Save me From Myself

Dallas Trenket loves to sing but never shows anyone.She's into heavy metal music but loves brittish/irish boy band,One Direction at the same time.Is that weird? People constantly judge her for her looks,personality and muic.She tries to be a person who doesn't care but she just doesn't think she can.What happens when she auditions for the famous telivision show "The Singing Team" and stumbled apon One Direction as her mentors.Will they be able to break down her walls and save her from herself? Or will she lose the show and the boys forget all about her?


6. Shopping With 5 Boys

Dallas's P.O.V

"Anything" they all said in unison.I just smiled."Ok Umm let's go to Forever 21! I say and lead the boys to the store.I see a cute plaid shirt.I give the shirt to Harry and he puts it in the shopping basket.I then see huge rack full of clothes with One Direction references.I smirk to myself,grab one of each and throw them in the basket without them looking.I see a pierce the veil shirt that has blue and black letters on them and I put it in the basket.Then I see skinny jeans of all different colors.I grab red,blue,peach and a purpleish color of skinny jeans.Then I grab 4 pairs of booty shorts and put it all in the basket.Then I also get a pack of 100 nail polishes for like 20 bucks."Your total is 187.35" she tells the boys.Harry takes out his wallet and throws down a two hundred dollar bill and recives his change."Thank you so much!" I tell the boys."You're welcome" they all reply."All right where to now?" Louis asks."What!? I though just one store was enough!" I tell them."They all start laughing LOUD."Dallas,we're gonna make you have the time of your life,buy you anything,do whatever you want.We want you the best time ever" Niall says too me."Thank you so much" I tell them with happy tears in my eyes."Awww!" They all respond and hug me."Now we're gonna go get you a new phone!" Harry says.I start choking."What!?" I ask.They just pull me into an apple product store and lead me to the phone section."Babe...this is a piece of crap" Louis chuckles."But my phone is perfectly fine!" He scoffs taking my 60 dollar Walmart phone,throws it on the ground,and steps on it smashing it to bits and pieces.I gasp as he removes his foot and I see the parts everywhere.He scoops up the SIM card and places it in my hand."Now you don't" he smirks at me and I'm in total shock to even say anything as Harry picks up the pieces,puts them in a bag and hands it to me."Now what phone would you like?" Louis asked me.I don't know!" I tell him."Can we see the iPhone color one,in" he stops."What color? He whispered to me."Blue" I tell him."Blue!" He finishes his sentence.The man brings out a blue iPhone c. "Thank you so much!" I tell the boys."You're welcome love!" Harry tells me."Where to now?" Niall asked."Umm that store" I say pointing to Charlotte Russe."You're such a girl!" Harry says while rolling his eyes playfully."What,you'd expect me to be a boy!?" I ask.We walk into the store and I see a purple tank top and take it off the rack.I don't see anymore clothes that I like.I walk up to the cash register and see about a 16 year old girl."Will that be all?" She asked me.I nods my head yes."12.45" she says.Niall gets his wallet out and gives her a 20.She hands him his change and the tank top in a bag."Alright I think I'm good" I tell the boys."Pshhh aww nah gurl!!!" Louis says being the sassy Louis he is."What?" I ask him."We gotta get you more clothes,and all that girly crap." He tells me which causes Liam to laugh."Alright Umm I guess Victoria's Secret" I tell them.We walk into the store and pick out 16 pairs of underwear and 12 bras and 4 pairs of swimsuits.Then we go to pay."Hey Dallas should we get you these!?" Louis says holding up a box of tampons and my face turned bright red.Everyone in the store was looking at Louis like he was insane.He shrugs and puts them in the basket."Sir I will personally have you escorted out" the girl says at the register."Sweetie do you know him?" She asks me and I can hear Niall walk out of the store laughing."Oh no he's my brother" I lie and smile and she slowly nods.Harry stepped in and payed the amount of money which was 136.76."Thank you so much" I tell Harry hugging him and he hugs me back."Pervert" I hear the girl mumble.As we walk out I see Louis flip off the girl and I laugh way to hard.We walk into Walmart and I see an iTunes gift card."Is it ok if I get one?" I ask the boys."Sure!" Louis yelled."Sure take 10!" Niall said and grabbed about 10 of them of the rack.I walk to the back and grab a box of pads and run back.I go to my own register."Hey Dallas,throw it in with our stuff we'll bye it" Louis yells."Umm no thanks" I tell him" c'mon Dallas!" He yells again."I'm buying pads!" I yell at them though my gritted teeth.He quickly runs away laughing and I playfully roll my eyes.After I pay for the pads I go back with they boys and they finish paying for the rest of my stuff which includes a notebook,map pencils,a one direction bed sheet,pillows,shampoo,conditioner,a toothbrush,some new makeup,and a hair dryer."Thank you!" I tell the boys.They all hug me.We walk out of the store and see Steven with the limo.We wall walk in and this time I sit in between Liam and Zayn while Niall sits across from me and Harry and Louis are besides him."Hey we have you some presents at our house!" Liam tells me."What!?" Guys that's insane you've already bought me stuff! It's ok ok!" I try to protest."Nope! We were just so exited that we bought you a few gifts cause you're gonna be staying here for 14 weeks!" Louis says."And we have a suprise!" Liam says.We pull up into a gated area and I see a huge flat that has 5 cars in the driveway and now 6 because of the limo.I began to cry."Whst's wrong love?" Harry asks.i start to laugh while crying."I'm gonna be staying with One Direction." I say with happiness in my voice.I start to laugh like a maniac."I'm staying with one direction! I say with tears rollin down me cheeks hugging the boys."We're glad to have you!" Liam says and I smile.We get out of the limo and get the shopping bags,plus my bag that I packed,and all the boys bags."Bye Steven!" We all yell as he waves and drives off.The house was beautiful."Oh my God this is awesome" I whisper."Umm Dallas,this is just the outside!" Louis says laughing."You should see Opera's house!" Liam yells which causes all of us to laugh."We'll are you ready to see your new home?" Niall asks me."Yup!" I say excitedly.Harry gets his house key out and unlocks the door.He opens the door for me and then the rest of the boys walk in."Wow" I gasp.This was gonna be the best time of my life!

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