Suicide Story

I'm not going to lie this may be a sad story and yes it is true it happens all over the world for many different reasons.

This story is based on my friend that sadly committed suicide!
Thousands of people commit suicide every year every day some because of bullying , family reasons and sometimes people just don't want to live anymore. Family's find it really hard to think there daughter/son had to take there own life and they will never hear there voice again!


2. Not So Good News

So Zara and me had been so close for so long but then we started to drift we started spending less and less time together. Then I found out why she didn't want to spend time with me as much anymore. Her gran was her best friend and mine too her gran was diagnosed with breast cancer and Zara didn't want me to see her in the state she was in , ' that is very nice of you Zara but you cant go through this your self please let me help you' But Zara didn't want help , Her gran sadly passed away and I wasn't allowed to the funeral , My mum said it isn't something she wants me seeing.


Me and Zara started not seeing each other atoll , I hated it , then I was worried she wasn't coming too school or even out her house for that matter I was beginning to be really worried so I finally found the courage to phone her house and it just rang out so I thought ill go over and chap the door so I did...


Zara's dad answered and asked me too come in ' ive been expecting you' I was pretty scared from then on he sat me down and explained that Zara no longer wants to be my friend but he wouldn't give me a reason 'I WANT TO SPEAK TO ZARA , I HAVE QUESTIONS THAT NEED ANSWERS' , But then I was asked to leave. 

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