Family first

Hermione fell in love in her sixth year and even with the war her and Fred's romance continues, but no one knows about it. After the final battle, Hermione is shunned by Mrs Weasley and leaves the wizarding world forever.


1. The battle of Hogwarts

Hermione sprinted to the Great Hall. During the battle she was sure she saw a flash of red hair drop to the ground but was to busy to check who it was and if they were okay. She reached the doors and bolted in to the group of red heads surrounding an unconscious body. Fred lay there looking near to death. "Hermione thanking for coming to support us." Said Charlie, ever the calm one when in a dangerous situation. "What happened to him?" she asked. "A wall collapsed on him, they think he is in a coma, he might wake up any second or never" whispered Charlie. He held onto Hermione as she sobbed into his shoulder. He had a feeling something was going on between the two of them but would never say anything until they did. 

Suddenly they heard Voldemort in their heads again telling them that Harry had been killed. The conscious people in the room got up and went to the entrance courtyard. There stood Voldemort with the surviving death eaters. They had Hagrid in chains with them and he held a body. It could only be Harry. Voldemort started to make a speech but Hermione wasn't listening she watched Harry. Willing him to return to the land of the living. She could potentially lose the love of her life today she wasn't going to lose the boy she thought of as her brother too. Suddenly Harry sprung to life and the battle burst into action. Hermione dueled Antonin Dolohov the man who had killed Remus and Tonks and nearly killed Fred. He was no match to Hermione's fury and dropped quickly like a insect would when swatted by a person. Hermione turned to see Mrs Weasley dueling Bellatrix Lestrange. Bellatrix mocked Molly about how Fred was virtually dead. Molly's anger turned into pure hatred and she shot off a succession of spells causing Bellatrix to exploded into ash. Neville killed Nagini with the sword of Gryffindor and shortly after Harry and Voldemort reappeared in the centre of the courtyard. Everyone stood still and watched. This final Duel would decide the fate of the Wizarding World. Harry and Voldemort both shot a curse at the other. The red of expelliarmus coming from Harry and the Green from Avada Kedava from Voldemort's. They stood stock still trying to force the others curse back. Until finally Harry's won out and the wand flew from Voldemort's hand and the green stream hit him in the chest. He began to disintegrate and his death eaters started to apparate away. 

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