Peter and Brian in 'Rabbitbusters'

In this Seth Macfarlane cartoon adaption of 'The Cruse Of The Were-Rabbit', Wallace (Peter Griffin) and Gromit (Brian Griffin) are busier than ever with the many loose rabbits roaming around the town with the town's Vegetable Competition. But things get even messier when a giant were-rabbit appear.
Can Wallace and Gromit find the beast and sovle the mystery? Or will everything have to fall into the hands of hunter Victor Quartermaine (Carter Pewterschmidt)?


11. Credits

"...and so everything was happier than ever," finished Brian. "So what did you think?"
   The Griffins just went, "Eh!"

   Brian's face dropped.
   Then the elevator went down and the doors opened. The Griffins cheered and ran out as quick as they could.
   "Maybe you haven't got the nose for story-telling, Brain," Stewie chuckled as he walked out.
Brian just sighed as he sadly followed his family out of the mall.

Cast List

• Peter Griffin as Wallace/The Were-Rabbit
• Brian Griffin as Gromit
• Chris Griffin as Hutch
• Lois Griffin as Lady Companula Tottingham
• Carter Pewterschmidt as Victor Quartermaine
• James Woods as Philip


• Hebert the Pervert as the Vicar
• Bruce as P.C. Mackintosh
• Babs Pewterschmidt as Mrs. Mulch
• Horace as Mr. Mulch
• Carl as Mr. Growbag
• Glenn Quagmire as Mr. Leaching
• Jonathan Weed as Mr. Dibber
• Cleveland Brown as Mr. Caliche
• Cleveland Brown Jr. as Master Caliche
• Bonnie Swanson as Mrs. Girdling
• Meg Griffin as Miss Thrip
• Seamus as Mr. Crock
• Mort Goldman as Mr. Windfall
• Muriel Goldman as Mrs. Windfall

Rabbit extras

• American Dad!: Stan Smith, Francine Smith, Steve Smith, Hayley Smith, Snot, Barry, Toshi, Jeff Fischer, Jackson, Dick, Sanders, Terry and Greg, Debbie Hyman and Lindsay Coolidge and Bullock.

 The Cleveland Show: Donna Tubbs, Roberta Tubbs, Rallo Tubbs, Lester, Kendra, Ernie, Holt, Terry, Kenny West, Federline Jones and Coach Charles McFall.

Other Pests

• The Evil Monkey as himself
• Erine the Giant Chicken as himself
• Connie D'Amico, Lisa Sliver (from American Dad!) and Lacey Stapleton (from The Cleveland Show) as the Three Sirens from Venice
• Stewie Griffin as Feathers McGraw
• Tim, Arianna and Raymond the bears (from The Cleveland Show) as themselves
• Jasper as Jasmit (Gromit's cousin)

Recurring Characters:

• Tom Tucker as himself
• Diana Simmons as herself
• Ollie Williams as himself
• Tricia Takanawa as herself
• Dr. Hartman as the Dresser Robot Mark 1
• Consuela as the Dresser Robot Mark 2
• Klaus the Goldfish (from American Dad!) as himself
• And Mayor Adam West as himself

Other Characters and Pests

• B.A. Baracus and Murdock from The A-Team
• The Balrog of Moria from The Lord of the Rings
• The Rancor and the Sand People from Star Wars
• Flik and the Ants of Ant Island from A Bug's Life
• Gopher from Winnie the Pooh
• Three Na'vi warriors from James Cameron's Avatar
• International Rescue's Mole from Thunderbirds
• Loch Ness Monster (Cameo)
• Big Foot (Cameo)
• Mike and Scully from Monsters Inc. (Cameo)
• Gimli the Dwarf from The Lord of the Rings
• Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story


• Written by Bobby South
• Based on The Cruse of the Were-Rabbit by Nick Park, Steve Box, Bob Baker and Mark Burton.
• Wallace and Gromit created by Nick Park
• Family Guy, American Dad! and The Cleveland Show created by Seth MacFarlane
• Family Guy co-developed by David Zuckerman
• American Dad! co-created by Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman
• The Cleveland Show co-created by Richard Appel and Mike Henry

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