Save me From Myself

Dallas Trenket loves to sing but never shows anyone.She's into heavy metal music but loves brittish/irish boy band,One Direction at the same time.Is that weird? People constantly judge her for her looks,personality and muic.She tries to be a person who doesn't care but she just doesn't think she can.What happens when she auditions for the famous telivision show "The Singing Team" and stumbled apon One Direction as her mentors.Will they be able to break down her walls and save her from herself? Or will she lose the show and the boys forget all about her?


1. Dallas Trenket

Dallas' P.O.V

My name is Dallas,I love to sing but never tell anyone or show anyone what my voice can do.My favorite colors are black and red,I have two brothers,one sister,and a mom and dad who are divorced.My family has had a very intresting past you could say,more like stories that make you laugh,cry,angry,happy all at the same time that never end and could go on forever.The shocking thing is:I'm only 14 years old.I'm very mature for my age,I like heavy metal music even though my favorite band of all time is One Direction.Nobody really knows that I like them,so I'm kind of like a closet directioner.I still like other bands though like Panic at the disco,My chemical romance,Hollywood undead and Bring me the horizon.My life is pretty bad though and I really hate myself.The only thing I truly have is music.I walked downstairs and looked at the huge clock at the wall:9:00pm.I turned on Netflix and pressed play on Pretty Little Liars.I went into kitchen and made oatmeal and put in sugar,blackberries and strawberries.1 episode and 45 mins later I exited Netflix and went to regular tv."-New TV show,called the singing team.Taking auditions starting tommorow at 9:00am until 2pm! Please go to www.Singing/the/team/ I grabbed my laptop and entered in "www.singing/the/team/ A picture of a microphone popped up and had information on the bottom.I read the page:The singing team is a team where people compete to be on a certain team for a pop star for singing.Once the pop star has the person for their team they go up against the other pop star's team with the pop star as their mentor/mentors and sing their own mentor/mentors songs.You have to be twelve and up to participate,and auditions are for today only for 5hrs.Send in your video by 2:00pm tomorrow.If you choose to send your singing video in then please ---click here---"Rules:Has to have proof of real singing,when you send the video to your team it can not be their song only for the auditions.It has to be another artist that may or may not be in the Singing Teams either one is ok as long as you don't sing a song by the artist who you are auditioning for,Do not lip sing or you will be disqualified.I finished reading and ran upstairs with my phone and laptop.Alright what song should I sing? I asked myself.I looked at my phone and opened my music app to get some ideas.I looked at my most 25 top songs I've played the most.Then I got it.I had my song ready.I was really tired so I headed to my bed and turned of the light.I had to be prepared for making the video to send in.I highly doubt I would make it because I would be competing with a bunch of other people.I didn't even know who's team I would be on.I was thinking all about the video and the tv show that I fell asleep thinking about the video,the tv show,and music.

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