Save me From Myself

Dallas Trenket loves to sing but never shows anyone.She's into heavy metal music but loves brittish/irish boy band,One Direction at the same time.Is that weird? People constantly judge her for her looks,personality and muic.She tries to be a person who doesn't care but she just doesn't think she can.What happens when she auditions for the famous telivision show "The Singing Team" and stumbled apon One Direction as her mentors.Will they be able to break down her walls and save her from herself? Or will she lose the show and the boys forget all about her?


7. The Flat Of One Direction

Dallas's P.O.V

I gasp and happy tears fall from my eyes.It was the best house that I ever saw.I walked out of the foier and into the living room living-room-ideas-south-africa "Wow" I breath out.Tears flow after than a river down my cheeks."Aww don't cry love!" Liam says while hugging me."I don't deserve this!" I whisper."Yes you do" Harry says with tears in his eyes along with the other boys."We're so glad you're here with us" Niall says as he wipes tears away.They all give me a big hug as for now I'm full out crying."Hey let's show you our presents to you!" Zayn says."Here open mine first!" Liam says while handing me a box.I carefully open it and gasp."I can't believe it!" Thank you so much!" I yell as I hug Liam.The gift he gave me was a brand new apple laptop."Your welcome!" He says while hugging me back."My turn!" Louis yells."Close your eyes" he tells me.I do as told and shut my eyelids.He places something into my cupped hands.It felt like tiny bird legs."Take real good care of him" he tells me.I opened my eyes and saw a tiny plastic bird."Kevin!!!" I scream and hug the thing.They all laugh."Thank you! I tell Louis and I hug him.He smiles in response."Me next!" Harry yells."Here you go! He says as he hands me a box.I open the box and in the box are a bunch of bow ties.I hope you like them! Maybe you can wear them in our hair or you can just use them as decorations" he says while smiling."Thanks Hazza" I say as I hug him."My turn!" Zayn says while smiling.He hands me a jacket of his that has a z on it.I smile."I wore it in a photo shoot and I though it would keep you warm" he says."Thank you Zayn!" I say getting ready to hug him.He stops me."You still have 2 more!" He says as he hands me a box.I open the box and there's a brief case in there.I look at him unsure.He smiles wider.I unlock the box and am speechless.I see markers,crayons,map pencils,gel pens,ink pens,pencils and spray paint."Thank you so much!" I tell him.Then he hands me a huge square shaped item.It has a cloth covering the item.I take it off gently and it reveals a beautiful painting.It was a girl in a long purple dress on a case of stairs.Her long hair was covering her face.She was beautiful."Aww wow that's awesome!" I tell him."It's supposed to be you in a long purple dress I hope you like it" he says cheerfully."I love it! Thank you so much Zayn I say hugging him."Of course" he says kissing the top of my head."Now it's my time! Best for last!" Niall jokes.He hands me a big box that's really tall.I open the box and and very shocked."I hope you like it" he says grinning.I open the box carefully and I gently pull out the object.I gasp.He did NOT get me this."You did not!" I say shocked."Oh but I did" he says smirking.I stand up."Oh My God" I say flipping out.It's a guitar.He takes it out of the black case.The guitar was brown and black that was beautiful.Acoustic-Guitar-guitar."B-but Niall I don't even know how to play!" I tell him."Which is why" he hands me The guitar."I'm gonna teach you"he says finishing his sentence."Aww thanks Ni!" I tell him.He gives me a hug in response."Horan hug! I yell which makes us all laugh."Thank you all so much" I say hugging all of them."You're welcome love!" Louis replies."Hey,Dallas! We got something else for you too! Harry says."We're gonna help you decorate your new bedroom!" Liam says."But we put in your bed,bookshelves,a tv,and more!" Niall says. "alright close your eyes" Harry says as he cups his hands over my eyes.He leads me up the stairs and I almost trip.He makes sure that I don't fall and he leads me to a room."Alright 3.....2....1!" Harry yells as he takes his hands off my eyes.I gasp as I cover my mouth.It's the most beautiful room I've ever seen in my life!" I tell them."Do you like it?" Niall asks."No" I reply harshly.All the boys look hurt."I LOVE IT!" I scream as we all laugh."Alright we'll come here we want to show you something" Louis tells me.He leads me to the side of the room and points to a corner.It's a telephone booth.tears stream down my face(sorry guys I had to *cough cough* moments!") "It's a London telephone booths!" I say."really? Cause I though it was a plane!" Louis sarcastically replies being the sassy Louis he is which causes me to laugh.The booth is a bright shiny red color and actually has a phone inside."That's wicked cool!" I say."You can actually get inside" Harry says.I open the door and get inside the tiny box."Do you....notice anything about it" Zayn says with his voice trailing off.I tilt my head to the side in response and step out of the booth.Harry stands to the right side of the booth and Niall gets inside while holding the phone and making a pose while looking up.I give them bizarre looks then my facial expression changes."IS THIS THE EXACT SAME BOOTH YA'LL USED FOR THE PHOTO SHOOT FOR THE TAKE ME HOME ALBUM!?" I practically scream at them.They all just smile in response.I drop to my knees and tears fall I cover my face."Thank you" I mumble through my face which is help by my cupped hands.They all group hug me and we all laugh."So what should we do now?" Liam asks.I look at the time:8:30pm."Have sleepover!" Louis yells loudly."Ok,we can watch movies,play games and eat popcorn?" Liam asks."More like eat everything" I mumble.Niall picks me up with tears in his eyes and kisses my cheek."That's my girl!" Niall says as he puts me down and we all laugh."Alright guys so are we on for the sleepover! I'll make the popcorn,Louis,you get the games,Liam get all the deserts,drinks, and snacks,Zayn get the blankets and pillows,and Niall and Dallas pick out the movies" Harry tells us."Why can't I get the food?" Niall asks."If I let you get the food their won't be any food left" Harry tells him as we all laugh.We all go our separate ways and Niall led me to their movie selection.mountaineerlife.files.wordpress.c... "Holy crap" I say."What?" Niall asks."You have a lot of movies!" I tell them.He chuckles."Love,this is just a tiny section of movies,we have more over there" he points to the rows."That's awesome" I whisper."So what movies should we watch?" Louis asked."Umm how many should we pick?" I ask."Maybe 2" he says.I look though the sections and rows.I then see "This is Us" Really?" I say sarcastically as we both laugh."Ok you pick one" I tell him."No you're our guest YOU pick" he tells me."Kk!" I say in a voice that sounds like Cat from victorious."Hmm do you like School of rock?" I ask him."Oh yeah I love that one!" He says.I smile and pick it out."Have you seen Non-Stop?" I ask him."What's that?" He asks."You've never seen non-stop!?" I ask him.He nods his head no.I pick out the movie,smile and pull him back to the living room."Dallas,feel free to go where ever you want,there's food in the kitchen you can do ANYTHING" Harry tells me."Thank you" I say.He smiles in response."You know you're REALLY mature for your age" he tells me.I blush."Thank you!" I say."Oooh did the famous Dallas Trenket blush? Harry asks and I just laugh."So what movies are we gonna watch?" Louis asks sounding like a little kid."Umm school of rock and non-stop" I tell him."Oooh cool!" He says as we laugh."Alright popcorn's ready,along with pickles,ice cream,chocolate,sour patch kids,skittles,gummy bears,6 huge bottles of coke,and cotton candy" they say coming out with all of the food."Alright Liam and Harry! Thank you so much!" I tell them."You're welcome!" Liam says while Harry just smiles in response."Alright non stop or School of rock first?" I ask."Which is funnier?" Niall asks."Well non stop is like a mystery and School of Rock is comedy" I tell them."Non-Stop" they all say in unison.I put the DVD in and we all began watching the film."Wait Dallas what's it rated?" Liam asks."Pg-13" I reply.He sits up."Are you allowed to watch these movies?" Liam asks.I nod my head in response."Ok just checking" he says while smiling."We all watch the movie and they try to guess who the guy is."I knew it was him!"Niall says at the end."Niall,you thought he was the good guy!" I tell him as we all laugh."Alright now time for school of rock!" I tell them.I put in the movie and we all begin to watch.Niall burst out laughing at the scene where Jack Black stage dives and totally fails.His laugh is so contagious so we all started laughing.We were all laughing so hard the whole movie especially the part where he acts like he's Ned and then says "Hi this is Ned Shnebily" (sorry idk how to spell it.) We watched the movie and ate the rest of the food."Hey can you pass the candy?" I ask as Niall and grab a huge handful of sour patch kids.We finished the movie and they loved it.I pull out a breath mint from my pocket because I want one and Niall sees me."Oooh can I have one?" Niall practically yells."Sure" I say and hand him one."Us too?" The rest of the boys ask."I hand them all mints and we eat them peacefully."So what should we do now?"Louis asked."Take a selfie!" Liam yells which makes us all laugh."Seriously?" Zayn asks while Liam nods his head yes.I grab my new phone and get in between Niall and Louis.I take the picture of all of us smiling."Oooh let's all make fun poses!" Harry yells.The next one I stick my tongue out and close my left eye while Louis crosses his eyes,Liam winks really weirdly,Niall does a try to be sexy pose,Zayn makes a kissing face and Harry closes his eyes and shows his teeth.We take more photos and laugh as we look through them."Send them to me!" Liam says."I don't have your number!" I tell him."Oh here!" He says as he takes my phone and I'm assuming he puts in his number."Here put yours in too!" He says to the boys starting with Harry then to Louis then to Niall and then to Zayn.Zayn hands me back my phone and I smile at my new contacts and read them.Louis's is: is a sexy beast ;) Niall's is:Niall the blondie! Liam's is:Daddy Direction :D Zayn's is:Zayn :) and Harry's is:Hazza bear <3

Dallas's P.O.V

I lock my phone and look back at the boys.They all have their hands out with their phones.I grab Harry's phone first and enter:Dallas yo gurrrl! "don't look at it yet" I tell him as I give it back and he nods his head.I the do Louis's phone and type in:Sass queen Dallas ;) "Alright guys don't look at yours yet either,same for ya'll!" I tell them and hand Louis's phone back.Then I type in Liam's:Dallas #texasgirl and then for Niall's I put Princess Dallas <3 and for Zayn's I type:Dallas Texas! I hand them their phones back and wait for them to look.In unison,they all unlock their phones and immediately smile and I smile right back.They put their phones away and I pull out mine and send all the pics to their phones.They all get the pics and save them to their camera roll and then put their phones away again."So Dallas what do you want to do now?" Louis asks."Well I've always wanted to try something ever since I was a directioner."What is it?" Niall asks."I've always wanted to-Never mind I say shaking my head."Tell us!" Harry says."No,it's gonna be really awkward and it's stupid" I tell them."It won't be stupid!" Liam says."It's ok" I say."Tell us,Tell us,tell us,tell!" Louis starts to chant and the other boys join in."Ok,ok! But it's gonna be stupid and ya'll don't have to do it" I reply."Ok just say it!" Louis says."It's basically every directioners dream but I've always wanted one of you guys to be my first kiss,but don't worry I know it's stupid and I'm to young so it's fine" I say.They all go silent."I told you it's stupid" I mumble."Love of course we'll be your first kiss!" Liam says along with the other guys agreeing."Umm are you sure?" I asks."Of course!" Niall says."It's a good thing I had that breath mint" Louis says which makes us all crack up."Alright who do you want to kiss first?" Harry ask."Oh Gosh I don't know!" I tell them."Ok umm why don't we rock paper scissor over it!" Harry says to the guys.I watch them all play and Niall wins and the order from winning to loosing is:Niall,Liam,Zayn,Louis,and Harry."Alright come here" Niall says and I feel myself blush as I walk towards him."Turn off the tv!" Liam says and Harry turns it off."Alright Liam record it!" Louis says."What? No don't record it!" I say."Too late love say hi to the camera!" Liam says while filming on his phone."Hi" I mumble while looking down which makes the boys laugh."Alright so Dallas here,is gonna have her first kiss with Niall! And we're all gonna kiss her!" Louis says to Liam's phone."Everybody don't talk,or make a sound!" Louis says while concentrating on me and Niall."Zoom in!" Harry says while Liam gets closer and zooms on his phone."Ok everybody be quite" Louis says.Me and Niall lean in close."I've never done this" I whisper to Niall."Don't be nervous babe,just close your eyes and press your lips against mine" he whispers back."Ok" I whisper "Alright ready?" Niall asks and I nod my head yes."1" Niall counts."2..." I say."3!" We both say in unison.I push my lips towards Niall's and feel his soft lips come in contact with mine.I feel our lips move in sync and love the way his lips feel."After about 3 seconds we both pull away and me and Niall smile."Well how was it!?" Liam asks coming close to me with his camera."I liked it" I say with me head down and they all laugh."My turn!" Liam says and hands Louis his camera.Liam walks up to me and turns his head."Alright are you ready?" He asks.I nod my head yes and smile.He tilts his head to the side and leans in.He then moves my hair and holds it."Close your eyes" he whispers as I close my eyes and he presses his soft warm lips against mine.We kiss for about 3 seconds just like Niall's kiss and then break away."Me next!" Zayn says as Liam takes his camera back from Louis.Zayn walks over to me and picks me up."Wrap your legs around my waist" he says and I do as told.He leans in and we kiss for about 4 seconds and pull away.He gently sets me down and smiles.Louis comes up to me and gets on his knees and leans in towards me.I bend down a little and lean towards him.He kisses me and I smile through the kiss which makes him smile too.After 3 seconds we pull apart and I smile."Best for last!" Harry says as he walks towards me."Oh God Harry take it easy she's never kissed anyone before! "well she's already kissed you guys so I'm pretty sure she has" he says to the boys."Harry I don't really know if you should-He cut me off by slamming his lips on mine."I kissed back and counted."Mate I'm pretty sure sure she's out of breath!" Louis says and Harry pulls away.I breath in and out quietly and see Harry do the same."Well Dallas,you've kissed all 5 of us how does it feel?" Liam asks while focusing the camera on me.I just blushed bright red in response and the boys laughed."Alright Dallas,what now?" Louis asks."What time is it?" I ask them."3:24am" Liam says."How about we just talk and get to know each other" I said."Ok let's just sit in a circle and talk" Liam says.I sit on the floor and cross my legs and sit in between Zayn and Niall."Alright guys one of ask a question and all of us answer it" Liam says."Dallas,you go first" he tells me."Ok umm how old are ya'll?" I ask."22"Louis says."19" Harry replies."20" Zayn says." "20" Niall and Liam say in unison."13"I tell them."Alright what's your favorite food?" Harry asks."Chicken" Zayn says."chocolate!" Liam says."PIZZA!!!!" I yell which makes everyone laugh except Niall.We see tears fall from his face."Niall what's wrong?" Zayn asks."C-can we like adopt this child?" He asks while hugging me which makes us laugh. "don't worry Ni Ni,I'm here for 14 weeks" I say cheerfully while hugging him back."Ok so Niall,favorite food?" Liam asks."Well I'm guessing Dallas and I have the same favorite food" he says while winking at me and smiling."Mines tacos" Harry says cheerfully."Favorite movie?" Louis asks."Love Actually" Harry says."Toy Story!" Liam shouts."Facing The Giants" Zayn replies."Grease" Niall and Louis says."This is us" I mumble which makes us all laugh."Favorite animal" Zayn asks."Rabbit!" Louis yells."Why there so pointless" I like giraffes better" Niall says."Turtle" Liam says."Cats" Harry says smirking."Puppies" I tell them."A lion" Zayn says and we laugh."Favorite color" Liam asks."Orange" Harry says."black I say mysteriously."Blue" Zayn chimes in."Red" Louis says."GREEN!" Niall shouts."Purple" Liam exclaims.Then Niall's eyes light up."Dallas,can we give you a tour?" He asks."Sure!" I tell him."He stands up and takes my hand helping me up."Alright let's go!" Liam says as I follow them.So you've already seen our living room,the DVD rooms and you're room" Louis says."Now you're gonna get to see the rest!" Harry says cheerfully.They lead me upstairs past my room and I see 5 other rooms."So this is my roomE " Niall says opening the first door on the left."So here's the kitchen aka my favorite room" Niall says and I gigggle."aka? don't you mean A.K.A?" "NOPE!!!! He replies and we burst out laughing. .281hotsprings_kitche

"Wow it's beautiful" I say."That's what I say all the time!" Niall yells.We walk back into the living room and down some stairs."These are the stairs to the basement" Liam tells me. Magnificent-Renovating-a-Basem We walk down the stairs and the basement is very nice."Wow this is nice!" I tell them."Thank you love" Liam says.We walk into another room."This is the game room" Louis says.GameRoom

"It's awesome!" I say."I know right!?" Louis yells."So umm next this is umm our bar..." Liam says with his voice trailing

"Wow" I say not knowing what else to say."Ok so you CAN go in it but just please don't drink anything alcoholic."Ok" I say shaking my head in agreement."Ok so next is our laundry room if you need us to do your clothes-ask Liam." Harry interrupts Niall which makes us all laugh.We walk in and it's pretty big for a laundry room.traditional-laundry-room "You're welcome to do anything here" Louis says which makes me smile."Oh ok you're gonna love this next one" Harry tells me."One of our pools!" Louis shouts.My jaw drops as he jumps in."It's cold!" He shouts and climbs out with me laughing my head off.The pool is very pretty and the water is ba bright blue."It's so beautiful!" I say which makes them smile. "And that's just ONE of our pools" Liam says which makes us chuckle.Louis grabs a towel and quickly dries off and wraps the towel around his waist."So that's about it for the basement" Liam says."Oh what about Zayn's graffiti room?" Niall asks."Oh yeah ok so this is where Zayn spray paints" Liam says as we enter a room full of graffiti.

I gasp and cover my mouth."It's beautiful" I whisper."Thanks,love maybe you can help me on it."Are you serious!?" I ask."Ya,you're good with spay paint right?" He asks."Yeah my cousin spray paints and he taught me a little bit" I tell him."We're definitely gonna have to spray paint together some time" Zayn says while I just smile in response."Alright now you've seen all of the basement,let's go back to the first floor" Louis says.We go back up the stairs and end up back in the living room."Oh and one of the bathrooms is down the hall not to far from the living room."Kk thanks!" I say."Then outside the place we have a HUGE pool" Louis says.He takes me towards the window and I see a beautiful pool full of water.

"It's awesome!" I say."Maybe we can go swimming in it later this week" Harry says."Alright so next we have a workout room" Louis says.We walk away from the window and into a workout room that has everything from punching bags,and treadmills to yoga mats and exercise balls.

"And then we have some workout dvd's Liam says.I look at the section and smile."Ya'll have P90X I say."Yeah but we've never tried it" Harry says."Well maybe I can show ya'll how do to some of the exercises" I say.They nod their heads in agreement."Ok so now let's go up the stairs" Liam says.We get back to the living room and walk up some stairs to to 2nd floor."Ok so you've already seen your room" now come see ours!" Liam says."Who's first?" Louis asked."Umm well my door's right here" Niall says.He opens the door and I see his room.

"I like it" I tell him."Thank you" he says proudly."My turn!" Louis yells and pulls me to his room."Wow" I tell him."Thank you" he says smiling."Now me!" Zayn says and leads me towards his

"it's awesome!" I tell him."Thank you" he says and hugs me."Now my turn" Liam says."Cool" I say nodding my head yes as we walk out.Next thing I know I'm in Harry's bedroom."Nice" I tell him while he smiles."Alright so those are all the rooms except the bathrooms" Zayn tells me.They me more rooms like the theater,library,dining room,a dance room,storage room,over 3 bathrooms and so much more including a few spare rooms."Wow" I say."And you're welcome to do anything here" Louis tells me.We walk back down stairs and sit on the floor."What time is it?" I ask."4:38" Harry tells me."Alright let's get to know each other more" I tell them."Alright Dallas tell us an interesting fact about yourself" Liam tells me."Umm well I like One Direction" I laugh as they crack up."Tell me something interesting about you guys" I say."Well I'm the only left handed one in the band." Niall tells me.I gasp.I'm the only lefty in my family!" I exclaim and Niall gasp."Lefties!" We both yell in unison high giving each other with our left hand making everyone burst out laughing."So what are we doing tomorrow?" I ask them."Well it's a surprise" Louis says smirking."Please tell me!" I say."Nope!" Louis says popping the p."alright fine then other than the surprise what else are we doing?" I ask."Taking you some where" Niall says while smirking.I just grown in response with them laughing."We should probably get some sleep" Liam says."Or get something to eat."Niall says making me and the boys laugh but makes me laugh really hard considering the fact I'm loopy since it's like 4 in the morning."Yeah let's eat" I say."Niall stands up and links his arm out."Shall we?" He asks."Let's" I say smiling and linking my arm with his while we walk to the kitchen and both laugh.We get out 2 tubs of ice cream and forks."Why no spoons?" Niall asks.I point to a shaking Liam standing out of the kitchen."Plus it's the carrot 2010 way!" I say."Oh ok" he says and puts the spoons back and the rest of the boys come in the kitchen.Niall grabs 4 more tubs and hands everyone forks."What flavor is yours?" I ask Liam."Chocolate what about you?" He says."Birthday cake" I say.His eyes light up."Can I try some?" He asks."Sure" I say and slide him my tub.He takes his fork and eats a forkful out of my tub.

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