Autumn Leaves || A.I.


"You are one of a kind, love. You got into this mess on accident. But you can get out of it easily. All it takes is for you to think." --Ashton Irwin

Tatum Dawson was a 25-year-old who lived a great life. She had her own apartment, a job as graphic designer, and a fiancé who loved her unconditionally.

But at one point things went south. A day after she met a temporary neighbor named Ashton Irwin, a friend died, her fiancé disappeared, and her ill mother got worse. Then, to top it all off, Tatum got kidnapped. How would she deal with her great life being disturbed?


3. 《Prologue》

"She found the letter you sent me."

"What? How?" Greg questioned.

"I don't know. She heard the voicemail as well. She is too dangerous for us. She can't find out what I am doing. She's in the way. I tried to summon her away from my business. But I won't be able to forever. That's why she needs to disappear."

"Okay. What kind of disappearance are you planning? Temporary?"


"All right. Now," Greg said. "Tell me how I should do it."

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