Family first

Hermione fell in love in her sixth year and even with the war her and Fred's romance continues, but no one knows about it. After the final battle, Hermione is shunned by Mrs Weasley and leaves the wizarding world forever.


4. Fred wakes up

9 years earlier 

Fred's eyes flickered open and he groaned slightly. His mother shifted beside him. "Fred sweetie. Oh thank god you are alive and waking up I've been waiting just over SEVEN YEARS for you to wake up young man." She sent a patronus to the nurses and also to the family. He rolled his head to look around "Mione" he whispered. "What Freddie?" Asked his mother worriedly "Mione" said Fred. Mrs Weasley had a confused look on her face but the rest of the family had arrived and everyone was swarming him, hugging him and introducing him to their significant other or their children. Teddy Lupin sat at the bottom of the bed, an adorable 8 year old and had changed his hair to be red in honour of uncle Fred waking up. When they all quietened down Fred could finally say what he was trying to before "Hermione" They all looked at each other confused and Charlie lent down to speak softly to Fred. "You love her dont you?" He nodded. "She loves you?" he nodded. "Were you together?" he nodded a third time and suddenly everything made sense to the weasley's. Well most of them Ron was still very confused. "Fred she disappeared after the Battle. No one has heard from her or seen her." Charlie broke the news gently. Fred began to sob and nothing his family could do calmed him. He lost the love of his life. 

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