Suicide Story

I'm not going to lie this may be a sad story and yes it is true it happens all over the world for many different reasons.

This story is based on my friend that sadly committed suicide!
Thousands of people commit suicide every year every day some because of bullying , family reasons and sometimes people just don't want to live anymore. Family's find it really hard to think there daughter/son had to take there own life and they will never hear there voice again!


1. The Best Day EVER !!!

I remember it like it was yesterday!  

It was sunny and warm, I remember the removal van pulling up and she jumping out her name was Zara and the minute we saw each other we knew we where going to be best friends forever and ever.

We done everything together I mean everything

-walked to school

-played dolls






Even boring stuff we made seem fun we were such good friends I could trust Zara with anything, anything atoll she was so easy to trust cause she was so kind. I didn't fancy my best friend  but she was beautiful  she had long blond hair bright green eyes and long lovely nails that she always had painted they where lovely and I always say to my self and even Zara when I feel the need, the first day me and Zara met was the BEST DAY EVER!!!



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