Family first

Hermione fell in love in her sixth year and even with the war her and Fred's romance continues, but no one knows about it. After the final battle, Hermione is shunned by Mrs Weasley and leaves the wizarding world forever.


7. The Weasley Party

Fay stood at the top of the stairs in a pretty summer dress with her beautiful auburn hair down hanging way past her shoulders. She was going to meet her family and potentially her father. Severus was at the bottom of the stairs trying to get the two women to hurry up. He would not be late. Fay went down and grabbed her bag. Hermione walked down the stairs in a flowing down to her knees dress. She still looked incredible for her age and the hardships she had been through. Severus breathed a sigh of relief and held out the portkey for them to take hold. The small group vanished from his hallway and appeared just outside the gate leading to the Burrow. Hermione held onto Fays hand as they walked up the driveway to the house. They could hear the Weasleys way before they could see any of them. Children were laughing and grown ups were chattering. Severus stopped infront of the kitchen door and knocked sharply. Ginny opened the door and smiled at Severus. "Professor Snape. Its so good you could make it. Please come in." She stepped back to allow him and caught sight of Hermione stood behind him. "HERMIONE" She screeched before grasping the girl. "where have you been? I have missed you so much!" cried Ginny. She was still hugging Hermione when she saw the tall girl behind her. "Hello. Who are you then?" asked Ginny as she let Hermione out of her grasp. "Hi. I'm Fay" she replied. Hermione reached for her daughters hand and turned to Ginny "Fay is my daughter". Ginny's face went white as a sheet as it all clicked into place. the girls auburn hair and age could only mean one thing. Hermiones arm received a smack. "HOW COULD YOU FIGHT WHILST PREGNANT? HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME?" she screamed at Hermione so loudly the whole house must have heard. "I'm sorry Ginny, but I couldn't not fight. Besides it all ended ok." As hermione finished speaking Mrs Weasley came into the kitchen. she had tears in her eyes and grasped hermione into her normal motherly hug. "I'm so sorry" she said over and over as she stroked Hermiones hair. "You should have told me Hermione. I cant believe I did that. Will you ever forgive me?" Molly begged. "Ofcourse I will Mrs Weasley" Hermione said andturned to introduce Mrs Weasley to her granddaughter. "This is Fay".  

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