Dear... Taylor?


1. Dear... Taylor?

Well you're name isn't Taylor, but you seem to think you're Miss Swift herself, 
Though unlike her you can't seem to find a man for yourself. 
It's like you're a child picking up the toys I left behind, 
To be honest, I really don't care, keep what you find. 
It's like I'm Katy Perry in this match of Bad Blood, 
One moment you're fine, then you hit like a flash flood. 


I've been the mature one about this Swift, 
Whilst you're going adrift. 
You make yourself out to be the victim, 
When in actual fact you're a snake, sly and thin. 
It's like you try to hurt me, tear at the seam, 
But that won't happen, not in your Wildest Dream. 


You've got such an air head, you should open an air base, 
Wait, is that why you like Blank Space?
Oh I'm sorry, did that hurt?
Why don't you Shake it Off? At what you'd call a concert. 
I've gone off a little bit, 
Better continue before you've lost attention and quit. 


Every time I do something you go and do it, 
Red is a nice hair colour, oh wait shit. 
It's like I've got a unwanted twin,
But there you are with that stupid grin. 
You make me look like the one who is mad, 
And my dear, it is rather sad.


When you're the insane one, but if you insist, 
But wait, what are those lines on your wrist?
I had the problem at one point, but I soon saw, 
It is stupid, and should be against the Law. 
You should be locked away for putting yourself in danger,
But you act like a wild animal, should I call your Texas Ranger?


Wow this was a long one, so long story short,
I'm done, you think you run the fucking court. 
I wanted to go back to being your friend, 
But this is how its going to end.

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