Save me From Myself

Dallas Trenket loves to sing but never shows anyone.She's into heavy metal music but loves brittish/irish boy band,One Direction at the same time.Is that weird? People constantly judge her for her looks,personality and muic.She tries to be a person who doesn't care but she just doesn't think she can.What happens when she auditions for the famous telivision show "The Singing Team" and stumbled apon One Direction as her mentors.Will they be able to break down her walls and save her from herself? Or will she lose the show and the boys forget all about her?


4. Tears,Goodbyes and Notes

Dallas's P.O.V

I woke up the next day wanting to do nothing but wait for tomorrow.I woke up around 10:30 in the morning and went to the living room,turned on Netflix,made oatmeal,and put on the show Chuck.Hours later it was 2:00 and my mom came home from work,and made me a tuna sandwich.Evanescence came and started licking my ankles.As I was done,I switched the tv to regular tv and put on the news for my mom.Drake came home from work around 5pm and didn't even talk to me.A week ago he yelled at me about what I post on Instagram and how I should just give up on meeting one direction.I grabbed a water bottle and say on the couch.Then someone knocked on the door.It was Scarlett.Drake hugged her and kissed her cheek."Hey come on in" he said.She was on summer break from college like how I was in summer break from school.Scarlett said hi and hugged everyone including me.I looked at the clock:6:00.It was close to getting to tonight.How was I gonna say goodbye? How could I do this? I went to my room and made sure I was alone.I took down all of my posters,all of my drawings,my pictures and everything on the walls.I put them in my packing bag.I had an idea.I took apart my loft bed,my vanity,my dresser,my book shelf,and all the wooden stuff and put it in boxes.I put everything in boxes and put my posters in my backpack.By time I was done it was 10:00 at night.Luckily my sister was sleeping on the couch and hadn't been in our room yet.Everyone was asleep and I was on my iPod touch until 1:00 in the morning.Then my brother,Cody got home from work around 2 in the morning."Hey umm Cody,I love you very much" I tell him."Kid I love ya too" he replies."You umm night not see me for a long time" I tell him."What!? Why!?" He asks."Promise not to tell?" I ask him."Promise" he replies."I promise" he says."I'm the chosen one for the singing team,and One Direction are gonna be my mentors" I whisper quietly.He throws his head up."I was mad at first but I rethought it and that's awesome Dallas.I'm honestly proud of you"He pauses."Wait you're gonna be staying with One Direction in a flat for 14 weeks?" He asks.I nod my head yes.He sighs and hugs me."I trust you" he whispers.If anything happens,call me" he says."When are you leaving? He asks.I swallow hard."Today at 10:00am.I lie to him.Tears start to flow down his cheeks."Ok umm I love you goodnight" he tells me."Goodnight love you too" "Wait where's their flat?" He asks."L.A" I tell him.More tears roll down his cheeks."Ok,goodnight and good luck,love you" "g'night,thank you,love you too" I say as I hug him.We pull apart and I go to my room.All my things are packed up in boxes and my wall looks so plain.It's 2:45 and I have an idea.I grab 5 sheets of paper and write letters to each family member.I then feel something licking my ankle.Evanescence.I chuckle as I write the letters.I take my time on each and everyone of them.I read each letter carefully.

Drake,I overheard you facetiming Scarlett and heard everything.I want you to know that what you said really hurt me but eventually I'll get over it right?That's what I've been doing for the past years.One day I'll forgive you and won't be mad anymore.I'll be the 12 year old sister that you won't fight with that much anymore.I'm sorry but I just have to leave,clear my head,not focus on anything but my world.I really hope you understand that one day I'll come back,and I'll be changed.Thanks for being a great older brother-Dallas

Cody,I want you to know that I'll be really careful while I'm there.Thank you for understanding so much.I really need a break from my life and this is a great little "vacation getaway' I'll be sure to practice my beatboxing and I will try and get better haha.If you want I can post pics and videos on Instagram so you can see me.Think of me going to meet up with my friends in L.A.I'll beatbox with one of the band members known as Liam Payne.Thank you so much Cody-Dallas

Dad,I'll miss you and if you get worried about me,just talk to Cody,he understands-Dallas

Mom,thank you so much for understanding.This is a once in a lifetime chance and the greatest opportunity of all time.I"ll try and call you when I can,thank you so much for everything and for being a great mom-Dallas

Sparrow,Thank you so much for always being there for me but I really need this.I don't think you understand what these boys have done for me,I just love them with all my heart.I"ll miss you-Dallas

I finished writing all the letters tears flew down my face.I put them all in envelopes and wrote each of their names on their letter.I got another piece of paper out and wrote:ROOM'S ALL YOURS.In all capitol letters.I went into my room and taped it on my wall.Everything was in boxes and my walls were empty.I then got one last piece of paper and went into my room.It said:Went with One Direction.I taped it on the inside side of my door and walked out.I checked the time:3:25am.I went to my room,took a shower,put on the only outfit in my closet which was a blue/white shirt that was very country and some dark blue short shorts.Then I simply brushed my hair to the side which made it look emo,just the way I liked it.I went into the couch and turned on Chuck on Netflix.When it was over I went to my room,grabbed my bag,and thew it outside so nobody would suspect anything.I quickly got back inside and saw Evanescence looking at me like she wanted me too stay.I played with her for a while which basically wore her out.I went to the fridge and grabbed my Starbucks latte..Tears roll down my cheeks as I look down at the ground.I throw on my jacked up coverse that had writing on them.

I ran outside quietly shutting the door behind me.I already emailed Simon for them to pick me up earlier around four,luckily he agreed not questioning why.I suddenly heard a car honk and started walking towards the black van.It was so dark outside I almost didn't see it,I started walking towards it when something happened.

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