But I'm only human..

'His hand brushed down against the skin on my face. The warm air around us felt nice, but at the same time my thoughts were burying me into the warm depths of hell. "It'll be ok." He said, reluctantly smiling at me. But sweet Jesus, no it wouldn't.'


13. 13

'Sophie? Oh my gosh, Sophie!' My eyelids flickered open, and Lizzie appeared. She wore her typical retro clothing, looking as bad as usual. Her hair looked a complete mess, her twizzled fringe sticking out all over the place.

'I'm so glad you're alright!' This was someone else. Someone better, with a calmer voice. I turned my head to see Eva sat at the side of me, her clothing choice also terrible; a long pink top, with a dark green skirt and a blue and red checked shirt.

'Hey guys.' I couldn't manage to bring myself to smile, so instead I just lay, staring at the ceiling.

'We've just got the call from your mum! She said you only got brought in yesterday evening, that you'd been the victim of a rape attempt?' This was Lizzie, trying her best to sound worried about someone other than herself.

'Rape attempt? What the chuff you on? I fell over at Thomas', and watched his mum beat the living crap out of him.' I shook my head, to signal I was annoyed, as if it wasn't clear enough.

'Not what we were told,' Eva said, 'We got told you were at Thomas', he was drunk and tried to touch you. You fought back, but fell. You gave him one nasty beating apparently.'

Astonished as I was, the thing I couldn't banish from my mind was how much I missed Luke.

'Oh? No, that didn't happen. Who's said this?' Lizzie told me the full story, about Toms mum calling the ambulance, basically trying to get her son arrested. I had been taken straight into surgery to straighten up and plaster together my ankle, and my mum had been called the morning after. The doctor visited around 8am that morning, and it was now 5.30 in the evening, also known as visiting hour.

'So, what's happening with Tom?' As Liz was about to answer, Abbi bounced through the curtain blocking me from the next girl along. Stumbling a little, nearly throwing herself on the floor beside my bed, she gasped for a breath.

'I DID IT!' She yelled. A nurse instantly walked in to shush her, followed by Eva, Lizzie and I bursting out laughing.

'Oh yeah, we sent Abbi on a little mission for you earlier. Hope you like it.' Eva smiled, her words being split as she laughed.

Abbi, with much better fashion sense than the other two, wearing blue denim jeans and a white 5SOS official concert top, handed me a note. Curious, I tore into it, to find a ticket for a plane journey.

'I called Luke and everything, like he paid half of it. You're gonna stay there for five weeks, like I know you'll miss school and stuff but exams don't start for months. You leave two weeks tomorrow!' Abbi said, without taking a single breath in the entire sentence.

'Wow..' Was all I could come up with. I was shaking with joy, hugging each of my friends, before they got kicked out because we were making too much noise.

Despite the throbbing in my stomach again, I fell back to sleep, praying Thomas was alright. I'd forgotten all about him in the commotion. Just hoping he wouldn't get into trouble.

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