But I'm only human..

'His hand brushed down against the skin on my face. The warm air around us felt nice, but at the same time my thoughts were burying me into the warm depths of hell. "It'll be ok." He said, reluctantly smiling at me. But sweet Jesus, no it wouldn't.'


3. 3

Third period I had art. I was never very good at art, but thoroughly enjoyed it. My work was laid across my wooden desk, and as I picked up the 'Moonlight on Mars' project I'd been working on, in he walked. His hair hung on his eyebrows, his dimples and freckles much easier to see today. His face was, dare I say it, a work of art... I glanced down at my work, trying not to pull his attention too soon.

I couldn't help myself but to look up, to see if he'd noticed me. As if by magic, he looked over at me and smiled. I giggled, my eyes searching the room for something else to look at so I didn't seem creepy.

He bit his pink lip, began making his way towards me. I tucked my shoulder length hair behind my ear and adjusted my glasses on my nose. He pulled up a chair, on the desk right next to mine.

'So, I hear you're the new kid.' I said, probably smiling way too much.

'Luke,' he said, reaching his hand for me to shake, 'and you are?' He asked.

'Sophie,' I said as he bit his bottom lip.

'Sophie,' he repeated. My name sounded so much better when he said it. I liked it. 'Your work is.. Amazing!' He was smiling now too, and let me say, it was the most beautiful smile I've seen in my life. It seemed to shimmer a little, as if moonlight were glowing amongst the damp rocks by the sea.

We continued the conversation for the hour lesson, not getting much art work done at all really. As we were leaving for lunch, I felt his hand brush against mine slightly. He looked down at me, eyes once again glowing.

I couldn't stop thinking about him, all throughout the day. It seems stupid really, all the Love at first sight shit suddenly becoming real. Impossible maybe, but love, I thought, love may actually exist, as it does in fairytales.

But then it hit me, hit me like a wrecking ball flying towards the concrete building. All fairytales have happy endings, yes, but the fears and problems they must overcome are always the harshest.

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