But I'm only human..

'His hand brushed down against the skin on my face. The warm air around us felt nice, but at the same time my thoughts were burying me into the warm depths of hell. "It'll be ok." He said, reluctantly smiling at me. But sweet Jesus, no it wouldn't.'


8. 8

'No, course not..' Thomas smirked, avoiding eye contact. He swept his hand through his thick, brown hair, his arm muscles on show as he did so.

'For goodness sake!' I yelled, not hiding the anger in my voice.

'Calm your tits,' he laughed. I just glared at him, a glare demanding answers. 'Okay, so maybe we did? I can't remember much either to be honest. I remember getting off with your mate though, she was a right mong!' I couldn't help but smile a little, before the realisation hit me.

Shortly after this delightful conversation, Thomas left, and I decided to go out.

I met up with Lizzie and Abbi in town, and went off to Costa. We ordered weird fruit concoctions, and sat down at a table.

'So, osteoporosis guys!' Abbi laughed. It was just like old times, before the worries and stress of me becoming the town slag.

'Eva is coming in a bit, she's just sorting the cats or something weird. Oh and Soph, she wants me to tell you maths.' I giggled as Liz looked up from her phone. My friends were truly the best; no one could ever ask for better.

We laughed way too hard, Abbi almost shot red spew from her nose, as Liz and I stalked famous people on social media. Getting strange looks from the public, we decided to move on.

Walking into Hollister, Eva came running up behind us.

'Hey guys!' She laughed, patting my back as I was so much taller than her. It was spitting with rain, and her usually straight black fringe flicked to the left. 'Sophie, I hear you've pulled!' I felt my face go pink, as Eva was never usually this straight forward about love.

'Oh yeah!' Abbi snorted, almost falling over. 'Sophie and Luke, standing in a cupboard! Oh wait, she had sex in his bed!'

I smacked her, hard. Although I couldn't not laugh, I tried my hardest. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life, as stood behind us was him.

'Omg Luke, Soph wants some more!' Lizzie yelled at the top of her lungs. I nearly wet myself laughing, as his face went the same colour as Santa's hat.

He just turned away with his friend and walked out, but it then hit me that he was leaving. I sat on the floor and randomly began to weep.

'What's up babe?' Liz patted my shoulder, trying to comfort me.

'He's leaving!' I sobbed. 'South fucking Africa!'

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