Suicide Story

I'm not going to lie this may be a sad story and yes it is true it happens all over the world for many different reasons.

This story is based on my friend that sadly committed suicide!
Thousands of people commit suicide every year every day some because of bullying , family reasons and sometimes people just don't want to live anymore. Family's find it really hard to think there daughter/son had to take there own life and they will never hear there voice again!


3. Dear Diary

Dear Diary  


I'm so sorry I haven't wrote to you in a while I've been having problems with Zara

I Haven't saw her in over a month and I'm really worrying she was my best friend I don't know why she doesn't want to know me anymore , I'm scared really scared ....


What in case she's poorly or even dead for that matter I need to find out what's going on , if her dad wont tell me her mum will .... well I hope she does, ill keep you filled in xoxo                                   over and out !!!!!

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