But I'm only human..

'His hand brushed down against the skin on my face. The warm air around us felt nice, but at the same time my thoughts were burying me into the warm depths of hell. "It'll be ok." He said, reluctantly smiling at me. But sweet Jesus, no it wouldn't.'


12. 12

When I woke, I was lying in a comfortable bed, surrounded by white walls and machinery. Beeping was all I could hear, and there was no longer a throbbing pain in my foot. I couldn't even feel my foot.

I looked towards the end of my bed, where, covered in plaster, my foot rested on a little ledge thing.

Clueless to what was going on, I closed my eyes again, trying to escape into a dream of some kind. Instead, the beeping got louder, and voices began to sound.

A curtain swooshed open, and in walked a coloured woman, her hair in a bow on the top of her head. I'd say she was about 40, as the wrinkles on her forehead and around her eyes were very obvious.

'It's okay.' She said, probably realising how confused I was.

'What happened?' My voice strained, a sound I'd never really heard before. My head ached, like I'd got drunk and stoned and jumped into a bucket of ice.

'You have experienced minor shock, whilst breaking your ankle. Don't worry, everything is fine, the baby too.' She smiled a genuine smile, and I attempted to return the gesture.

I felt my hand down the bed, searching for the control to raise my upper body.

'Uh, who brought me in?' I questioned, still confused on the events from the day prior.

'I'm not sure, I'm only a ward doctor, I haven't come through A+E with you. I haven't seen anyone around to visit you, but then again this is only my third visit since surgery last night.'

I nodded, then shut my eyes, as tight as possible. It didn't take long to drift into the labyrinth of my mind in my dreams.

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