Family first

Hermione fell in love in her sixth year and even with the war her and Fred's romance continues, but no one knows about it. After the final battle, Hermione is shunned by Mrs Weasley and leaves the wizarding world forever.


2. It's family only

It was over. Finally over. Hermione breathed a sigh of relief and followed the others into the great hall. The battle may be over but the damages would need to be repaired and the dead would have to be buried. Most of the injured were being transported to St Mungo's, including Fred. The Weasley's and Harry went to the hospital and were directed to a private room that Fred had been placed in. Hermione arrived just in time and began to follow them up. The group started going in and huddled around Fred's still unconscious form. Hermione had the door closed in her face. She opened the door and was about to walk in when Mrs Weasley looked up and said "Hermione Its family only. You need to leave." Harry looked up and started to get up to leave but was stopped by Molly. "Not you dear. You're family. Hermione's not so she can't stay." Hermione sucked in a deep breath and spoke softly "Please just tell him I was here" Hermione turned and left.

Harry tried to get Mrs Weasley to allow him to get Hermione but she refused even after he explained that her parents were in Australia with no memory of their daughter. Mrs Weasley had gotten furious and sharply stated "When you lot were off chasing Horcruxes Ron trying to start a relationship with her. She refused. Clearly she thinks shes too good for my Ronnie. If he isn't good enough for her then none of us are." 

That was the last time anyone heard or saw Hermione Granger. That day she had left the wizarding world for good. Fred didn't wake up once during the first month in St Mungo's. The others started to make a life for themselves but always visited him. Molly would go every day and talk to him.

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