girl, she is all this realm has left, the Gangrel clan want her for her power. No one knows but Angel is the most powerful vampire in all the realms, she doesn't know this either, I need you to protect her and do anything possible to keep her calm. The Gangrel and us have started the war, it seems the Gangrel aren't dying and I fear the worst for us. Please Prince Harry protect my only daughter and show her the way of life, do not tell her any of this she can't know, not yet not until she is ready and you will know


Serenely from,


Queen Carly from the Moroi Clan'

My mouth dropped open, I couldn't believe Gangrel were winning, what is making them win? I sighed and put the note in my coat pocket and left it there. I heard the door open so I turned to see Angel walking in, she smiled and sat next to me. 

"Good Morning" I said

"Good Morning to you too" Angel replied and sat next to me

"Did you have a nice sleep?" I asked which Angel answered by a nod. 

I went over a few other things with Angel about the Clan, that everyone will protect her because she is different from us, some villagers don't like outsiders and they will do anything to make us believe that they did something wrong. Angel nodded slowly as I finished speaking, she was trying to understand everything and to understand why the villagers would hurt someone from a different Clan. The door opened again and the warriors walked in taking a seat at the table and ate the food on the table which the helpers set out for us. Helpers only come in when we need help that's why they are called helpers because we call them for help.  


Angel and I were in the weapon room training,  I want Angel to be ready for anything because here in this realm anything could happen. We have lost a few of our people to wild animals which we didn't think was possible, we were practising Combat and I have to say Angel was good,  she was fast and knew what I was going to do. I could see fire in her eyes which only a few people had who fought I had the same, Angel looked at me and blocked my moves I did at her grabbing my arm and throwing me onto the ground. I groaned and heard Angel gasp and kneel down beside me.

"I am so sorry Harry, did I hurt you?" Angel asked.

"No I am alright" I said and sat up winded a little, Angel rubbed my back and helped me stand. "Thanks Angel" I said giving her a small smile which she returned and nodded still giving my back rub as I got my breath back slowly.

"My father taught me to fight" Angel said.

"He did well than" I chuckle and stand with the help of Angel. "I think I am going to sit down for a bit" I continued and sat on a chair near the weights and took a drink after taking a deep breath which hurt a little.

Angel sat down next to me, "I hurt you didn't I" Angel said.

"Just a little, but I will be alright" I said and looked up at Angel who had an upset look on her face. "Angel its okay don't worry, I just know that you are very strong and have a great potential" I continued. 

Angel nodded and I gave her a short pat on the back before giving her a reassuring smile. I knew Angel felt bad but she didn't have to Combat training everyone gets hurt.



The whole day I stayed in the weapon room to train, its all I basically knew since my dad showed me what to do and I don't know what powers I have... Yet but hopefully I will soon, I am scared that I will be a Moroi without powers and that can't happen. I couldn't face Harry after hurting him the look on his face when he was winded scared me, I don't even have a feeder here either. The Moroi have a human called Feeder which means we can drink off them and they can leave any-time they want to We don't keep them against their will. 

"Dinner is ready" Zayn said as he walked in looking at me while I shook my head. 

"I am fine" I said and looked at the ground, I heard Zayn sigh.

"Harry told us what happened don't feel bad about yourself" Zayn said

"I do though I haven't hurt anyone before, I can't face him can you lie and say I'm sleeping please Zayn just this once" I said giving Zayn a pleading look.

"Fine this one time" He said and left the room, while I left quickly to my room when Harry caught me.

"Angel why aren't you in the dining hall?" Harry asked.

"I'm not hungry" I said only to be denied my my stomach which started to growl.

"Well your stomach says differently" Harry said.

"I am not hungry, I just want to go home" I said looking at the ground.

"Angel you can't and you know why, come and just eat please Angel" Harry said.

"No I can't" I said

Harry sighed and walked down the hall, his body disappearing as I walked into my room and grabbed my book and began to read taking my spot on the window seal like I do in my realm, I just wish I could help my parents but I know they can't and something is telling me they are in danger and I can't do anything to help them, I have to sit here and wonder how are they going and my future. 

That night while I was sleeping I was having a nightmare and it wasn't pretty.


I was running through the forest in a green dress and trying to get away way from someone,  I didn't have any shoes on and every time I ran over a stick I got cut by it. I kept looking back but nothing until someone stopped in front of me, i started to back away and turned to see more people come in the direction I was facing and I started to fight like Harry told me to do but nothing would work and I began to freak out. One of the men grabbed my pushing me to the ground while the others came and all I saw was a silver stake hit my body, I screamed in pain and the man was Harry but he had different eyes one blue and one red


End nightmare

I woke up and gasped for air sweat was pouring down my face,  Harry wouldn't kill me? Would he? I sat on the edge of my bed and felt hot tears stream down my face. Why did I dream that? Is that what's happening to my parents are they getting killed? I needed to see if they were okay but I knew that could never happen. I sighed to myself and laid back down until sleep came over me and this time it was a peaceful sleep. 



I looked up at the gold castle, I could smell her the Princess from the Moroi clan and I am going to make her mine and I do not care how long it takes I will marry her and take all of her power and kill her and no one can save her. I smirked evilly and put my hood on before disappearing into the night, I will make Harry hurt like he hurt me killing the love of my life in battle.

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