Peter and Brian in 'Rabbitbusters'

In this Seth Macfarlane cartoon adaption of 'The Cruse Of The Were-Rabbit', Wallace (Peter Griffin) and Gromit (Brian Griffin) are busier than ever with the many loose rabbits roaming around the town with the town's Vegetable Competition. But things get even messier when a giant were-rabbit appear.
Can Wallace and Gromit find the beast and sovle the mystery? Or will everything have to fall into the hands of hunter Victor Quartermaine (Carter Pewterschmidt)?


6. Were-Rabbit Unleashed

The doorbell rang at Tottingham Hall and Lady Tottingham answered the door. "Mr. Wallace!" she cried happily.
   "It's the beast, ma'am!" Wallace cried, as excited as a rabbit who found the biggest carrot in the history of big carrots. "I bring awesome news!"
   "Good, then, come in," said her Ladyship.
   Wallace happily bounced in and shut the door behind him. Her ladyship noticed when she was walking, Wallace was hopping behind her. He stopped when she peered closer to him.
   "It must be really good news, if you are hopping about," Lady Tottingham guessed.
   "Yes!" cried Wallace. "I mean, yes, it is."
   And so Wallace told Lady Tottingham about Hutch and everything, as they sat down and had cups of tea and cakes.
   "Well, you nearly did ruin everything, but now you've fixed everything, you saved the day, Mr. Wallace," smiled Lady Tottingham.
   "Well, I feel bad when I cause trouble, so I always feel better when I fix them," answered Wallace.
   "Well, do fix yourself," Lady Tottingham offered, pointing at the cakes as she got up and started to water her plants.
   "Oh, thanks," smiled Wallace, taking a flower instead and chomping it down. It was so loud that Lady Tottingham looked at him. I really like crunchy flo – cakes."
   "Tell me, Wallace, do you love vegetables?" asked the Lady.
   "They're... growing on me on their full extension," answered Wallace.
   "Then let me show you something very special for vegetable lovers like us."
   "Oh," cried an excited Wallace, scratching his ear with his foot. He walked over to Lady Tottingham and under a doorway. "This is the surprise?"
   "No, you-lost-your-brains-as-much-as-your-hair moron," laughed Lady Tottingham, as she pulled down the leg of the statue next to her. It didn't come off, it flicked back and Wallace and the Lady was flying upwards. And Wallace saw what looked like he was in heaven.
   "Welcome to my sanctuary, Wallace!" smiled Lady Tottingham. "My life!"
   "It's a veritable vegetable paradise!" exclaimed Wallace, as he was standing in a giant glasshouse, filled with giant vegetables and plants
   "First time someone's shown interest in my garden," she sighed. "I expected Victor to show some, but no! He's more into destroying than growing."
   "Well, I'd say to him, 'Get stuffed', Lady Tottingham," Wallace told her.
   "Please, Wallace, call me 'Totty'," said Lady Tottingham. "And now, seeing that you really like this..." 
   "Oh, I do!"
   "Let me show you something, something that is more rare and less-known than the theory of Atlantis or the assassination of John Lennon." And her Ladyship show Wallace the most gigantic carrot ever he had ever seen – a carrot the size of a lorry!
   Wallace couldn't take his eyes of it, let alone resist take a bite! But, when the showers that were hanging above the plants were turned on and watering the plants as well as Wallace and Lady Tottingham, he did resist.
   Lady Tottingham turned the shower wheel off and saw what set it off. "This cucumber set it off, but it was thrown," she said.
   Wallace looked around and saw Gromit outside the window.


As Gromit was driving Wallace back home in the Anti-Pesto van, Wallace angrily took his sweater off and tried to rinse the water off. "What the (bleep) did you think you were doing?" Wallace yelled.
   "I'm sorry but I had to that, Wallace!" That was all Gromit could say.
   "Well, that ruined a bloody good piece of fashionable knitwear. You’re lucky my relationship with an important client isn’t!"
   "If I didn't come to Tottingham Hall, climb up the ladder on the wall and stop you from eating her special carrot, you'd ruined it anyway," protested Gromit.
   Wallace gave up. "I don't know what's gotten into you lately. And slow down, for God's sake! You'll make me squeeze my balls together!"
   But Gromit wasn't listening. He saw sunset was dropping like flies and he had to get Wallace back home and avoid the moon rise! He took the nearest rural road, but that was no good. He had to stop due to a fallen tree in front of him.
   "Leave this to me," said Wallace as he got out of the van. "You've done enough trouble as there is!"
   "But, Wallace – " But Wallace ignored Gromit and went out to try to move the tree. He couldn't budge it, let alone move it.
   Then a flying axe landed near him and caught him on his shirt. He tried to jerk off, but it was no good. He turned around and saw Victor Quartermaine in front of him.
   "I know your little secret, pesto!" he said to Wallace. "I know exactly what's going on!"
   "What are you talking about, your Lordship?" Wallace spat back.
   "You think you can con my girlfriend out of her fortune? Well, I got there first and, yes, I was there when she showed you her secret garden on her roof! I spent a long time reeling in that bunny lover and I'm not about to let some old, lower class, stupid scum steal her from me! Comprenez?"
   "Well, I don't understand "comprenez" and I don't see the chemistry between you two! A bunny and vegetable lover and a murderer who loves to destroy things!"
   That really pushed Victor to the limit. "Right, that's it! It's time I taught you a lesson you will never forget. Come on, Queensberry rules!"
   As Wallace got his hands out, he was shaking that seemed to be way out of control.
   Gromit had been watching the whole thing. He tried to get out to help Wallace, but Philip slammed the door back in his face outside. "Going somewhere?" he asked.
   “Yes, I thought I'd go to that tree to take a dump!" Gromit said, seeing how stupid he was. Then he saw the moon getting clear through and remembered what Wallace said about Hutch about the lunar panels and how he would grow during the moon rise, only it was Wallace, not Hutch. So he locked himself in the van.
   Meanwhile, Victor was going for his punch. "Now, don't think pretending to be like a delicate glass version of Kate Moss will get you out of it. There's no mercy with Victor Quartermaine!" Victor punched Wallace... 's hand!
   Then Wallace, with unusual strength, picked him up and threw him to the windscreen of the van. Then Gromit, Victor and Philip saw Wallace's teeth hang from his mouth like axe blades! And he became much hairier than Robin Williams! Then he grew much bigger and larger. His clothes ripped, his buttons fired at Victor and what landed on the lord's head was a pair of underpants!
   "Please, let me in," begged Philip, but Gromit stamped a "No Celebrities Allowed" sign on his window.
   But then no one laughed as everyone saw the giant were-rabbit standing next to them. He roared viciously at them.
   "Philip! What are you waiting for? Attack! ATTACK!" Victor yelled.
   "Sorry, sir," protested Philip, digging under the van. "It's not worth an Oscar."
   Then the were-rabbit lifted up the giant tree and threw it over the van. "Cleared the road for you!" he smiled. "It's time for a celebration! Celebrate, friends!"
   Then all the rabbits out of the wood got out and dance to the Celebrations song by Kool and the Gang.
   "This is totally awesome!" cried a rabbit called Roberta.
   "Totally!" cried her partner, Federline Jones.
   "I'm really bugging!" cried an overweight rabbit called Kendra on an electric scooter.
   "I have no girls to chick on!" moaned a rabbit called Terry.
   "Enough dancing!" exclaimed the were-rabbit. "Who's hungry?"
   "I am!" cried a young one called Ernie.
   "I'm going to nick some vegetables from a black dude," cried Lester, with his gun. "More like at Mr. Caliche's shop."
   And all the rabbits hopped away to find more food. "Wait for me!" cried tiny little Holt, hopping behind.
   Meanwhile, despite what he had seen, the whole event delighted Victor more. He turned to Gromit and smiled. "I know who and where he is... to hunt!" he chuckled evilly.
   "NO! Not if I have anything to say or do about it!" yelled Gromit as he started the van and gave chase to the were-rabbit, knocking Victor and running over Philip.
   "Oh, my head!" groaned Philip.
   Victor slapped his face. "Pull yourself together, Philip. We'll get both their heads."

"Vicar! Vicar!" Victor knocked on the door on the vicarage in the pouring rain.
   "Do you want to confess? Or do you want to find someone to have some sex?" asked the Vicar, as he opened the door.
   "I want to talk to you about the beast," answered Victor.
   "Oh, really, Mr.-Called-Me-Drunk-And-Not-Believing-In-The-Beast-In-The-First-Place?"
   "All right, I'm sorry," sighed Victor.
   "So you have come to confess," chuckled the vicar, opening the door. "Come inside."
   The vicar led Victor to his study. "This book will tell you everything," he told him.
   A puzzled Victor looked at a magazine. "'Atheists Proves!'?"
   "No, silly, I meant this one," chuckled the Vicar, slamming down a book. Victor flipped the pages over and saw monsters, like the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, Mike and Scully, St. George's dragon and finally the were-rabbit!
   "Maybe there is a God, if he plans these prophecies," Victor chuckled as he read the book.
   "And that's not all, my child," the victor ranted on. "This beast appears at the moonlight and eats any innocent leaf of any plant, increasing global warming and climate change and..."
   "Yes, cut the chatter, Vicar, and just tell me how to kill him!" yelled Victor. Then he realised what he said and calmed down. "I meant, kill it."
   "To kill that kind of creature would require nerves of steel and a bullet!" answered the Vicar.
   "What kind of bullet?"
   "Of pure gold!" The vicar opened the cabinet and saw three gold bullets. "Twenty-four karats times three means seventy-two carrots! Get it? Lucky rabbit!" The vicar couldn't resist.
   "Yes, I'll tell him that joke and it'll be the last laugh he will ever had!" smiled Victor as he took the bullets and stormed out of the cosy vicarage.
   "Beware! Beware the beast from within!” cried the Vicar. “And from what comes out of his arse!"

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