Save me From Myself

Dallas Trenket loves to sing but never shows anyone.She's into heavy metal music but loves brittish/irish boy band,One Direction at the same time.Is that weird? People constantly judge her for her looks,personality and muic.She tries to be a person who doesn't care but she just doesn't think she can.What happens when she auditions for the famous telivision show "The Singing Team" and stumbled apon One Direction as her mentors.Will they be able to break down her walls and save her from herself? Or will she lose the show and the boys forget all about her?


5. Meet The Band

Dallas's P.O.V

I ran outside with my bag and saw a huge black van.As I got to the van Harry freakin Styles walked out.Okay,this is it.It was going to be a magic moment,I was gonna smile,we we're gonna laugh and it's gonna be my fairytail.I looked up and took a drink of my Starbucks not watching where I was going."SPLASH!" I just freakin spilled coffee on my hero."Oh My god! I'm so freakin sorry!" I said covering my mouth."I'm so so so sorry" I say."It's ok love! Don't worry about it!" He says taking off his jacket a I wipe it trying to get the coffee off."I'm so sorry" I repeat and he smiles."Babe it's ok" he tells me and I nod with tears in my eyes."He lifts up my chin."Hey baby,it's ok!" He says and I wipe my eyes."You must be Dallas" he says too me taking my hand and leading me to the back door of the van."Yes,it's a pleasure too meet" I say too him looking down not looking him in the eye"Oh thank you,you have such an amazing voice" he tells me and I thank him."Alright so I'll take your bag and you can sit next to Niall" he says as he takes my bag.I get in the van and sit in the seat which has Niall sitting next too me."Hi Dallas! I'm Niall!" He says."It's really nice too meet you!" I tell him smiling and he smiles back."Hello,love I'm Liam" Liam says too me from behind me and I turn around."Hi" I whisper."Hey babe,I'm Zayn" Zayn says to me sitting next to Liam."Hey,darling! I'm Louis!" Louis says from behind the wheel."Hi" Alright so Dallas when we saw your video we knew you were the one" Harry says too me."Hi"So since you won out of the other girls,you're gonna be staying with us for 14 weeks" Liam says which makes me smile really big."So we're gonna get to know you this weekend.Since today is Friday,we're probably just gonna get to hang out with you and get to know you,Then on Monday you're gonna start practicing singing and we're gonna mentor you" Niall says.I slowly lean back before I knock out on Niall.

"Love wake up" Liam says."Mhmm I had this amazing dream that I met the boys and they were really hot"I tell my sister and I hear THE boys laughing.I shoot up which makes my head spin."You passed out Dallas" "Oh gosh I'm sorry" I slowly recover and they continue with explaining"Then on Friday you're gonna have you're first show,and then on Saturday we can just chill and get ready for the week" Zayn tells me."Ok sounds good to me" I say to them."We're gonna have an amazing time together!" Harry says and I all smile."Thank you,it's an honor to meet ya'll" I say and I hear Niall and Liam giggle."You seriously say ya'll!?" Niall asks."Ya" I chuckle."You have an accent!!!Liam says."I'm a southern girl"" I say laughing which makes us all laugh.I still never looked any of them in the eye.Then all of a sudden tears fall from my eyes and I start crying."What's wrong,love?" Harry asks concerned."I-just can't believe I'm here with ya'll,I love y'all so much and I'm just so happy" I say."Aww we love you too!!!" Niall says and hugs me."Horan hug!" I say which makes Niall laugh."Are you hungry love,we can stop and get something" Liam says."uh n-no I'm ok" I stutter out.Then all of a sudden my stomach growls really loud and Louis laughs."Where do you want to get food,love" Louis asks me."N-no where I'm ok" I tell them."Dallas,you're clearly hungry,c'mon what do you want?" Louis asks me."Nothing"I say in my best lying voice and my stomach growls again."Darling,why don't want you want to eat?" Niall asks."Umm we'll the truth is I don't like to eat" I say and Niall gasps."Please eat I'm begging!" Niall says.I sigh."Fine" I breathe out and the boys cheer."What would you like?" Louis asks."Umm Pizza!" I say.Niall hugs me tight."God,I love this kid already"Niall says and I smile."Aww I love you too Niall!" I say while tapping his nose with my finger and he smiles."We get to the Little Ceasars drive through and Louis orders."What type of pizza would you like" he asks me."Umm hawaiian I respond."Hi can I can u get 3 cheese pizzas and 1 Hawaiian?" He says more of a question and I do my best to not laugh."Your total is 20.15 please pull up.Louis drives up and accidentally drives up to far."Umm sir" the lady says trying to get him."Sorry he apologizes and pulls back too far."Sir!" The lady yells and does her hand trying to guide him like a flag with me and the rest of the boys dying of laughter and Liam is still filming.He finally gets too the window and the girl is trying not to laugh."Here's your pizzas sir" she says."Thank you" Louis says in a fake American accent which makes me laugh.He pays her and we drive off."What's Hawaiian pizza!?" Louis asks with the rest of the boys agreeing."This" I then open the box."Is Hawaiian pizza" I say finishing my sentence."It has pineapple and ham" I tell them."Ooooh" they all say.We all began to eat and then Louis spoke up."Oh Dallas,I forgot to tell you we're going to the airport and get on a flight to L.A" he tells me with a mouthful of pizza.I nod my head in relief,my family would never find me.After we're all done eating we get to the airport.They get all the bags including mine and we walk in.We get in the airport and get on the plane.The plane has 'One Direction' written on the side.I gasp."That's so awesome" I tell them."Thanks,Love" Niall says and I just smile."We get on the plane and I gasp.It had a living room."This is an awesome plane!" I tell them and they smile.We get on and I sit in the first seat I see and all the boys rush over to sit next to me and they tackle each other and Niall wins."Heyyy" he says casually while trying to laugh."Why don't we just sit on the floor" I ask and Niall frowns as the rest of the boys cheer.The plane takes off and we get in the sky."So what should we do?" Louis asks."Can I draw ya'll?" I ask them."Sure" Louis says.They all make a pose as I take out my notebook.After about 2 hours I'm finally done."Can we see it now?" Harry asks through his posing face."Yup!" I say and they fall dramatically. "Wow"Louis says."Oh My god you're amazing!" Zayn tells me and all the boys agree."Thank you so much" I say smiling.Can we see some of your other drawings?" Harry asks. "sure" I say smiling.I show a couple more drawings and then I remember I drew a depressing picture.I tried too hurry and close the book but Harry put his hand there and opened it and looked at it.In the picture it had 2 hands holding on to each other.On the bottom it had names like "Unwanted,fat,stupid,ugly,emo,freak" and then it had red lines that we're supposed to be self harm cuts.Then on the other hand that was holding into that hand had the names "Harry,Louis,Liam,Niall,Zayn" It also it had 2 birds,4 arrows,a butterfly,a cup of tea and more (their tattoos) and then it had songs by One Direction.As they saw the picture they had tears in their eyes."L-love do you c-cut?" Harry asks.I don't say anything but stare blankly at nothing with tears streaming down my face."Yes" I finally whisper.They all start crying and hugging me.L-Love it's gonna be ok just look at us" Liam says.For the first time I look them in the eye with tears flowing down my cheeks.

Harry's P.O.V

She looked us in the eye,and I could tell she has a story and a past.We're gonna make her have the best time of her life here,we'll always be here for her,cause from here on out,This little girl is gonna be my pride,joy,and number 1 priority on this new show.I'm gonna make her have a good time.

Louis's P.O.V

I can't believe this poor little thing cuts.I'm gonna make sure she's gonna have a super fun time here and make her forget all about her past.She is gonna have such a good time here,and I want her too never cut again,be happy,and I want her to know that we're here for her.

Zayn's P.O.V

This girl is gonna have the best time of her life.It's not her fault for cutting,it's the people who made her cut.I can tell she's insecure about herself,so I'm gonna turn that COMPLETELY around and I'm gonna make her absolutely love every single freakin about her beautiful self.

Liam's P.O.V

Dallas is gonna have the best time here,we're gonna treat her like royalty.Anything she needs,anything she wants,we will get,because she deserves so much better than putting blades in her skin and leaving scars.She is so beautiful and we're gonna make her learn that she is needed,that she is loved, and we're always gonna be here for her.

Niall's P.OV

She finally looked in ours eyes.Even though they were full of tears,fear and,loneliness,she was the most beautiful girl I've seen.We're gonna make her have a great time.Anything she wants we'll get,I want her to forget about her past,live in the present,and love her future.

Dallas's P.O.V

They all hugged me and told me it was gonna be alright."Baby,are you ok?" Liam asks.I nod my head yes with tears still in my eyes.I hug them again,and tell them thank you.Soon I fall asleep along with Zayn and Niall."Babe.Babe!" Harry wakes me up shaking me."Mmhm?" I ask sleepily."Look!" He points out the window.He pushes me to lean on his lap and I nervously do so.I see a far view of the Hollywood sign.I gasp at the sight."Aww! Harry it's beautiful!" I say snapping a pic with my phone.Later the plane landed and we all got up.They all got their own bags and Harry carried mine but I carried my journal and pencil case.We left the gate and went to the guy with the sign that said "One Direction" "Hi we're one direction!" Louis said."Hi,I'm gonna be your chauffeur Steve,umm who is this beautiful young lady?" Steve asks."This is Dallas,she's on a singing show,and we're her mentors" Liam says."Oh ok" well let's go" Steve tells us as we get in a limo and we drive away from the airport. "Ok,so where are we going?"Steve asks."We're gonna take Dallas to go shopping at the mall for the stuff she needs!" Harry says."Ok,we'll be there in about 30 mins."Then I feel my phone vibrate.I glance at the contact and see it's my dad.I quickly press the hang up button and put it back in my pocket.Then it vibrates again,so I hang up again,but it won't stop vibrating."Who's calling?" Louis asks."My dad" I say."Umm aren't you gonna answer that?" Harry points to my vibrating phone."No" I say casually."Why does he keep calling?" Niall asks."He probably doesn't know where I'm at" I say once again casually."What? Why?" Liam asks."I ran away...." I say quietly.They all gasp dramatically."What?" Harry asks."My dad wouldn't let me go and neither would my brothers but my mom and sister would so I just slammed the door and left" I told them."What if my dad makes me go back home?" What if he tries to find me" I say worriedly."Umm do you think I give a crap?" Louis said and we looked shocked at him."I don't care,you're with us now,you're not leaving I'm not letting you" Louis says hugging me."Aww thanks Louis" I say hugging him back."Umm exuse me Dallas and Gentlemen,we're here" he tells us."Ok thanks do you think you can pick is up around 7pm?" Harry asks."Of course sir" he says as we step out of the limo."Alright and we can get the bags when we get to the flat" Louis tells him.Steve nods his head yes and drives off."Alright Dallas,what would you like to get?" Liam asks."Umm what can I get?" I ask politely.They all smirk at each other."Anything" they all say in unison and I just smile.

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