Daddy's Girl

All he needed was someone to spoil. He felt lonely, and depressed. He just needed something, someone in his life to make him happy, so he can make them happy. And he soon plans to find the one, hopefully.


3. Chapter 1: Pride & Joy



Harry’s POV

I clear my throat, the room had become silent. Emmy was just staring at the front of my desk. As for me, I was typing up a very important document that I had to do in order to hire her, my own rules of course.

‘’Okay, love. I just have to ask you these questions. Um, just so I can have them in the system.’’ I mumble. I glance up just to see her nod.

‘’I know some of these are on the paper you filled out, but I don’t feel like getting it back out.’’ I sigh lightly, she just gently smiles at that comment of mine.

’What’s your middle name, love?’’ I ask after typing in her first and last, I did actually remember that though.

‘’Blaine.’’ She says lightly. I nod in return as I type it in.

‘’That’s very pretty,’’ I smile as I stare at the computer screen, but I constantly glance at her, ‘’Your birth date? Oh wait, I have the year. What’s the day and month?’’ I ask, I had remembered the year from her paper.

‘’April 25th.’’ She sighs gently.

I nod as I type it in and wait a few seconds until I go to the next piece of the form and I ask her the next item, ‘’City you were born in?’’ I say.

‘’Dallas, Texas.’’ She says.

‘’Southern, aye? I noticed your accent.. I wondered.. but now I know.’’ I say as I look at her. She just blushes and looks down to her lap.

Once again, I loved it when she done that. She was my only exception when it came to that.

‘’Okay, well the rest are just personal things.. I’ll let you complete it when we get you moved into the office and all. You don’t mind being in here with me, do you?’’ I ask, raising my eyebrows at her.

‘’No.. Its.. um.. f-fine.’’ She shrugs lightly with just one shoulder.

‘’Okay then, I’ll get the stuff set up. But as for now, here’s my number.. put it in your phone.. and send me a blank message so I can have yours too. And you can go home until tomorrow. That’s when you’ll start.’’ I say as I write my number down on a Post It note.

‘’Yes, sir. Um.. is this the business number?’’ She asks as she stands, clutching her phone in her hand tightly.

‘’No.. its my personal number.’’ I say as I glance up.

She was blushing like crazy now, ‘’Oh.. does everyone have your personal number?’’ She asks me, so curious.

‘’No.. Just you.’’ I wink lightly and she just smiles lightly before turning and walking to the door.

‘’Oh, and Emmy.’’ I say.

‘’Yes Sir?’’ She mumbles as she turns around.

‘’I can’t wait for you to start.’’ I smirk gently, getting her to blush even more than she already was. She just smiles and nods lightly before finally leaving the office.

Damn it. She’s gone for now. I need to calm down, relax, stay focused. And most importantly, not let this girl mess with my mind, my eyes, or my heart.. Did I seriously just say that? Yes. Because its true. I need to watch my back, females can do weird things to you, especially when they’re that beautiful..


‘’Here, Mr. Malik?’’ The guy from the furniture store asks me. He was getting ready to put together the desk for Emmy.

‘’No, I said beside mine. If you can’t see that big ass desk against the back wall then you’re fucking blind.’’ I snap at him, my mood swings kicking in.

‘’Sorry, sir.’’ He mumbles as he pushes the box to the correct location.

Honestly, I wasn’t planning on sharing my office with the new assistant I was going to hire. Before I saw Emmy’s beautiful face, I had already planned to convert an old storage room on the floor below mine into a office. But I didn’t.

I would have put the office on my floor, but my office’s the only one up here. The building sorta gets small at the top, and lets just say that I have a big ass office. Thankfully, I have my own bathroom in here. That’s good for me.

There’s a small foyer where the elevator doors are, there’s just one that comes all the way up here. Only my employees can access it though.

‘’Mr. Malik..’’ The guy says.

‘’What?’’ I groan lightly, annoyed at this dude already and he just got here five fucking minutes ago.

‘’My son has your newest cologne. Its very nice.’’ He says.

‘’Stop being a suck up.’’ I roll my eyes.

‘’Sorry, sir.’’ He mumbles lightly.

I didn’t care about this guy. And at the moment, I didn’t care about my money, my clothing line, my cologne and perfumes, all my products, all that shit that got me to where I am today.

I don’t fucking care. All I care about that the moment is tomorrow morning, when I get to see Emmy’s beautiful face again.

On Saturdays though, no one stays after twelve. This is mostly a Monday thru Friday business. Myself, however, I don’t come every day. Just when I’m completely bored out of my damn mind at home, or if I have some important stuff to do.

‘’I should be done in-‘’

‘’Did I fucking ask?’’ I huff lightly, not even glancing over at that little bitch.

He didn’t respond, and I was glad I didn’t have to hear his stupid voice.

‘’Listen dude, I’m going away. But I’m sending some one up here to make sure you do this shit right.’’ I sigh as I open the door.

‘’Yes, sir.’’ Is all I hear as I slam it shut before walking to the elevator door and pressing the button.

I impatiently tap my foot against the hardwood floor, the bottom of my boot making a loud noise that echoes in the quiet room.

The elevator door beings to open and I was just about to flip on why it took so long, until I saw Jessica. She’s a good person, a good employee. I’ve never yelled at her on purpose, and today’s not the day. She was just simply doing her job.

‘’You needed me, sir?’’ She asks as she steps from the elevator.

‘’Yes.’’ I say as I stand in the doorway of the elevator and I hold the button down so it won’t close.

‘’There’s a delivery guy in there. He’s supposed to be putting up a desk for me. Please make sure its right. You know how am I the position of things. I said to put it beside mine, not directly, but close enough. If he tries to talk to you, just ignore him or whatever.’’ I sigh lightly as I tell her what I needed from her.

‘’Will do, sir.’’ She smiles as she goes to the door.

‘’Thank you.’’ I sigh and she just nods with a smile before opening the door and going into my office.

I get completely in the elevator and I press the button that’ll take me to the lobby. Eighty floors down, it’s a log ride. 

Styles Enterprises was my pride and joy, but also my disappointment and pain. I hated being here at times because its all so stressing, but at others, I’m proud of myself.



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