But I'm only human..

'His hand brushed down against the skin on my face. The warm air around us felt nice, but at the same time my thoughts were burying me into the warm depths of hell. "It'll be ok." He said, reluctantly smiling at me. But sweet Jesus, no it wouldn't.'


9. 9

I opened the beautifully wrapped Pandora box to find a stunning ring, silver with a birth gem in the middle.

I hugged Luke, tears filling both of our eyes. The last three weeks had been amazing; nothing but love and joy. But now, he had to go. He picked up his suitcase and kissed me on the cheek, then continued over to his mum, dad, older step sister and younger sister. They were such a perfect family, in every way.

He glanced back over his shoulder many times, and eventually I gave in to the tears. They flowed from my eyes like Niagara Falls, my heart breaking as I stood and watched him leave.

I felt like I should of done that scene from Love Actually, where the little boy runs through security just to say goodbye to his crush. But instead, I stood still. My knees trembled, my heart raced, but he was gone.

The plane departed, and as I was leaving the airport to get the bus, I started violently throwing up. I doubled over with cramps in my stomach, and my head began to spin. I called my mum, and she drove me to the nearest hospital.

Sitting in A+E, I stared blankly at the walls. Pain filled my abdomen, but my head ached even worse.

I adjusted the ring on my finger, so the stone hit the light and began to sparkle. A single tear dropped from my right eye. I pushed my glasses up a little to wipe it away, and brushed my wild red hair back with the back of my wrist.

'The doctor will be here in about twenty minutes. Can we ask you to do a urine sample please Sophie?' The nurse gave a pathetic attempt of a smile, dropping a small tub on the chair next to my mum.

The nurse left, closing the curtain so I could pee in peace. My mum told me she was going for some juice, but I knew she would be going to smoke. Typical mother; things go wrong and the cigs reappear.

'Sophie Owens, correct?' A foreign doctor with a rather funny accent came into my cubicle, about forty minutes after the nurse took the urine sample away.

I nodded.

'I am doctor Vjay, good to meet you.' It was hard not to snigger, his voice was just that type.

I nodded again, anticipating what was to come.

'So, as it is you and your mother, I can explain the full problem here.' He glanced over at mum, who was on the edge of her chair now. 'Sophie is pregnant, around 4 weeks.'

The words hit me, hard. My first thought, of course, was what the motherfucking bloody hell is this shit!?

My mum looked as shocked as I felt. She probably thought I was still a virgin to be honest, too innocent for that kind of stuff.

'What she has experienced today is completely normal, as you are probably aware Mrs Owens. I shall leave you both now, a letter of discharge will be through in about half an hour.'

My mum stood from her seat, glaring down at me lying on the semi pushed up bed. Without warning, a cold, hard hand hit my cheek, making me jump and shake. Mum had never done this before, ever.

But then, the more serious thought hit me. If the baby was 4 weeks old, it would of been created the week of the party. But who's was it?

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