Family first

Hermione fell in love in her sixth year and even with the war her and Fred's romance continues, but no one knows about it. After the final battle, Hermione is shunned by Mrs Weasley and leaves the wizarding world forever.


6. The truth

Fay sat at the kitchen table, a cup of tea in hand. Her mum had just sat her down and said they needed to talk. "Mum what is it? Please just tell me." said Fay as she reached across the table and held Hermione's hand. "I haven't told the full truth about your father." Said Hermione with tears in her eyes. "I was friends with his younger brother as a kid. You already know that. I've told you all about my adventures with Harry and Ron. Well your father was Fred, Ron and Ginny's older brother. He fought in the Battle of Hogwarts and during the battle a wall fell on him. He slipped into a coma. I don't know if he has died, or is awake or is still in that coma. His mother Molly threw me out of the room when he first got to hospital. I fled that day and have never been seen in the Wizarding world since. Your uncle Severus found me and helped me. Your proper surname is Weasley. I just used Prince as a tribute to Severus." Hermione looked down at the table in shame whilst tears dripped down her cheeks. Fay got up and came around the table to clutch at her mum. "Its ok mum. I would have done the same. I just don't understand why you haven't gone back. I mean don't you miss your friends, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Luna, Neville. I bet they would all love to see you again." Said Fay in a soft voice trying to calm her mothers tears. The pair sat there for almost an hour till Hermione got up and started to cook dinner thinking of what her brave daughter had just said. Hogwarts didn't start for a few more days so she could always go speak to Severus about it. 

After dinner Hermione went to Hogwarts and met Severus to speak with him about her idea."Severus, I have been thinking maybe its time for me to return with my daughter to our world. I wondered if Fay could start Hogwarts this year and continue her studies with kids her own age. I know she gets bored and lonely at home and she would benefit from proper teachers I think." Hermione spilled to the dark man sat in front of her. Severus peered down his long nose at her and sighed. "I knew this day would come. I have spoken to Minerva and she is happy for Fay to start this year if she wants to." replied Severus. Hermione smiled at him and then a thought came to her mind, "Have you heard any news of Fred?". Severus beamed at her "He woke up years ago and asked only for you. Turns out he told his family everything, that you two had dated in secret and that you were in love." He stood up and walked over to the window "The Weasley family are having their annual back to school party tomorrow night. I have been invited to attend by Potter. I was not going to go but now I think I may take you and Fay. That way you can speak to them all at once." Severus finished as Hermione leapt into his arms. "Thank you for always looking after me and my little girl Severus"

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