5SOS Song Preferences

5SOS Preferences with a paragraph of their songs. Bad description, just read it. It's been a while xD


1. Safety Pin [Michael Clifford] #1

Throwing rocks at your broken window

Only you can cure my sickness

Raise ourselves to the middle finger

Cause they all think we're twisted


You laughed as your best friend, Michael Gordon Clifford, threw rocks at your previous broken window. And, of course, he was adding to the crack collection. His recently dyed blonde hair glinted in the moonlight, as his green eyes showed hints of mischief.

"C'mon Y/N! Just come out the window, and down to the ground! It isn't that far!"

I glared at him as he smirked, his deep red lips the perfect shade for his milky white skin that you had come to love. You looked down at your white fluffy pyjamas that resembled some what of a sheep and frowned, wondering if it was appropriate for this occasion.

"I'm in fluffy pyjamas!"

"I don't care!"

You awkwardly shuffled across the room towards where my phone lay, picking it up and turning it on. The bright light illuminated my room and you closed your eyes from the sudden light. You opened my eyes once you felt they could adjust and gasped at the time.

"What the hell Michael!? It's three am!"

"So? It's never too late, nor early for pizza!"

You laughed at his 'Pizza Theory' and quickly grabbed some slippers, putting them on your feet. You opened your window fully, even though it would've been easier to just go out the door, and started climbing down the long vines that hang from beside your window.

"Why didn't you just go out the door like a normal person?" Michael called up.

"Normal people scare me!"

He laughed at your response as you landed safely on the ground, grinning at him. He was at least a head taller than you, if not more.

Walking down the street, hand in hand, as you usually would. You felt Michael's hand start to sweat and shake. Wondering what was wrong with him, you shook it off as one of your imaginative theories. You had liked him for a while, and it wasn't the first time these hallucinations had happened.

You laughed as some of the party people that huddled on the street made facial expressions at the two of us. Some good, others, not so much.

"To Dominos?"

"Why of course, Lady Y/N."

You laughed as Michael twisted your arms together, pulling the two of you even closer. You laughed and skipped happily along the street, dragging him behind you.

"You know Y/N, you may just be the best thing that has ever happened to me."

The completely blunt statement took you by surprise, leaving your eyes wide and cheeks blazing. Did the ever dense Michael just compliment you?

"You're not so bad yourself, Clifford."

He laughed slightly and pushed open the door of the building you had just arrived at.

"I'm so glad Dominos stays open for twenty-four hours now!"

You nod in agreement and sit down in one of the booths, as Michael ordered. Soon enough, your vision was blurred by hands over your face, and you laughed.

"Guess who it is!"

You pretended to think, rubbing your thumb and index finger over your chin.

"Is it.... Calum?"

You heard laughter as the hands were taken off your head, allowing you to see again. Michael sat down in front of you, smiling.

"I'm totally Calum."

His face was completely blank as he stated that, a smirk soon making his way onto his face. You laughed and put your elbows on the table, leaning your head on your hands.

"Hey Y/N?"


You noticed Michael looking a little more pale than usual. Not many people would usually notice this because of his pure white skin, but you were his best friend! Of course you noticed.

"Well, you see... I really-"

"One extra large pepperoni pizza with a side of fries and a bottle of Mountain Dew?"

You look up, the pizza lady standing there with the order. You smiled gratefully as she placed the order down on your table, a sweet smile on your face.

"Have a nice meal!"

You noticed Michael looking a bit angry as the worker walked away, wondering what had made him angry.

"What were you saying Michael?"

He looked up at you and frowned, grabbing a fry and placing it in his mouth.

"It's nothing. Nothing important."

You tilted your head, confused.

"It must've been important, you looked pretty-"


You frowned at his sudden hostility and grabbed a piece of pizza, taking a bite out of it.

"Look, y/n I'm sorry."

"It's fine Michael."

You quickly finished your order and stood up, walking out of the door with Michael following close behind.

"Do ya wanna go to the park?"

You nodded slowly as he sped up, so he was able to walk beside you. You felt his fingers tapping lightly on the palm of your hand, and before you know it, your fingers were laced together. He took you to the fountain in the middle of the park, which was illuminated by the light blue lights that were always turned on at night.

"Look, y/n. What I was trying to say at the pizza place. I really, really..."

You noticed a complete look of nerves over take him, and his hand started shaking.

"I really like you, y/n. You have this thing, you can cure my sickness. My sickness for you, you made me love sick. Make me, lovesick."

Your eyes went wide at his confession, unsure of what to say.

"I've liked you for, who knows how long? I remember when I first saw you in year seven. You were the girl who spilt her milkshake on Kiara, and ended up slipping over it."

You laughed at the ridiculous image that re-appeared in your mind.

"So y/n, I need an honest answer. Do you like me?"

You took a deep breath, ready to reveal the secret you had been hiding for many years.

"I really like you Michael, I really do."

He grinned widely and wrapped his arms around you in a tight hug, nuzzling his head in your neck.

"Thank you y/n. Thank you so much."

You pulled away and smiled at him.

"You know, people will think we're even more twisted now, right?"

Michael simply smirked at you, entwining your fingers again.

"We'll raise ourselves to the middle fingers that come our way. They don't know us, and it's better if they don't. As long as I have you in my arms, we'll be fine."

You smiled warmly at him and nodded your head.

"Yeah, because together. We are indestructible."


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