But I'm only human..

'His hand brushed down against the skin on my face. The warm air around us felt nice, but at the same time my thoughts were burying me into the warm depths of hell. "It'll be ok." He said, reluctantly smiling at me. But sweet Jesus, no it wouldn't.'


2. 2

The next morning was the typical routine. Wake up, get a shower, get dressed. Eat breakfast, do hair and make up, pack bags. Id done it for every day for the past 5 years, so nothing was surprising. Although, in the back of my mind I was smiling. I seemed to add a little more sparkle to my eye shadow, a little more gloss to my lips. It was a warm, bubbly feeling, and I liked it. That feeling when things seem to be going good, even when you have no idea what's going on.

As it was winter, I stood at the bus stop, burying my face into the warmth and security of my coat. The dickheads from next door made their way down the street, obviously still wasted from the night before. A tall boy, blondeish brown hair, the deepest darkest eyes, with a small girl, messy hair and rounded glasses. I could never be bothered to get to know the name of my neighbour, or his girlfriend who seemed to live with him. I knew my mum didn't like them, therefore I stayed away. They never really bothered me much, all I knew was they were sex addicted alcoholics.

At school, I headed straight for my tutor room, as this was the place I met my friends every morning.

'Sophie, oh my gosh you'll never guess what happened!' Lizzie yelled as I walked into the crowded room.

'What now?' I rolled my eyes, slightly sarcastically. The other girls giggled, as did I.

'You know that new lad, the one in Miss Greenley's tutor?' I nodded, nervously. 'Well, word is he's been asking about you! Says he's looking for the hot red head with the big glasses!'

I laughed, knowing this must be untrue. However, a sparkle of hope did tingle on the inside, and as I sat down in my seat. I thought of his smirk yesterday, the way our eyes seemed to lock. Maybe, just maybe, the weird girl, with the big red hair and the strange accent, maybe she had a chance?..

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