5SOS Song Preferences

5SOS Preferences with a paragraph of their songs. Bad description, just read it. It's been a while xD


2. Safety Pin [Calum Hood] #1

Broken boy meets broken girl

You said you tried it all before

And it only makes it worse

Oh but this time, maybe this time

Two wrongs make a right


"Calum Hood, are you paying attention?"

Your eyes darted to the tan boy that sat at the back of the classroom. His legs were up on the desk, and he was leaning back in his seat. He had a smirk on his face as he chewed his gum. His eyelids lifted up, revealing his deep brown eyes that he often had closed.

"Yes ma'am."

The teacher rolled her eyes and went back to writing the nights homework on the board. Your eyes darted back and forth between your notebook and the board, writing down the assignments. That makes it four assignments you needed done by tomorrow.

The shrill ring of the bell sounded out just as you finished writing the last word on your page.

"Class dismissed."

Chatter filled the classroom as students stood up with their bags, leaving the school as fast as they could. Soon enough, it was only yourself and Calum left in the classroom. Even the teacher had made a run for it. The boy noticed you staring and sent a shy smile in your direction.

"Y/N, right?"

You nodded slowly, your mind racing. The one and only Calum Hood had just spoken to you. Your crush since first grade, when he accidentally threw a pie at your face. At least, you hoped it was on accident.


"Would you be able to tutor me? I don't really get this class, and I have to have good grades so I can continue soccer."

You smiled softly and nodded your head. Calum smiled at you and brought his phone out, handing it to you.

"Enter your number, in case this happens again."

Quickly typing in your number, you handed his phone back to him. Grabbing your bag and slinging it over your shoulder, you looked at him.

"Your house or mine?"

"How about mine?"

You nodded your head and followed him out the door. He led you to his car, to which you gasped at. Not something you were expecting from him, a yellow hummer. He laughed and opened the side door for you. Thanking him, you slid into the comfy seats. He shut the door and quickly ran to the other side, sliding in and closing his own door.

"To Calum land!"

He punched his fist forward and started the car, an eager smile on his face. You laughed and buckled your seatbelt, sighing in content when the car started moving. The car ride was spent in a comfortable silence, which neither of you dared to break.

As soon as Calum parked the car in a small driveway, he got out of the drivers side and ran to open your door. Laughing, you thanked him. He grinned in return and skipped to the door, unlocking it after a bit of trouble. As soon as you stepped in the door, a warm home-like feeling overtook you.

"Welcome to my home! Don't eat my food, or sit in my favourite spot on the couch! Other than that, you can do whatever you would like."

You laughed at the 'No food' rule and closed the door behind you, following him as he walked up a small flight of stairs. You came across two doors, one saying 'Mali's Room' and one saying 'Calum's Room'. Figuring you were going to go into Calum's room, you quickly followed in behind him.

"Excuse the mess, I wasn't expecting visitors this afternoon."

The room had a boyish feel. Band posters covered the walls, an unmade bed sat in the middle of the room, and clothes were thrown all over the floor. Some empty chip packets were also strewn around, some still being half full. He pulled the blanket up on his bed and patted the spot next to him, motioning for you to come over. You obliged and sat down beside him, leaving a good distance between the two of you.

"So, what do you need help with?"

He grinned sheepishly and scratched the back of his head.

"I don't really need help with anything, I just needed an excuse for you to come over."

You laughed as did he, the corners of his eyes scrunching up. God, you could just kiss him right then.

"So, Y/N, tell the class about yourself."

You laughed at his 'teacher like abilities', and brought your legs up onto the bed, crossing them. He copied your actions, smiling widely.

"Well, I'm Y/N Y/L/N, I'm fifteen, I like music and am an only child."

Calum shook his head and brought his legs up too, copying your pose.

"No, I mean the real you. Not sugar coated. Your favourite TV show, the colour of your mothers eyes, what kind of toilet paper you use."

"What kinda of toilet paper I use?"

You laughed at the ridiculous question, and he smiled, seemingly happy about making you laugh.

"I'll make you a deal. I'll tell you about myself, if you promise to tell me about you."

You thought for a moment, slowly nodding your head in agreement.

"Alright. Deal."

He looked up at the ceiling and smiled softly.

"I'm Calum Thomas Hood, I'm 16 years old and love music. My sister Mali died two years ago. I started self harming, became depressed and started taking drugs. I stopped around six months ago. My parents are never home, they never cared about us. Mali died in a car accident, she always loved racing."

His eyes were welling up with tears, so you did the first thing that came into mind. Hugged him. He smiled at you once you pulled away. Realising it was your turn to speak, you inhaled a deep breath before starting.

"I'm Y/N YM/N Y/L/N, I'm 15 years old and love anything artistic. My parents died in a car crash when I was seven months old. I now live with my grandparents, who don't care about me. I have attempted suicide three times, all of which have failed."

You felt a tear drip down your face at the mention of your parents. Calum put his hand on your cheek, which you responded to by lifting your head up. He slowly started leaning in, before pressing his lips to yours. The kiss was soft, passion filling it.

"Oh, uh sorry?"

You smiled at how much he was blushing. You cuddled into his side, sighing at the warmth.

"It's okay."

"Hey Y/N, what are we?"

You hummed in thought, eventually shrugging your shoulders.

"No, what do you want to be?"

"The start of something new."

You smiled softly, digging your face more into his chest.

"Yeah. I'd like that."

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