Peter and Brian in 'Rabbitbusters'

In this Seth Macfarlane cartoon adaption of 'The Cruse Of The Were-Rabbit', Wallace (Peter Griffin) and Gromit (Brian Griffin) are busier than ever with the many loose rabbits roaming around the town with the town's Vegetable Competition. But things get even messier when a giant were-rabbit appear.
Can Wallace and Gromit find the beast and sovle the mystery? Or will everything have to fall into the hands of hunter Victor Quartermaine (Carter Pewterschmidt)?


8. What Are The Chances?

"You've got to help me, Gromit!" cried a panicked Wallace. "Hide me or do something before it's too late!" Those were his last words before his transformation began.
   "Don't worry, Wallace!" cried Gromit.
   "Hey, look!" cried Hutch through the coat. "It's His Lordship." Then he slipped through the winter coat and headed upstairs. "Good night, Gromit!"
   "Come back and help me, Hutch!" Gromit cried, but then he looked through the window on the door and saw Victor and Philip coming. Gromit picked the rug that the were-rabbit was lying on and tried to drag him out. He pulled him as far as the kitchen door leading to the back garden. He tried to pull the were-rabbit out, but he had grown to the full extension that he couldn't get out. And the rabbit instincts had taken over him so he went into the fridge and started eating the vegetables. Then he stopped when he heard a female whistle. He turned to see a sexy-looking female rabbit outside in the garden.
   "Come and get this rabbit hooker! For free!" The female rabbit started walking away, but the were-rabbit caught her and kissed her on her arm.
   Then he caught her boobs! "I hit the jackpot!" he cried.
   The female rabbit kicked him in the nuts.
   "Oh, now you're asking for it!" chuckled the were-rabbit.
   "Well, come and get me!" smiled the female rabbit as she hopped over the fences of the neighbours, with the were-rabbit in pursuit.
   Meanwhile, Victor and Philip had penetrated through No. 62 and saw the were-rabbit in the garden. Victor led him have it.

The shot rang over the town and everyone heard it at Tottingham Hall.
   "Tis done, like Return of the Jedi or Return of the King," said Mr. Growbag sadly.
   Everyone lowered their heads in sorrow; only Lady Tottingham was crying.
   "My poor, sensitive, useless, girly child, let us all share your sadness tonight," sighed the vicar gently. Then he turned around and shouted very happily, "YES!"
   "On with the show!" cried the townsfolk who were happy as the vicar was.

Victor went to where the were-rabbit was lying down. He looked at the head and pulled it… off! It was the head of the doll version of the female were-rabbit Wallace invented to trap the actual beast! Gromit appeared out of the rest of the body. "I knew you were coming; you didn't think I was going to let you win like that, did you?"
   "So how did he leave you?" Victor demanded to know.
   "Well, when you shot this doll, I fell down and he checked I was all right. Then he felt me and thought I had Syphilis so he dumped me and moved on."
   "Is this how you bounce him away?" Victor pointed to an orange bouncer nearby. "And that was you putting that female voice on?"
   "Yes," confessed Gromit.
   "Why, you – "
   "Boss, check this out!" Philip was pointing to the tracks the were-rabbit had left which were leading to Tottingham Hall.
   "Of course! The vegetable competition!" cried Victor.
   While the bad guys were looking ahead, Gromit tried to sneak away and go after the were-rabbit. But then he was flung up in the air and was hanging from a tree. Victor and Philip snickered. "You're not the only one with traps!" laughed Philip.
   Then Victor threw Gromit in the Anti-Pesto trap at No. 62 and locked him up. "Your loyalty is moving," said Victor. "Sadly, you won't be. Come on, Philip, let's make sure everyone gets a good show." And the bad guys left the hero behind.
   "You'll never get away with this!" yelled Gromit. "I'm not finished! I'll get out!" But if no pest got out a cage before, how could he himself?

Now the beast was gone, to their point of views, everyone was having a good time now the show was on. Some would shoot bunnies as the shooting gallery, children would go on the bumpy castle or on the plane rides and everyone would eat delicious food. Only two people weren't having the time of their lives – Lady Tottingham was feeling with guilt choosing the show to live and the beast to die and PC Mackintosh was stressing over the sorting out of the vegetables!
   "All right! If we must do this bloody vegetable show, let's do it in alphabetic order!" he shouted through the microphone. "Artichokes, you are first! Hey, carrots, wait your turn! Hey, why are those strawberries here? You can (bleep) off!"
   Victor and Philip were there, but behind Mrs. Girdling's tea and cakes store.
   "Why are we behind here, boss?" asked Philip.
   "Shh!" whispered Victor. "Because all our fluffy friend has to do is come and get those prize vegetables as bait and then we can take him. But we must keep our heads low."
   But their heads weren't low enough, because no sooner had Mrs. Girdling found him than she turned around and cried, "Everyone, here's Victor!"
   And Victor was greeted by everyone who had stopped what they were doing and praising him as a hero, which he knew he didn't deserve.
   "Please, kiss my pumpkin’s extra boobs!" said Miss Thrip.
   "Kiss my cauliflower’s arse!" said Mr. Dibber.
   "Do you think you should take over Anti-Pesto?" asked Mr. Crock.
   "Well, I believe I have the better equipment," answered Victor. Then he met his girlfriend. "Companula!"
   Lady Companula came to him. "Tell the truth, Victor. Did it suffer?"
   "No, of course," he told her. Then he move away. "But it will soon."
   He moved to PC Mackintosh. "Constable, you have to create a distraction for the public."
   "Why?" asked the Constable away from the microphone.
   "Because don't tell anyone, but the beast isn't actually dead as a dodo yet," answered Victor.
   Then the stupid and alarmed constable turned around and said in the microphone, "THE BEAST ISN’T ACTUALLY DEAD AS A DODO YET?"
   "If no one knows – " But everyone heard it and froze like camera poses.
   "OH, SHIT!" cried PC Mackintosh.
   Then everyone screamed and ran to the vegetable stand to protect their vegetables.

Meanwhile, Gromit tried to break out of the cage. He tried opening the door with a trowel and a lightsabre, but it was no good. Then Gimli the Dwarf came along with his axe.
   "Hey, mate, could you get me out?" asked Gromit.
   "Sure," answered Gimli. But the harder he tried, the more the cage sunk close to Gromit. So Gimli left.
   Then a space ranger came down to him. "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!" he yelled and fired his laser, only he shot Gromit in the leg. "Buzz Lightyear must retreat!" Buzz said and he flew off.
   "Oh, this is hopeless!" a defeated Gromit sighed. "What to do now?"
   "Hey, this is a really tasty beer, Gromit!" said a voice Gromit recognized. It belonged to Hutch and he saw a light in Wallace's bedroom.
   "Hutch! HUTCH!" But, after a while, nothing happened. Then Gromit saw a gnome nearby and threw a rock on its head, making it buzz.
   And the buzz went to Wallace's room, where Hutch was drinking in Wallace's bed. The room was soaked in beer one hundred per cent. Then the bed threw backwards and Hutch went through the chute and took Wallace's place, including getting into the Anti-Pesto van. He reversed out of the garage and crash into the cage Gromit was trapped and freed him.
   "Thanks, Hutch!" cried Gromit. "Stay right there. I’ll only be a minute."
   Gromit ran to the greenhouse and smiled at his giant marrow one last time. He looked at the giant vegetable show poster he was hoping to win, but he quickly shook out of it and cut the marrow free from its roots.
   "Time to play your part, mate," said Gromit softly, as he got in the Anti-Pesto van and he and Hutch drove off.

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