Two Faced

Vanessa and Victoria are twins who were separated at birth and raised by different families. Vanessa's fiery, punk rock and not afraid of anything, whereas Victoria's gentle, girly and practically afraid of everything. When the two girls meet on their 16th birthday Victoria sees a chance to reconnect with the other half she never knew she had, meanwhile Vanessa sees a chance to use Victoria to her adavantage and cause more trouble than ever before. Bottom line is, the girls' lives are never the same.


1. Sweet 16

~*~ Victoria Donovan ~*~

     "Tori, are you ready?" my mother called from downstairs. I was in my room, standing in front of the full length mirror that was leaned against the wall. In the reflection I saw a short, petite girl with blue eyes, red lips and long brown hair flowing over her shoulders. She wore a short sleeved, knee high flower print dress that had colors ranging from dark green to bright pink, and black high heels. Her makeup consisted of some light mascara, pink blush, winged eyeliner, pink eye shadow and red lipstick. She was turning 16 today. 16. The big 1-6 that every girl dreams about. I smiled big. I didn't feel much older, but I did feel excited. Like on my 13th birthday, I felt this excitement that caused me to grin like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. I could feel a change. Something big was happening. And this time, it wasn't because I was becoming a teenager. It was because...well because I was now 16! That meant I could learn to drive and more importantly, according to my parents I was now allowed to date! I jumped up and down, a crazy, excited giggle escaping my lips. It was like I was a little kid at a candy store.

    My big Sweet 16 party was going to be at my favorite restaurant, Good Eats and my family and I were going there early to set up. I had invited everyone that I knew from school, church, dance class, cello and piano lessons...
    I thought it was going to be the best birthday ever.
    I was completely wrong.

    "Tori?!" my mom called again, louder this time.

    "Coming Mom!" I called back, grabbing my little pink clutch purse. I ran as fast as you could in high heels out of my room and down the hallway, but slowed as I descended the stairs; I didn't want to trip. Eventually I emerged into the foyer where my parents and older brother Matt were waiting patiently for me.

    "Happy birthday!" Mom and Dad cried happily. I noticed a banner behind them stretching from one wall to the other that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICTORIA in big bold letters. They must have put it up when I was getting ready.

   "Aw! Thank you!" I smiled and ran over to give each of them a hug. Mom pulled away after a few seconds and held me at arm's length.

    "You look all grown up." she whispered, all teary eyed.

    "Really? I still feel like that silly, awkward 15 year old that loves flowers." I laughed. She pulled me close again and gave me one last squeeze.

    "And you can always be that girl if you want." she whispered. I smiled even bigger than I was before, if that were even possible.

    "Let me take a picture." Dad said, raising his camera to his face. Mom and I turned to the lens and smiled brightly. A bright flash blinded us temporarily as he snapped the photo.

    "One more!" Mom exclaimed and kissed me on the cheek. I kept on facing the camera, trying not to close my eyes as the bright white light flashed again.

     "Alright, now, we've got to get to Good Eats now if we want to set up for the party." Dad announced.

    "I can't wait!" I exclaimed happily, jumping up and down again.

    "Neither can we." Mom responded with the same level of excitement. "Let's go." She and Dad made their way to the front door. I started to follow them, then suddenly remembered Matt. I turned to look at him. He had been standing off to the side the entire time, silently watching on, not saying a word.

    Matt had always been distant. There, but not there. I had convinced myself that maybe, just maybe on my 16th birthday, he'd be a little more warm. That he'd say 'Happy birthday' and give me a hug or something.

    He met my eyes but didn't say anything. I smiled at him, still waiting. But instead of the warmth I had hoped for, he just looked at me with his hard, cold, blue eyes and walked away, following Mom and Dad out the door. I sighed and followed too, trying to shake off the sad feeling that was threatening to settle in and take over.

    We lived on top of a hill on the outskirts of Goldenberg, Ohio. Dad inherited the house from his father, my Grandpa, and Grandpa had inherited it from his father who was the one who built the house and owned the surrounding land. One day Matt would inherit the place, since he was the oldest. If anything he'd probably lock himself away in the house and never come out except to buy food. He already locked himself in his room and only came out when Mom or Dad forced him to. He had the makings of a recluse.

    It took about 15 minutes to drive into the heart of Goldenberg, where Good Eats was. That small restaurant sat in the middle of the busy downtown area, right next to Shop 'Till You Drop, a store that had everything from rag dolls to washing machines, and Grover's, a vegetarian restaurant.

    Good Eats had always stood out to me, even amongst so many other places to eat and shop. The building was made of red brick, but was painted a golden color, and the green sign hanging above the entrance that said Good Eats, glowed at night. On both sides of the big brown door leading in was a big glass window, allowing you to see all of the happy customers enjoying their meals at wooden tables covered in white table clothes. Through one of these windows I could see my best friend Ella standing around, holding a black clutch purse, wearing a long white dress. Her blonde hair was piled into a messy, yet cute bun on top of her head. She met my eyes and grinned. I smiled back and pushed through the front doors, rushing over to her like there was no tomorrow.

    "Tori!" she cried, wrapping her arms around me in a big hug.

    "Hey Ells!" I greeted back, allowing myself to be crushed by her arms. She pulled away and looked at me at arm's length, just like Mom did.

    "Wow. You look reeeeaaaaalllly good today." she commented, dragging out the 'really' so I knew she was serious. I raised my eyebrows.

    "Are you sure?" I asked, uncertain.

    "Yes." she nodded. "And I won't be the only one who thinks so. When you-know-who gets here, he's gonna be speechless when he sees you." I blushed, hoping she was right.

     "You-know-who" was my crush, Liam Hawthorne, the cutest and sweetest guy at our high school. Up until then we had just been friends and I'd always wanted to be more than that, even though I knew that even if he did like me back, we couldn't be a couple because my parents wouldn't let me date. But, that was when I was 15.

    Now I was 16. Now I could date. Now, I had a chance.

    Ella and I began helping Mom, Dad and Ella's Mom Cherise put up the decorations for the big party while Matt sulked in a corner by himself. Every now and again I glanced over at the door, hoping Liam would just waltz right in, look at me with his warm brown eyes, smile and say "Happy Birthday Vicki". He had never called me Tori like everyone else; for some reason he always called me Vicki or Victoria. Once, when I asked him why, he just shrugged and said, "Because, you just seem more like a Vicki to me." I had no idea what that meant but I didn't feel like arguing. If he felt more comfortable calling me that, then he could.

    The party was scheduled to start at 11:00 am and by 10:30 more than half the guests arrived. Charlotte, Ginny, Claudia, Felix, Rafe and Nicholas from school, Tyler, Maddie and Regina from piano lessons, Susie and McKayla from dance class. But no Liam. I sighed as I sprinkled the last of the glitter on one of the white placemats Mom bought. She thought the glitter would make it better.

    "What's wrong?" Ella asked, appearing at my side.

    "What if he doesn't show up?" I asked quietly, afraid that I was right.

    "Oh don't be like that. He told you he was coming didn't he?"

    "Yeah, but-"

    "Then he's coming! Relax." She patted my shoulder and grinned, revealing the lime green braces she was always so insecure about. I smiled back, then headed to the bathroom to wash off the glitter that was still stuck on my hands.

    The girls' bathroom is pretty small, only consisting of two stalls, two sinks and a dryer. I stepped in front of one of the sinks and stared at my reflection in the big mirror hanging in front of it. Now, I saw a nervous looking 16 year old. I smiled again because I saw myself as a 16 year old. 16! I giggled again and began washing my hands, just as the toilet flushed in the stall behind me. A few seconds later the door opened and someone came out. She was a girl like me, with a beanie worn over her straightened dark brown hair which had some pink in it from the shoulders down. I didn't see her face at first because she was looking down, rolling up her sleeves to reveal another sleeve- a sleeve of tattoos that is. She walked up to the sink next to mine and finally looked up, staring at herself in the mirror.

    When she did my breath stuck in my throat.

    Minus her eyebrow and lip piercings, she looked exactly like me. Same eyes, same nose, same lips, same everything.

    We had the same face!

    Our eyes met in the glass and stared, the same, identical, shocked expression frozen on our faces.

    I couldn't believe it. Maybe it was a trick of the light. Maybe I was hallucinating.

    I turned to my right to look at her, just as she turned to look at me.

    If I really was hallucinating it was a darn realistic hallucination.

    We started screaming.

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