But I'm only human..

'His hand brushed down against the skin on my face. The warm air around us felt nice, but at the same time my thoughts were burying me into the warm depths of hell. "It'll be ok." He said, reluctantly smiling at me. But sweet Jesus, no it wouldn't.'


1. 1

I walked out of my last class of the day, to find my friends had once again left me to walk home alone. Typical, to be honest. I threw my falling-apart-blue-and-white bag over my shoulder and began to proceed along the corridors alone. It wasn't as if this was any different to any other Wednesday; no one was in my last class so I was simultaneously forgotten about.

As I pushed open the slightly broken brown door, separating us from freedom, I noticed someone. A boy. Tall, sweepy brown hair, the most amazing sea blue eyes. He stood and glared at me for a moment, and I at him, but neither of us spoke. I was awoken from my daze by a shove, as I was stood in a doorway.. He smirked a little, and as I walked along the broken street home, that smirky smile was the only thing I could think about.

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