Peter and Brian in 'Rabbitbusters'

In this Seth Macfarlane cartoon adaption of 'The Cruse Of The Were-Rabbit', Wallace (Peter Griffin) and Gromit (Brian Griffin) are busier than ever with the many loose rabbits roaming around the town with the town's Vegetable Competition. But things get even messier when a giant were-rabbit appear.
Can Wallace and Gromit find the beast and sovle the mystery? Or will everything have to fall into the hands of hunter Victor Quartermaine (Carter Pewterschmidt)?


5. Where's That Damn Whesky Rabbit?

For the rest of the day, Wallace invented the invention he was thought off at the church for this ‘big trap’. In the basement, the rabbits were watching him.
   "I can't see how fluff is the best bait," Sanders chuckled.
   "If it's allergic to fluff, it'll never come!" giggled Dick.
   "Why now pray to the dark masters to send the monster back to where it came from?" asked Debbie.
   All of this teasing was too much for Wallace. "SHUT UP!" he roared. Then he returned to work.
   Barry sniffed the air. "Phew! His breath must smell like his ass!"
   All the rabbits laughed at this.

About late at night, Wallace finished his invention. Neither him nor Gromit rested because there was no time to lose. Wallace drove the van, while Gromit sat in the back.
   "Ah, love, Gromit; that's the biggest trap of all," Wallace told him. "And that's what we're using to catch this creature – a sexy female rabbit. How could any hot bloody rabbit beast resist?"
   Gromit was too busy to listen to Wallace as he was wrapped in strings and was operating the giant rabbit door on the top of the van like a puppet only they were at opposite positions.
   Wallace leaned out of the window to see the rabbit doll. It wasn't looking very good.
   "Come on, Gromit!" criticized Wallace. "You can do better than that! A bit more flirting!"
   Gromit sighed and got up dancing like Ginger Rogers. Then the rabbit doll impersonated Wonder Woman, a lifeguard from Baywatch and a prostitute.
   Wallace was much more impressed. "That's better, lad! You're total knockout!"
   Gromit looked ahead and pointed. "Wallace, look at the damn road!"
   But as Wallace did so, they went through the tunnel and the rabbit doll hung on the low bridge sign. As for poor Gromit, he landed straight on the roof of the van.
   "Look after this vehicle, lad," Wallace ordered, as he got out and went back to the other side of the bridge. "It should fix back on easier than lighting candles."
   Gromit got in the driver's seat and got on his laptop. He continued his novel he had been writing for a long time. Then the Harvey shop sign landed on the bonnet, causing his laptop to crash and break into pieces.
   "Oh, my God!" cried an upset Gromit. "If I find that beast, I'm going to kill him!" Then he saw giant rabbit paws running ahead of him. He got out and shouted, "WALLACE? WALLACE! WHERE ARE YOU?”
   There came no reply, let alone a shadow.
   “Ah, (bleep) this!" Gromit shouted angrily and started the van.

Luckily the roads were clear so Gromit could drive quickly as he could and did not have to worry about other traffic. Terrific! He was roaring like the Road Runner and then something big and giant swooped over the van and was running the opposite direction.
   Gromit turned the van around and nearly bumped into the A-Team's van. B. A. Baracus lifted his head out of the window. "What's your big hurry, fool?"
   Murdock popped his head out of the window. "Ah, Anti-Pesto!" he cried. "What about protecting those vegetables that you allowed slugs and weevils to eat, huh?"
   "Shut up, fool!" B.A. screamed at him. Then he screeched the van away.
   Gromit was on his way too. He saw the creature running through garden to garden. He quickly pressed the lasso button and out of the van's bonnet came a metal version of John Wayne holding a normal rope.
   "Catch this, pilgrim!" the metal creature shouted as he threw the rope on the creature and didn't miss! Then Gromit lost control of the van as it was being pulled by the fast creature. The van knocked bins over encouraging rats and foxes to dig in, it knocked lampposts over and the signs fell off and a lot of cars crash in darkness or broke speed limits and it was dragged through a bush!
   "Could this get any worse?" asked a stressed Gromit. His question was answered when the rope ahead was being pulled ahead and the van was going in! He tried his best to stop the van, but he went in and was going as fast as the speed of light. He just missed the underground ant colony of Ant Island.
   "Now that's an invention," cried Flik.
   Then, faster than lightening, International Rescue's Mole machine dug through on the left-hand side and cut through the rope! Gromit was able to stop the van, but the creature vanished without a trace.
   "Oh, damn!" groaned Gromit, hitting the steering wheel and releasing the air bag in his face.

After sorting the van out, Gromit spent the rest of the night driving through the tunnel. When he got out, it was morning already. Gromit took out a map and looked at it. It was all wiggly lines over the soil map.
   "No wonder I went in the wrong directions, Gopher's directions are totally useless," Gromit yelled.
   "I heard that!" whistled a gopher called Gopher. "I refuse to help you anymore! I have enough problems to deal with Pooh's honey, Rabbit's garden and Eeyore's house, so sod off!" And, with that, Gopher dived down.
   Gromit surveyed the garden and recognized it was No. 62. West Wallaby Street, his home. He went inside the house and saw the door had been knocked down and there were giant rabbit paw prints. He saw Wallace in the lounge getting distracted from phone calls.
   "Mr. Leaching, I'm sure you can grow another potato like you pick your next girlfriend! Mrs. Mulch, I was looking for the were-rabbit, what do you think I was doing? Mrs. Girdling, well, have the baby and lose weight, because I have enough problems to do!" Then Wallace took the cable plug out and all of the flashing eyes of the portraits went off.
   "So where the bloody hell did you get to, lad?" he yelled at his dog. "What part of 'Stay Put!' could you not do? I thought we were supposed to be a team!"
   "Well, didn't you hear my horn beep or me shouting you?" Gromit argued back.
   "We'll never catch this damn thing if you go off on your own all the time!" shouted Wallace. "Now you're doing it again!"
   Gromit wasn't focusing on Wallace's words, but on the rabbit tracks that led to the basement and, when he went down, he saw the rabbits looking scared.
   "What happened?" Gromit asked the rabbits.
   "About two nights ago, the monster broke free out of the hutch and we went to sleep afraid," answered Francine.
   "Yeah, and I've been comforting the girls!" added Steve, hugging Lindsey.
   "I don't know need protecting anymore!" yelled Lindsey, knocking him off.
   "Two nights?" Gromit was surprised. "Hutch!"
   He and Wallace went to Hutch's private cage and saw it was broken into pieces.
   "Talk about private class!" chuckled Wallace. Then he seriously took a pincer and picked up a rather large rabbit the size of Bugs Bunny. "Hey, what's up, Gro?" he asked.
   "We created a monster!" cried Wallace. He looked at the lunar panels and remembered that horrible night. "The lunar panels must have affected Hutch's body and, when the moon rises, he'll go through a hideous transformation."
   "And uncontrollable too," added Hutch. Speaking of uncontrollable, Hutch looked like he was going to puke. But it was just a simple... bbbuuurrrppppp! Gromit waved his hand in front of his face.
   "Oh, Gromit, this is absolutely... FANTASTIC!" cried Wallace.
   "Yeah!" praised Hutch.
   "How is this fantastic, Wallace?" Gromit demanded to know.
   "Despite the fact we created the monster, we also captured it!" shouted Wallace. "Make sure he doesn't escape. I'm going to go to Lady Tottingham and tell her the news. Bye!"
   As he ran out, Gromit was left with Hutch, who puked on Gromit. "Oh, God!" the poor mutt sighed.

Later, Gromit was hard at work at building an extra bigger hutch for Hutch. But he was distracted by Hutch begging for food and drinks and movies and clearing up his poo and the other caged rabbits laughing and making fun of it. Despite trying to ignore it, it was hard, but he managed to build the hutch in about three hours.
   He closed the basement door and locked it. As he was about to rest, he saw more giant rabbit paw prints and was leading to upstairs. Up the stars Gromit went and it was pointing to Wallace's bedroom. He opened the door and... found gigantic vegetables on his bed!
   "NO! OH, MY GOD! MY GOD! GOD, I DON'T BELIEVE THIS!" Gromit thought he was dreaming but he wasn't. He took Klaus's bowl and poured all the water on his head.
   "What the hell did you do that for?" yelled Klaus.
   "I was checking I wasn't dreaming, but I'm not," answered Gromit. "Wallace is the were-rabbit! I've got to find him!"
   And he ran off.
   "How you forgotten something?" asked the German goldfish.
   "Oh, yeah." Gromit went back, put the fish in the sink with the pots and ran out. "I'll come back for you later!"
   "Wait!" shouted Klaus. "The pots are greasy and the water is the dirtiest water I've ever been in!" But the door was shut. "Oh, what's the point? No one cares about goldfish these days. Or the Germans." Then he sniffed the air and it took him to a pan full of melted cheese. He tasted it and smiled. “Oh, Butterkase!”

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