1. September

It's bitter, and cold,

The night is young but the evening's old,

I'm starting over again.


I pull my collar up to my throat,

Routine is beautiful,

And I'm lucky to know it.

August is almost over,

September is falling down.


No need to wake me up when September ends,

'Cause I won't be asleep,

School's ugh, but I'll be okay.


I say goodbye to some people,

Say hi again to you,

I'll see them all again, next summer, 


And for now I'll be seeing you,

'Cause time flies,

Yet goes so slow,

And all the while we go by,

Living a nice life.


Life's not perfect,

Trials and tribulations build up,

I'll cope.

But it's September, 

And everything's coming back again.


And I realise, 

It's a nice life.

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